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For the record: Rajesh, a 38-year-old auto rickshaw driver, shares a cigarette with his monkey Raju at Banetha village, located in the northwestern state of Rajasthan, July 4, 2011. Indian forest department officials unsuccessfully tried to a stop a unique simian wedding citing it violated the 1972 Wildlife Protection Act. Monkeys play a significant role in Hindu religion where they are worshipped in the form of Lord Hanuman. 
REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui



  1. The bizarre love child of The Marlboro Man and Joe Camel

  2. Newport – Alive with Pleasure!

  3. In Indiana Jones 5, Raju gets one last smoke before ingesting the poisoned dates.

  4. Lil’ Weezy…8 months old…His very first nigga-lip.

  5. This Jaimacan Gold is awesome.

  6. Receiving star treatment, Hangover 2 actor, Crazy Ass Monkey, vows to sign every autograph for his avid fans.

  7. Marlboro Man or Monkey? Youths bedazzled by smoking monkey in Pakistan.

  8. Dos Equis went cheap when finding the face of their new India campaign