VIDEO: Raise the Debt Ceiling Rap

Check out this pretty funny Rap by comedian Remy Munasifi called Raise the Debt Ceiling.

Munasifi is like Ali G meets a Libertarian Andy Samberg. Actually listen to the words and its some pretty clever shit.

It also might be the one and only time you hear “quantitative statutory budget restraints” in song form.


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  1. Good stuff…

    It looks like the same concept as this video…

    Raising the debt ceiling is a last minute “solution” to a problem Hyak predicted would happen when the government mispends the taxpayer’s money.

    When the jackass politicians convinced the useful idiots that a $1,000,000,000,000 would keep unemployment under 8%, it didn’t happen, and the apologists were duped.

    Keynsian stimulus doesn’t work…not then, not now. The writing is on the wall…but the politicians have suckered the dupes to focus on the ceiling.