Synema Synopsis: Horrible Bosses, Great Comedy

by J-Smitty


Need a break from wizards, superheros and transforming cars? Sure it’s all fun, but most of it is crap. It seems that wit and laughter suffer when good-vs.-evil is on overload, so needless to say, its been a while since I really liked a movie.

That’s why I’m psyched I wandered into Horrible Bosses. I loved it.

Warning, if you don’t have a good sense of humor you will not like this movie.  Plus, you probably won’t think it’s funny that I’m banging your mom.  

Horrible Bosses has a premise that hits close to home for everyone: you’re boss sucks and you hate them. This movie explores the idea of taking that boss-animus to the next level and, you know, killing them.  So we “root” for the three hardworking friends who devise a plan to kill each other’s bosses.  Of course, they’re not professional killers, hi-jinx ensue.

"No thank you Mr. Spacey, sir. I don't swing that way. It's Charlie DAY, with a 'D'."

Nick’s (Jason Bateman- stars in a lot of funny shit) boss is Dave Harken (Kevin Spacey – you know him), a power hungry madman with Nick trapped as his personal bitch.

Kurt’s (Jason Sedakis – Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock) boss is Bobby Pelitt (Colin Farrell – Minority Report, Recruit), who took over the family company for his freshly-dead father. Bobby hates Kurt and is set on making him miserable until he quits.

Finally you have Dale, (Charlie Day – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) a dental assistant tired of the sexual harassment from his dirty Dentist boss. Unfortunately for Dr. Julia Harris (Jennifer Aniston - Brad Pitt’s ex-wife), Dale is the one person in the world who won’t sleep with her, because he is engaged to be miserable married.  She persists and he just can’t take it anymore.

Yes, Please

Surprisingly, in a movie about killing your bosses, the Day/Aniston premise is the hardest thing to accept.  Jennifer Aniston might be the hottest person over 40 ever; her body is better than most 20 year olds.  Personally, I don’t care if Jennifer Aniston’s idea of foreplay is making me walk on hot coals, and rub my nuts in blood before dipping them in the ocean during a Great White feeding frenzy, and then finally deciding to shove a 712 inch dildo in my butt…shit I’d do that all just to take her top off.  I am in, married or not.  I would stream it live to my living room and minus the great-white-shark-nut-sack thing, I’m confident my wife would understand.

Star-studded ensembles tend to fall short of expectations, but this movie was perfectly cast.  Bateman, Sedakis and Day play off one another perfectly, and their chemistry is fantastic. Farrell is hysterical as the coked out boss; Jennifer Aniston is funny (and sexy) as hell, and Spacey nails it as always.

Speaking of Spacey nails it, I recently learned from my Irish friend that not-so-openly-gay Spacey “discovered” Colin Farrell in some London theater. By “discover” I mean thought he was hot, fucked him, and cast him in Ordinary Decent Criminal. Then he handed him off to openly gay director Joel Schumacher for Tigerland. Hollywood or bust on Colin’s face I guess! Sorry, I digress.

"I see some talent in you kid. Let's go in the back"

Even with all this star-power, the breakout star is Charlie Day.  Horrible Bosses is the perfect vehicle for Day’s over the top delivery and antics that make him the star of the FX’s, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Just an aside…if you don’t watch this show, you’ve been depriving your body of the healing power of laughter. He could say almost anything in that voice of his and I’d giggle.

This is why I wanted to be an actor

I’ve read a couple negative reviews for Bosses, and some critics are blasting it worse than Jenna Jameson at a frat party. Why is my critique so far in the other direction? Simple…I have a wonderful sense of humor.

Most comedies these days rely on the shock value of outrageous situations. People find the ridiculous funny because, lets face it: most people are stupid and the outrageous crap let’s them know when they’re supposed to laugh.  We tend to remember the semen on the ear in Something about Mary or Jason Biggs getting walked in on by his dad when he is feeding pie to his penis in American Pie.  Horrible Bosses doesn’t hit you over the head with their jokes, rather the best  laughs come from dry humor, pinpoint delivery, witty banter, and priceless reactions.

Sure this movie has a couple of over-the-top moments, but none shocking enough to discuss around the water cooler, which is why I think some critics didn’t gush over it. This movie was dryer than my grandmother’s pussy willows (where did you think I was going with that, you disgusting pig? My grandma was a floriculturist) which is why its not as infinitely rewatchable and incessantly quotable as the original Hangover, Wedding Crashers or Superbad.

"Spacey and Farrell, really?"

Horrible Bosses is a rung beneath those on the comedy ladder, as you’ll definitely watch it a couple times, but if you quote it, you might not get any drunken high-fives.

If you don’t enjoy television shows like Arrested Development, The Office, Better off Ted and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia then you probably won’t enjoy this movie. On a side note, I never want to hang out with you.

However, if you enjoy dry humor, this movie will be well worth the price of admission.  If you don’t like it, I give a money back guarantee.  If you believe that, then call 911-743-3490, tell the person who answers you are criminally stupid and wait for them to come and give you a million dollars.

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  1. Bahahahaha with a capital B. i think i’ll see this movie