Casey Anthony, Are you kidding me?

Don't forget Caylee's face, just because Justice did

by J-Smitty

Orlando has put the world on notice: if you’re a pretty white woman, you can sloppily cover-up the murder of your daughter and still get away with it. While this is great news for white women, it’s not so great for children with pretty white moms. Spanking is no longer the threat, but murder and body-disposal in the woods is; as long as Mommy doesn’t obstruct justice she’ll get off Scott-free.

I, for one, will tell you as a proud owner of a pretty white mother, if this had happened 30 years ago, I’d have definitely cleaned my room more and finished my vegetables.

As I am not a pretty white murdering mom, I am extremely disturbed by the recent Casey Anthony decision. I want to believe in our Justice system, but this jury’s decision is just another example of how Justice is not only blind, but deaf, dumb and really fucking stupid.

How did we let this lady walk out of prison this weekend?

Defenders say the prosecution failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey Anthony murdered her daughter. Caylee could have fallen in and drowned on her own. Yes, the evidence establishing guilt is circumstantial – there is no smoking gun- but the prosecution presented ample evidence to infer Casey’s blatant guilt. There are hundreds of convictions a day based on circumstantial evidence, and I have never seen a case where valid circumstantial evidence was so obviously ignored.

Casey’s cover-up and her repeated lies are all the proof you need.  If your daughter accidentally drowns, you call police and you mourn.  You don’t lie to the world and party your ass off like it’s Y2K…every night.

Um, guys...Pool Party? Might want to stay away from this chick there"

The fact the jury could not see through the bullshit Defense is pathetic and sad. Caylee deserved justice and our system let her down.

I am not sure how involved the Horny readers have been in this trial, but for those of you who have not followed the case closely, the facts in this case were clear to anyone with a brain: this disgusting human being murdered her daughter and tossed her in the woods.

Let me help you understand my outrage.

Casey Anthony was young and single (no idea who the father is) when she had Caylee, so the bulk of raising Caylee fell on her grandmother, Cindy.  I’m not saying Casey was a bad mother because she murdered her daughter, it’s just important for the story to know that Cindy was more of a mother to Caylee than Casey was.

Casey was alone with Caylee the last time anyone saw her alive, and while the truth about what happened will forever be a mystery, what we do know that Casey didn’t let anyone know her daughter was “missing” for over a MONTH!  Cindy asked repeatedly to see Caylee, but Casey constantly had excuses.

"Bella Vita" means "beautiful life" (after your baby dies, really?), obviously not "beautiful back"

One lame excuse was that Caylee was still with the babysitter. When Cindy came to the house, Casey told her Caylee was sleeping, and she wasn’t allowed in to see her. Cindy forced her way inside back to the bedroom, but of course her granddaughter wasn’t there. Without a straight answer, Cindy called the Police.

Casey was arrested and continued to lie about Caylee, now saying Caylee was kidnapped by Zanny the nanny. Yes, she said the nanny’s name was Zanny.  Are you kidding me?  If you’re gonna make up a lie, don’t go with kidnapping by Zabysitter, the Babysitter.

Casey pleaded that she diligently searched for Caylee, but had no answer as to why she didn’t notify authorities, or even her parents. I’m surprised she didn’t claim she called Zetective the Detective a month earlier.

"OMG, why do they have me dressed like a gay Cuban?"

The Police, to their idiocy credit, chased down every bullshit lead until it was clear that Casey was lying her ass off about the entire situation.

For instance, she told them where Zanny lived, but when they arrived at the address it turned out nobody had lived there for months.

She lied about having a job at Universal Studios in Orlando, and kept this lie up even as she led the detectives through the hallways to her “office” before finally admitting she was fired over 6 months prior.

This was the final straw (until the next final straw) that pissed of the cops so much, so they pulled her into a nearby conference room and confronted her about her bullshit.  This conversation was recorded and you can hear the detectives pleading with Casey to give them anything truthful to go on that could lead to the recovery of little Caylee.  Casey broke down crying and swore she didn’t know ANYTHING about the disappearance of her daughter.

When you listen to the conversation you can’t help but believe the sincerity and sorrow in Casey’s voice.  She’s that good of a liar.

After about 6 months of Casey’s lies, the police finally found a small, female skull out in the woods.  It was confirmed to be Caylee, and Casey was charged with the murder.

"Convicted liar sounds much better than convicted murderer, right?"

Casey then changed her story to say she found Caylee floating dead in the pool, so she panicked and threw the body out in the woods.  Are you kidding me?  What non-psycho parent would toss their child’s remains out in the woods like she was a stray animal?

Again, this is where reasonable doubt can kiss my ass. I would like to take the time and point out that any parent who dumps their child’s body in the woods should be locked up forever; they clearly do not belong in a civilized society.

Obviously this new story completely contradicted Casey’s repeated, seemingly heartfelt, pleas to everyone to help her find her daughter. She lied to neighbors and strangers who participated in the countrywide search for Caylee; she lied to her parents; she lied to the police. She lied right to their faces, in extremely convincing fashion.  Over and over and over again. This part isn’t conjecture, or opinion; so much of it was recorded either from interrogations or her parents’ monitored prison visits.

Casey and her Weapon of Choice

You think all this alone would be enough to convict Casey, yet there is so much more to damn this woman to hell.

There’s surveillance footage from blockbuster video that puts Casey in a Blockbuster Video store with a man only a few hours after Caylee died. Are you kidding me?

I’ve seen a lot of Blockbuster commercials, but not the one where Mom comes home exhausted from fishing her daughter’s corpse from the pool, looks into the camera saying and says “Make it a Blockbuster night!”  The reason this commercial never aired is because anyone who would respond this way after losing their daughter is BAT SHIT CRAZY and without a doubt, guilty as hell!

You have to be so disassociated from reality to react like this, which…let me check…yes, it’s also the mental place you need to be in order to murder your daughter. Even if she didn’t murder her daughter, we should lock any human being up who is capable of such disassociation should not be a part of society.

He had no idea because he is high as hell. What's our excuse?

Casey went on with her life as if nothing happened.  She partied/celebrated for weeks immediately following her daughter’s death.  This was not drinking by herself in the corner of a broken down bar, she was clubbing.  She was dancing on tables and posing for pictures in the middle of clubs.

She LIED TO EVERYONE for over 6 months until her daughter’s skull was found in the woods, and she had to admit that she was the one who dumped the body there. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHAT INNOCENT PERSON WOULD EVER DO THIS? NONE, EVER! NO MATTER WHAT.

How do you defend such a clear case of murder?  The Defense did their job in so far as they threw out a bunch of bullshit to cloud the issue.  They tossed many bombs at the jury, but Hiroshima and Nagasaki were that Casey’s father molested her when she was younger, and that he assisted in disposing of Caylee’s body.

The molestation accusation was to explain her disconnect from the trauma and the weeks of clubbing.  The second bomb was to show that she wasn’t the evil one who came up with the dumping of the body, but rather her father’s idea. As if any of this made her a better, non-murdering mom.

The Defense would have us reasonable folks believe that Casey took Caylee from her parents’ house and to a friend’s place with a pool.  In that pool, with Casey’s father present, little Caylee accidentally drowned. The two of them, not knowing what to do, decided to dispose of Caylee’s body, rather than alert the authorities or even Casey’s mother Cindy.  So they threw Caylee in the trunk of Casey’s car, drove to the woods near her parents’ house and threw Caylee’s body in the forest to rot.

"How come when she commits murder, she's suddenly MY daughter?"

Of course George Anthony denies it all, but should we believe him? From the recorded conversations alone, it’s obvious she’s the liar. Before the trial she was recorded saying that he was a wonderful father.  I’m no expert, but I can’t imagine that a girl would shower her molesting father with parenting accolades.

There is another recording of her father visiting Casey while Caylee was still “missing”. George came to plead for any information to help them find Caylee, but she said she was tapped out of info. There would be no reason for the whole charade if he already knew, and since Cindy wasn’t around, Casey certainly would have made mention about their little heist. But she didn’t. Just another lie.

Finally, there’s the lack of explanation for the duct tape found on Caylee’s skull (why need duct tape if she drowned?), and she lamely blamed her mom for damning evidence of computer searches for making chloroform and breaking someone’s neck. Keep in mind, a “how to make chloroform” website was visited 84 times.  Eighty fucking four.

There is plenty more evidence to blatantly PROVE that Casey Anthony covered up the death of her daughter.  From the observed smell in her trunk that witnesses claimed reeked of a dead body, to traces of chlorophorm found in Casey’s trunk, to her borrowing a shovel from her neighbor and stealing gallons of gas from her father’s garage. Then of course, it’s undisputed that Casey drove around for days with her daughter’s dead body in her trunk. Oh yeah, and she lied…a lot, so much so that she was convicted of 4 counts of doing so.

Casey patiently waits for her latest adoption forms to go through

How can you take anything else from these facts besides complete guilt? Where is there even room for any reasonable doubt that Casey did something terribly wrong to her daughter, Caylee?

Everyone knows this woman lied repeatedly. She has made up excuses for her lies, but the fact remains, even if she didn’t murder her poor daughter she misled everyone. At the very least, she should be required to pay back the actual financial costs of her lies, mainly to the city and county for the hundreds of thousands in costs for running a month-long wild goose chase manhunt for a missing 2 year old.

I’m even more outraged because rumors now have Casey desiring to fight the 4 counts of lying she was convicted on. Apparently convicted liar is a term that offends her. Even though she, you know, lied. The nerve of this bitch. Just leave well enough alone.

Now that Casey is free to murder   she is scared for her life. Many people are so pissed off with our justice system that they want to take justice into their own hands. This crazy bitch will even get police protection if things get too scary for her. Maybe she should just go back to prison where its safer. She should have never been let out to begin with.

It seems that many agree with me, as some states, and possibly the Federal government, are exploring new laws to punish parents with serious felonies if they fail to report their child missing within a certain time period, or stricter penalties for lying under these situations.  A law such as this would have had Casey in prison for 15+ years. Its not life, but its certainly not the relative slap on the wrist she got here.

These types of laws won’t prevent a poor child’s murder, but they’ll at least make sure they’re pretty white moms won’t walk out of prison, smiling all the way to the bank. And it would keep me from having to ask this same question over and over again while she rakes in the millions while we protect her from harm…


"This one's for my homies. I mean for what's her name..."