Crazy Caption Tuesday

If only Immodium AD wasn’t on the banned substance list…


Think you have a better caption?

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For the record: Qin Kai of China perform during the preliminary round of the men’s 3m springboard diving event at the 14th FINA World Championships in Shanghai July 21, 2011.  REUTERS/Bobby Yip


  1. Apparently, the “preparing to get anally violated” face is a universal expression

  2. Yao Ming, despondent over his forced retirement from NBA, plunges to his death in a natty speedo with tape on his troublesome feet.

  3. Chinese diver attempting to perfect the difficult “Tripre Rindy”

    • I now have to clean pee off my seat. Thanks John

  4. Jackie Chan stars in “Speedos and Subs”, the epic Bio of Michael Phelps.

  5. Another example of how Asian’s are more extreme than Americans as Mr. Chin Chang Park Soo Kim does a cannonball dookie with his bathing suit still on.

  6. ABC brings you a Special Edition of “Wipeout!: The Autopsy”

  7. Who does number two work for??!!!???

  8. Qin Kai prepares to board his coach seat on Air Tran