NFL Unlocks the Doors

Nothing like the love shared in a 53/47 relationship

Are you finally ready for some football?

NFL Players reportedly agreed today to the terms of an agreement set forth by the Owners over the weekend. This means the 4 1/2 month work stoppage, the longest in NFL history, will come to an end. Camps will start this week, and the season will start on time. Fantasy football owners can now order their draft boards and start debating QB v RB in round 1.

As for the deal itself, both sides claim they didn’t get everything they want, which is their way of telling the public its a good deal.

The new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is for 10 years, with no opt-out available for either side. This is nice because owners used the opt-out clause this last time to cut the deal short when they realized they wanted more money.

As far as the $9billion in revenues, Owners will get 53% and Players get 47%. The old deal had it split 50/50 after a certain number was reached.

The CBA now mandates that teams spend 99% of the new salary cap at $120 million for salary and bonuses, and gives another $22 million in benefits. Teams are required to spend 95%-99% of the cap, which will ensure that all teams are competitive.

Rookie salaries, which have spiraled out of control for the unproven players, will be reined in. With the requirement to spend to the cap, the money no longer paid to the rookies will have to go to veterans.

Players also get a few protections in exchange for the lower revenue. The CBA removes some of the barriers of Free Agency by allowing most players to become restricted Free agents after three years, and Unrestricted Free Agents after four years. Players will also be paid half their salary in a season following a catastrophic injury (up to $1million), and 30% the next year (up to $500k).

In probably the best part of the deal, almost $1billion will be put in for Veteran benefits over the 10 year period.

"Same place...lets say, 10 years from now?"

We all knew this day would come because too much money was involved to miss any part of the season. Sure players are getting screwed out of revenue, but it appears they are taking the theft ok thanks to the new protections put in place elsewhere. Thankfully its all over, and now camp can get underway this week, and teams can finally make off-season moves.

Everyone’s excited, except for us Dolphin fans who were hoping this would drag on until Chad Henne retired.