Got Bush?

Your new teammates haven't forgotten this shit Reg.


Say goodbye to Ricky and Ronnie. Now we got Reggie and Danny.

The Miami Dolphins finalized a deal with the New Orleans Saints to put Reggie Bush in aqua and orange. The Fins added Bush for some flash to pair with rookie powerback Daniel Thomas.

Owner Stephen Ross promised some big changes to the offense, and this is the flashiest bush he brought in since J-Lo and the Williams sisters.

The Fins are rumored to have given the Saints a late pick, and had to rework Bush’s contract. He’s now expected to get almost $9.75 million over two years, short of the $11 mil or so he was set to get from New Orleans.

Sure Reggie won a Super Bowl, but Bush his NFL career never lived up the hype that surrounded the Heisman Winner and NCAA Champion. Maybe since he had to give both those back, he’ll be less burdened.

In five seasons with the Saints, Bush ran for 2,090 yards on 524 carries, and caught 294 passes for 2,142 yards. He scored a total of 29 touchdowns.

The big knock on Bush is he’s made of paper. Bush hasn’t played a complete season since his rookie year in 2006, and last year he broke his right fibula and only rushed for 150 yards  in eight games. He also tore his PCL in 2007 and his meniscus in 2008.

This is such a Dolphin pick-up, by that I mean we’ll bitch about him all year long, then blow him after he returns a kick-off for a TD, then hate him again a week later. Sure its cool to say Bush over and over, but can Reg get back to the Kardashian pinnacle?

One thing you CAN bet on: This guy will certainly be galavanting around in the LeBron mobile. White women beware.

Call her "Heisman" because Reggie ain't polishing Kim anymore either


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