Crazy Caption Monday


“Don’t judge me kid. Clone War vets can’t get a job in this Sector.” 


Think you have a better caption?

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For the record:  Paul French pauses on the fifth day of his 2,500-mile journey from Perth to Sydney to talk with a young “Star Wars” fan at Port Bouvard bridge, July 15, in Perth, Australia. French aims to walk 22 to 25 miles a day, five days a week, in his Stormtrooper costume to raise money for the Starlight Foundation – an organization that aims to brighten the lives of ill and hospitalized children in Australia. Paul Kane / Getty Images


  1. So what ur telling me is Comic-con was last weekend?! Oops

  2. It’s sad when the goofy kid with the Cookie Monster shirt has cooler shoes than than the Storm Trooper!

  3. Captain Eo makes another young fan’s dream come true with an invitation to the Neverland Ranch!

  4. Hey Kid… do you wanna see my Wookie?

  5. It goes to show you, pedefiles can think outside of the box.

  6. “I know now why you cry. But it’s something I can never do.”

  7. So yeah, this is what we did with R2-D2

  8. “and that’s how I walked right out of the Brig, and off the Death Star. Seriously, how often do you really look at a man’s shoes?”

  9. With thousands of miles ahead of him, French gets great deals on discontinued cross-trainers at the local Foot Locker Outlet.

  10. “Hey Billy. Do you like movies about imperial fighters?”