VIDEO: “The Dark Knight Rises” teaser

Warner Bros. pushed for a teaser for The Dark Knight Rises to roll during screenings of Harry Potter, obviously scared that people would forget if they weren’t inundated a year prior to opening. To oblige, Christopher Nolan gave us pretty much a minute and a half of clips from the previous films to stew over, but there is a tiny bit of guano to whet your bat-appetite and lead to a little guessing as to the potential story line.

Gary Oldman, Commisoner Gordon, lays in a hospital bed, pleading for the Batman to return. He seems to be talking to Christian Bale, but the Batman growl is gone, so it implies that Gordon knows Bruce Wayne’s secret. We also see that he’s been away as Gotham City is crumbling around him.

We get a couple too-quick glimpses of Tom Hardy as Bane, the villian known in the Knightfall story-line for exposing and crippling Batman.

No need to spoil the movie in every Dark Knight post, so if you want to know more about the potential story, read my original Dark Knight Rises article here.

Otherwise, tease Away…



  1. Epic conclusion? Dammit! Was hoping for more than 3 movies out of this! No Penguin? No Riddler?

    • Yeah Christopher Nolan is done directing, and so long Christian Bale.

      After Dark Knight Rises, Nolan is producing (not directing) a Justice League movie (because WB/DC sees the future success of The Avengers) but with a revamped Batman/Bruce Wayne character.