Crap you should read Thursday (7/14)

Plugging the Debt Ceiling:

Things are getting pretty hot in Washington this week, especially in regards to the contentious Debt Ceiling “Crisis”. There is so much BS and propaganda floating around for both sides, let me nutshell the whole thing for you.

Right now, our debt is more than $14 trillion. Its staggering when you think about it, but its just like the middle class families that make up the majority of our country: we borrow and mortgage to pay our bills and live our life.

The situation in DC has been mad contentious, and everyone’s pissed at each other. I break it down in more detail HERE, but let me sum it up like this.

Imagine if a hard working middle class couple were about to sign the AMEX paperwork to get a higher credit card limit to help pay bills.

Wife: Honey, before we sign this AMEX bill, I just think we are just borrowing too much, we need to stop spending. You need to quit your fantasy football leagues, give back the HDTV and car, no more going out to dinner, start homeschooling the kids and stop buying them books and clothes, stop paying the health insurance, kick grandpa out of the basement and stop putting money into our retirement account. That should make things more comfortable. And you should get a second job.

Husband: Or, even though we both work, 10 years ago, you just stopped giving me money for the bills? Remember?

Wife: Yeah, well you were making a lot of money then and we were fine. This is MY money, I work hard for it.

Husband: I understand, sweetheart, I’m not asking for all of it. Just what you used to give me 10 years ago. And you’re right, I will cut the fantasy football, we’ll cancel DirecTV, maybe we don’t need to go out as much or shop at nice stores– Target and Olive Garden will suffice. Just please give me some of your paycheck, anything, that way we don’t have to give back the TV, kick grandpa out into the street, and roll the dice that our kids don’t get sick.

Wife: Go. Fuck.Yourself.

Not kidding. That’s what’s up in DC. If you want the real details on the brawl, click on my story below.

(CONTINUE this story with more from The Ryno, Plugging the Debt Ceiling, HERE)

"I'm goin to my car, gonna get my other gun, shoot everybody's ass..."


Syria Doctors Official Photo:

Syria is being accused of doctoring an official state photo of President Bashar al-Assad swearing in new Governor of Hama, Anas Abdul-Razzaq Naem. The picture looks so blatantly photo-shopped, from the disstortion of the floor, to the men standing at different heights (is al-Assad floating?) that I can’t help but ask…Why? Was this moment so huge that it needed to be captured on film?

Its so fucking dumb and transparent I feel like Lindsay Lohan masterminded the whole thing. This completely kills whatever shred of credibility this government was pretending to maintain…how can you respect a country that can’t afford good special effects?

Syria doctors state photo of President Assad — Guardian

It so creepy, it looks like "Second Life: Syria"


Gimp Hair Salon:

Meshchovsk, Russia-  In a scene straight out of Real Housewives of Pulp Fiction, Viktor Jasinski busted into a Salon ready to rob the joint. What he didn’t count on was that the salon’s owner, Olga Zajac, was a black belt in karate…and a complete freak. Olga knocked Viktor out with one kick, and decided it was time to teach the would-be-robber a lesson. She stripped him naked, tied him up, and used him as a sex slave.

Class went on for 3 days, but Olga kept her student in line with a steady dose of Viagra. As soon as she let him go, Viktor took his sad tale to the Police who surely snickered as they filled out the report. When arrested, Olga was shocked:

“What a bastard. Yes, we had sex a couple of times. But I bought him new jeans, gave him food and even gave him 1,000 roubles when he left.”

Awesome, but I don’t think Olga realizes that crime will spike in her neighborhood now.

Robber of Hair salon is beaten by black belt owner, then used as sex slave — Dailymail

"Ahhl Eye WanHed Wah Ah Hayah Cut"


Harrison goes off:

Pittsburgh Steeler bigmouth Linebacker James Harrison opened his mouth to Men’s Journal, and his words (and pictures with guns) are causing quite a stir.

First, he calls out Commissioner Roger Goodell with a series of complimentary adjectives such as a fag, a crook, a devil and a dictator, and implies that he’s a racist. This shouldn’t come as a shock as Harrison doled out $100,000 in 2010 as the NFL’s most heavily fined player on the league’s most heavily fined team. He hates the fucking guy. What was a bit more surprising was the hate he laid elsewhere:

One morning, driving back home in his giant SUV, he got going on the long list of players who piss him off, including Houston’s Brian Cushing, suspended last season for doping: “That boy is juiced out of his mind.” Then he  laid down fire on some of his friends in black-and-gold, calling Pittsburgh running back Rashard Mendenall a “fumble machine” for getting stripped by Matthews in the Super Bowl, a late-game flub that stopped the Steelers cold on their drive for a go-ahead score, and groaning about Roethlisberger’s fecklessness, including two bonehead interceptions that day. “Hey, at least throw a pick on their side of the field instead of asking the D to bail you out again. Or hand the ball off and stop trying to act like Peyton Manning. You ain’t that and you know it, man; you just get paid like he does.”

Harrison reportedly called big Ben before the article came out to smooth things over and says things are just fine. I just think Big Ben saw the gun pics and didn’t want to end up raped against a bathroom wall.

James Harrison opens his big mouth — Men’s Journal

Whatever you say, sir


Michael Irvin in Out:

Michael Irvin is the new cover model for OUTMagazine, but he IS NOT GAY.

The Playmaker now sees it as his mission in life to fight homophobia and bring people closer together. To that end, he’s on the current cover of Out magazine, a publication that deals with gay men’s fashion, entertainment and lifestyle. Inside, Irvin opens up about his days as a young, homophobic player in the NFL, the cross-dressing homosexual brother who made him (eventually) change his attitudes.

Power to the guy. It takes a special type of security to do what he did. Though I gotta admit, its kinda gay.

Michael Irvin on cover of Out Magazine — Yahoo sports

Switching teams?


Bad Beat” of the day

On May 22, Joplin, Missouri was devastated by an F5 tornado, that demolished 75% of the city.

The video below takes you on a before-and-after ride which truly shows you how fucked this place got.  


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