Plugging the Debt Ceiling

"I'm warning you. Don't be the one to Barack the boat."

Things are getting pretty hot in Washington this week, especially in regards to the contentious Debt Ceiling “Crisis”. There is so much BS and propaganda floating around for both sides, let me nutshell the whole thing for you.

Right now, our debt is more than $14 trillion, staggering when you think about it, but just like the middle class families that make up the majority of our country, we borrow and mortgage to pay our bills and live our life.

President Obama is fed up with the inability of Senior lawmakers to cut a deal to raise our debt borrowing limit, mainly because Republicans are holding the process hostage to pass their financial agenda under the guise of trimming our nation’s deficit. He put forth a plan that trimmed the deficit by $4.3 trillion and with spending cuts to entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare, and bringing in revenue by eliminating the Bush Tax cuts for the Rich.

Needless to say, the plan pissed off both Dems and Reps — you know, a compromise. Of course it was instantly shunned by Repugnicans because they refuse to support a plan that raises ANY taxes on the rich. Speaker Boehner, champion of huge deficit cuts, then backtracked and said we should target smaller cuts, more like $2 trillion, so we don’t have to raise taxes (and kill jobs, blah blah, insert lie here). What he means is he wants to take a dollar from people who don’t have any to spare, to make sure that the top 2% wealthiest people can sit on their money and get richer. It’s capitalism at its extreme pretending its fighting extreme socialism just so the country doesn’t hate them as much and keeps buying their shit.

"Two weeks....Two weeks....Twoooooo Weeeeekkkkkkssss."

Regardless of agenda, deadlines are a-comin, so Obama has tasked Senior House and Senate Leadership with getting something done ASAP, or feel his wrath.

Let’s be clear, if the ceiling isn’t raised, then we can’t borrow money to pay our bills. If we default, our economy is shot and the world follows. The number is arbitrary; its just a guide and has been raised every year for the last 10 years. There is ZERO chance that anyone will let us default on these payments and destroy our national credit, so this entire thing is about taking our country hostage under the guise of “balancing the budget” just to pass the Republican agenda.

Imagine if a hard working middle class couple were about to sign the AMEX paperwork to get a higher credit card limit to help pay bills.

Wife: Honey, before we sign this AMEX bill, I just think we are just borrowing too much, we need to stop spending. You need to quit your fantasy football leagues, give back the HDTV and car, no more going out to dinner, start homeschooling the kids and stop buying them books and clothes, stop paying the health insurance, kick grandpa out of the basement and stop putting money into our retirement account. That should make things more comfortable. And you should get a second job.

Husband: Or, even though we both work, 10 years ago, you just stopped giving me money for the bills? Remember?

Wife: Yeah, well you were making a lot of money then and we were fine. This is MY money, I work hard for it.

Husband: I understand, sweetheart, I’m not asking for all of it. Just what you used to give me 10 years ago. And you’re right, I will cut the fantasy football, we’ll cancel DirecTV, maybe we don’t need to go out as much or shop at nice stores– Target and Olive Garden will suffice. Just please give me some of your paycheck, anything, that way we don’t have to give back the TV, kick grandpa out into the street, and roll the dice that our kids don’t get sick.

Wife: Go. Fuck.Yourself.

Not kidding. That is what’s going on in DC.

"I knew he comes from a cheap people, but come on!"

Now with the August 2nd deadline looming, there’s discord within the Senior Republican Leadership as some are trying to save face, and others are unbending in support for the wealthiest 2% of the country. With Obama playing the role of mature Compromiser, and risking his job by going against his own party to help the country, a government default will be blamed on Republicans and their wealthy backers.

Speaker of the House John Boehner finally seemed open to compromise, and Senate obstructionist Minority Leader Mitch McConnell offered a lifeboat side-legislation to show that Senate Republicans don’t want the government shut down on their watch (not for the greater good, just so they don’t get blamed for it and help Obama win the election like it did for Clinton).

Unfortunately Congressman Eric Cantor (and obvious mouthpiece for rich America) is the lead negotiator in the budget talks and is steadfast that heavens will fall before he lets taxes be raised on the richest 2%.

Apparently, Congressman Cantor was especially “dicky” during Wednesday night’s negotiations. It’s rumored he pissed off the President so badly by disrespectfully cutting him off at least 3 times while speaking that Obama scolded him, then the group, and stormed out.

"If he even suggests I give back the TiVo I'm gonna beat his ass."

I’d say we only have a couple more weeks of this bullshit, but then it will be on to something other tactic for the Republicans to try to ruin our country and blame it on Obama. Sure Democrats are poorly-governing morons, but it cracks me up to think that middle class America actually votes Republican. They could care less about you. They are for the top 2% and that’s it; everything else is just make-believe to put them in office so they can pad pockets.

And you thought Politics wasn’t fun.

Consider yourself filled in.

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  1. Our government disgusts me more and more everyday. I hope one day the government actually governs for the people and not for corporations and the rich.

  2. ok, so Fox news has already *erroneously* called dibs on “Fair and Balanced” so you can’t use that description for your coverage. hmmm.. how about “Unbiased and Thorough”? That can be your motto. Or maybe “Not Just a Simplistic Liberal Rant.. Honestly… Not that.” For a while I thought that the whole situation might be slightly more complicated than you described it, but, I guess I was wrong.

    • it is that simple. Someone has to break it down without using all the bullshit propaganda.

      You’re just a fan of smaller government, but like “dry land” its just a myth.

      There are ways to balance the budget that don’t include crippling our country.

  3. I agree that it is an important topic to discuss without propoganda. I just don’t think you accomplished that. Propoganda isn’t just the nonsense rhetoric of those on the other side of the argument. And small government may be a myth, but smaller government is not.

    Furthermore, if you got beyond the liberal rhetoric and examined what some of the cuts are about, you might actually think they make sense. How can you argue against capping the amount of social security and medicare benefits that wealthy seniors receive?

    Its also a liberal cop-out to scream and shout about how Republicans want to rob the poor to pay the rich. Yes the children in Congress are arguing about tax increases for over $200K ($250K family)earners, and yes that represents about 2% of the population. However, that 2% of the population pays approximately 44% of all US personal income taxes. Every reputable economist has pointed out that their simply aren’t enough “rich” people in the US for us to tax our way out of debt. The only way will be for compromise by both sides (something Boenher, Senate Republicans and pretty much everyone who doesn’t have a had fringed with tea bags actually wants).

    • Not sure who you are arguing with, because I don’t think you read a word I said. Breaking down complicated issues so the masses can understand without propaganda is exactly what I did. The rational view just doesn’t fit in with your view. I’m clearly not pushing propaganda, as I have no agenda but unraveling the bullshit of those paying to manipulate the masses.

      Trimming the fat from programs is not the same as defunding them. 90% of government programs should be trimmed of the garbage. No disagreement there. There is way too much government waste.

      No one is saying anything about robbing from the poor. The top 2% should be paying more than 44% of the taxes because they own more than 44% of the nation’s wealth. Bush lessened their load to help with “job creation” and that hasn’t happened. Time to eliminate the cuts and get that revenue back. No reason to raise taxes, just get rid of the damn cuts that have crippled our economy.

      It will only take a compromise of spending cuts and extra revenue to get us out of this mess. Does that sound like left-wing garbage? No it sounds like normal, rational thinking.

      • “I’d say we only have a couple more weeks of this bullshit, but then it will be on to something other tactic for the Republicans to try to ruin our country and blame it on Obama. Sure Democrats are poorly-governing morons, but it cracks me up to think that middle class America actually votes Republican.”

        You’re right, that is simply breaking down complicated issues without propaganda…. how could I have possibly been mistaken?

        Ok, not to get too picky here, but we have to draw a distinction between wealth and income. It’s an importange distinction though, because we, as a nation, tax income… not wealth. In fact, its only because of the 16th ammendment that the federal goverment is allowed to tax income. A “wealth” tax would be unconstitutional as only the states and local governments have such authority (think of your local property tax for example, that’s a tax on the wealth of your home and permissible by local governments). If the federal goverment takes the people’s wealth its called “nationalization.” We all know that word. It’s most frequently used in conversations about marxist takeovers and maybe not quite where you want to go… or maybe it is.

        So while I can’t speak to the amount of “wealth” the richest Americans own, I can say that you are wrong if you meant “income.” If you look on you will see that the top 2% of taxpayers pay 43.6% of the federal, personal income taxes yet only make 24.1% percent of the annual income. (I am cognizant of the fact that 2% of the population earning 24% of the income sounds unfair, however, our Constitution gives us all a fair shot. It doesn’t guarantee that we will all be winners.) So I am a little boggled that you want to make the earners of less than a quarter of the country’s income pay more than half of it’s income taxes. While I am not in that category, it just seems inherintly unfair to me that people should pay 50 to 60% of each dollar that they earn (which is the real top tax rate is once social security, medicare, medicaid, etc are tacked on) just because they have been financial succesful.

        • Propaganda is message with a purpose. Its often misleading or misrepresenting facts to manipulate people to think a certain way that isnt explained on the face of the information.

          I have no purpose. I have no agenda. I have no one paying my way. I am allowed to have INFORMED opinions on the way I see things.

          And that quote you pulled is an obvious observation to anyone that follows politics with no emotional attachment to either party.

          My readers know who they are reading and want my informed opinions (or to argue against them). And the intelligent ones know I hate both political parties, and just about everybody that prescribes to a single uniform, close-minded way of thinking, without debate, be they Repugnican or Democrap.

          That’s not propaganda, thats The Horn. Thanks for playing.


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