Crap you should read Wednesday (7/20)

House Passes Republican debt plan

You might have heard that the House passed a heavily-Republican bill that forces Congress to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment before raising the debt ceiling.  The extreme “Cut, Cap and Balance Act” allows a $2.4trillion increase to the debt limit only if there are matching spending cuts elsewhere, which sounds nice except “elsewhere” means slashing programs that benefit 100% of the country so we won’t raise taxes on the richest 2%.

You know the drill by now: cut $100 billion in 2012 and drastically slash funding for health care, clean energy, infrastructure, education and job training. Of course it kills Medicaid too, slashing funding by more than a 1/3. The bill passed largely along party-lines, except for Michele Bachmann who voted against it because it didn’t slash enough money, especially in regards to defunding Medicare.

Don’t get too excited that this thing is over because this partisan crap will never pass through a Democratic Senate or make its way past Obama’s desk without a veto. It was all really just a ploy for Boehner to appease the extremist Tea Party with a “hey, I tried to pass your more-harmful-than-the-actual-problem legislation!”

Since this bullshit bill has no chance of passing through the Senate, and would surely be vetoed by President Obama. The Senate’s infamous Gang of 6(made up of 5 Senators…one Republican walked away when it was obvious taxes needed to be raised) claim they have a bi-partisan plan up their sleeves, and by better I mean something that doesn’t pretend to cure our economy by cutting every single Democratic program to solely benefit big business. As of now the Gang of Six plan looks like this:

  • Aim to reduce deficits by $3.7 trillion over ten years;
  • Call for the elimination of some tax deductions and preferences and the reduction of others, raising $1 trillion in new revenue, while also reducing marginal income tax rates to as low as 23 percent for high earners;
  • Require $145 billion in cuts to national defense and homeland security operations and hundreds of billions in cuts to other federal departments;
  • Shift to a new measure of inflation called “chained CPI” which would have the effect of reducing future Social Security benefits by mandating smaller annual cost-of-living adjustments.

Obama is endorsing the Gang’s plan as a great blueprint, which surely means House Republicans won’t like it at all.

Can’t wait to see what crap they deliver us today.

House passes Tea Part Debt bill — Huffington Post

Obama endorses Gang of Six plan — NBC

J-Bone always stresses when choosing his Dodgeball team


Anonymous Arrests

The FBI arrested 14 individuals they say are from the anti-security hacking group Anonymous. Specifically they are being charged with the attacks on Paypal which they loudly claimed were retribution for closing WikiLeaks paypal account. Of course that’s not their only infraction as Anonymous, and their now-defunct cohorts, LulzSec, have been on a hacking tear for the last few months. 2 others were arrested in conjunction with the hacking as well.

The groups were boasting and bragging the shit out of their cyber-attacks, and then they stepped up their game by attacking the government and military. It was only a matter of time before the sleeping dragon awoke to take care of it’s shit.

Still waiting to see if this was just kids bored with HALO, or if someone else (China?) is the money behind any of this.

US arrests 16 Anonymous hackers — MSNBC

I hope he brought a sad mask, otherwise get ready for the chorus of "Hey Boy, das a purty smile you got there."


Pakistan loves US Politics
The FBI was busy this week as they busted an alleged operation of Pakistani Intelligence Agency (ISI) funnelling millions of dollars into American elections.
They Feds arrested Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai, 62, who runs the Kashmiri American Council, which the FBI says is a front for the ISI. The KAC has donated over $2million since the ’90s to American campaigns, allegedly to buy influence for uniting Kashmir with Pakistan. Another man was indicted, but he’s apparently in Pakistan. As of yet, no one is accusing the Politicians of wrongdoing.
I don’t mean to sound like a dick, but no one in the US gives a shit about Kashmir. Either these guys completely wasted their money, or the KAC served another purpose for the Spy agency that we aren’t being told.
Regardless, this investigation has obviously been going on for some time, so the fact that they made a move now highlights our ever-worsening tumultuous relationship with Pakistan. No word yet on how this is affected 7-11 ownership.
Its about time we shut down their bullshit, but its just scary because they still have the fucking Bomb.

FBI busts campaign contributer for being a Pakistani Spy — NBC News

We get it Hills. No reason to be over-dramatic


Foxing up the NEWS

Wonder how Fox News is covering the hacking scandal plaguing their parent company NewsCorp and their big daddy, Rupert Murdoch? They’re not. At least not as real news.  Fox News is pretending that the coverage is the overblown work of the Liberal Media “piling on” to a nothing story that we should just get over because Rupert “apologized.”

Yeah I can’t imagine why the “liberal” world wants to hear about one of the most dastardly crimes of the century involving bribery and blackmail of government officials and illegal breaches of privacy for government, police, military, and civilians. But Rupee apologized, so all’s ok now!!!!

If I impress one thing upon my Hornballs its this: Fox News is not NEWS; its a Right Wing newsletter loose with the facts. I don’t have the capabilities to edit together the Fox News crappy bullshit reports, so I’ll let Stewart do it for me. Must watch…


Bad Ass Chick

Wow. Saw this one on Tosh last night. Not sure why these two cute chicks are arm-wrestling, but one of them SURELY won’t be doing it anymore. The fact she didn’t scream out in pain, even for a second, made me feel like significantly less of a man.

The “match” begins at :26, but I’m not sure they declared a winner….


Spidey Teaser

The Amazing Spider-Man teaser has leaked online, prior to its debut at Comic-Con. It gives you a real good idea about the feel of the latest reboot. Many question why they had to completely reboot the still young franchise, especially given that it earned $3.5 billion worldwide, but from the teaser you see that its just a totally different looking movie.

Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) has a completely different vision than Sam Raimi did — much darker and less comic-y; similar to what Christopher Nolan did with Batman. Also obvious is that Andrew Garfield cuts a way different Peter Parker/Spidey than Tobey did.

It remains to be seen if a more grounded Spider-Man be more Batman Begins or Superman Returns, but one thing is for sure: the Spidey POV shot looks frickin’ amazing.


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  1. That arm wrestling match was grotesque. Loved the “Curb” moment when someone goes, “Someone should get some ice.” Why don’t YOU go get it?

    • Hahahha so true!

      Why dont you get a towel?