Caption Contest Wednesday

“Indiana…Let it go.”


Think you have a better caption?

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For the record: Other fans catch Keith Carmickle as he tumbles over a wall Monday night during the Home Run Derby at Chase Field in Phoenix. /Getty Images



  1. Let me go Rufus, I’m planking at the Derby…. get err done!!!

  2. Boy for a bald guy, he certainly has a lot of hair down there!

  3. It’s a recession damn it!! This is my kids college fund.

  4. Clemens claims no steroids, but how else would be able to hold onto Mark McGwire?

  5. I caught his fart!

  6. After the fan gave the ball to Robbie Cano without asking for money, the Yankees gave the man a free copy of the newspaper of his choice for the rest of the year, 25 IQ points, and $10,000 for a signed promise never to bring a minor to a baseball game…. EVER.

  7. Hold my legs, I think I can recover the Skoal Chew with my glove

  8. You know you’re safe when Jack McKeon has your leg.

  9. You know how I know you’re not my friend? You used the hand with the baseball glove to try and hold me up and not your free hand.

  10. “Moron saved by uber-strong Octogenerian in tiny hat.”

  11. Evidence that the fans in Arizona have yet to master the complexity that is “THE CANNONBALL DOOKIE”

  12. If you’re not going to give me a reach around while you cup my balls with that glove then just let go.

  13. Calm down. No one noticed your boner.