Caption Contest Wednesday

“Buns of Steel” training class is a HUGE hit with the Justice League


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For the record: Students dressed as superheroes protest against the government in Santiago, July 18, 2011. Students staged a demonstration on the streets demanding changes in the public state education system. REUTERS/Victor Ruiz Caballero


  1. Bababooey Bababooey!!! Gary Delabate begins work on his career after Howard Stern retires.

  2. You can almost hear Rerun from “What’s Happening?” scream “Copyright infringement!”

  3. Obesity has to be an epidemic if Superman can’t even stay in shape.

  4. Apparently in Santiago, the super hero is not Wonder Women; it is Wonder if she’s a Women.

  5. At the New Superman Release party fans celebrate with Thriller dance

  6. Website launch party for