Crap you should read Tuesday (7/26)

Obama: Live

With time running out to raise the Debt Ceiling before American goes into default for the first time in history, The Pres took his case straight to Monday Night Prime-time. The speech was pure Bartlett-esque and kicked some serious ass from the Bully Pulpit while blatantly and repeatedly calling out House Republicans for holding the country hostage to pass their Tea-Party economic plan.

Propaganda from the left and right has made it that most of America has no idea WTF anything is about. Barry O made it clear that the debt ceiling conversation is in regards to paying the bills we already accrued, not future budgets. If we don’t pay back what we already spent, our credit is screwed, and the economy crashes. Its that simple. That’s why the debt ceiling has been raised repeatedly by every President since its creation, and even 17 times during Reagan’s 8 years.

Obama acknowledged that both parties hold blame to the budget crisis, and likewise, both hold responsibility to get it back on track. The problem can’t be fixed by spending cuts, or raising taxes alone, but instead compromises must be made and both must take place. While obviously loaded with slanted language to push the Democratic point of view, Obama brilliantly simplified the discussion in such a rational manner that its hard to argue against what he said unless you absolutely don’t want taxes raised on the top 2% of Americans, those making $250,000 and up. Unfortunately, on particular party wants nothing to do with compromise.

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"Ok, lets have a Disappointed-Off. Go!!"

NFL Lockout Over:

Are you finally ready for some football? NFL Players reportedly agreed today to the terms of an agreement set forth by the Owners over the weekend. This means camps will start this week.

The new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is for 10 years, with no opt-out available for either side (which is nice because owners used the opt-out clause this last time to cut the deal short). Revenues will be split 57/43, rookie salaries will be curtailed, Free Agency has been amended, and veteran benefits have been increased.

Both sides claim that they didn’t get everything they want, so we’re supposed to believe everything is great. Unless your a Dolphin fan, and the season is nothing to look forward to….

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"Same place, 10 years?

Oslo My God:

32-year-old Anders Behring Breivik pleaded Not Guilty yesterday to the 2 separate terrorist attacks in Norway. The first blew up an Oslo building and killed 8, and a shooting rampage at a youth camp killed 68. Breivik surrendered at the Youth Camp, and is the assumed author of a 1500+ page manifesto setting out his plans and rationales for the crimes, but his Not Guilty plea will allow him to plead his reasons to the world.

Breivek’s manifesto targets what he calls  “cultural Marxist/multicultural ideals.” The manifesto makes it clear that multiculturalism is destroying Europe, particularly the influx of Muslim immigrants. He targets 2083 as when a civil war will break out in Europe, and will end with the execution of those “cultural Marxists.”

He does express sorrow for having to kill kids, but claims it was necessary to call the world’s attention to Norway’s Muslim problem. Apparently he never heard of Twitter.

Norway Terroritst pleads not guilty — CNN

I thought all terrorists had beards

NASA v Deep Impact:

With the space shuttle program retired, NASA realized that people need something space-y for people to focus on or they’ll lose funding. So now comes a Presidential order to land a crew on an asteroid by 2025. Yup, they dug all the way back to 1998 when Armageddon and Deep Impact BOTH came up with the idea.

Unfortunately, NASA has no idea how to do this now. They are holding contests for scientists to answer the challenges they face: launch, propulsion, housing for the 6-month-plus journey, anchoring to the asteroid, etc. NASA already invested a ton of money into the Orion project, so are using that habitable pod design to start with. It has no propulsion, so they need to link this pod with a propulsion shuttle previously launched into space. Lots of stuff to captivate minds for the next 15 years, or at least until the next election.

Why an asteroid? Some point to the scientific rewards as a comet is a remnant of the birth of the solar system and could carry clues to the birth of our planetary system. Others point to safety reasons as a devastating extinction level event that would take place if a multi-mile wide asteroid crashes into the Earth, as it does once in every 100million years.

Personally, I don’t think we undertake this kind of mission without a reason. I am sure there’s a Wolf-Biederman comet heading our way in 15-20 years, so we are just getting the jump on it now. Obama clearly didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of the our country’s first black President, Morgan Freeman, whose plan to blow up an approaching asteroid failed miserably and led to Elijah Wood racing a dirtbike up a mountain to escape it.

NASA’s new plan to land on a comet — Huffington Post

The President faces the reality that with spending cuts to NASA, he has to go with Robert Duvall and Ron Eldard instead of the much-hyped Willis/Affleck team."


OMG WFT? of the Day:

Morgue owner Ayanda Maqolo tried to play it cool when workers told him they heard screaming and pounding coming from one of the freezer compartments, but he was scared shit-less. So to show he was brave, Maqolo called the Ghostbusters, and when he couldn’t reach them, he called the Police. “I’m glad they arrived with their firearms, in case something wanted to fight us.” The guy was scared of demons, he didn’t even consider the possibility that someone was still alive and needed air to breathe.

You know who was scared more? Non-demon, 80 year old Sizwe Kupelo, who Police pulled out of the morgue freezer. He had been in there for 21 hours.

Kupelo was originally pronounced dead by Paramedics at the scene after suffering a terrible (and assumed fatal) asthma attack. Kupelo awoke and obviously had no idea where he was, so he started banging and screaming. Why is it you NEVER assume you’ve been buried alive in a freezer?  His family was in the midst of making funeral preparations when they were notified Sizwe was still alive and thawing out.

I know one person who isn’t complaining about how hot it is outside!

Man wakes up in Morgue freezer 

"You bro. My bad on that. My bad."

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