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A few weeks ago it was disclosed that ATF and the Justice department were involved in a ridiculously stupid arms deal with Mexican cartels. The plan, Operation Fast and Furious (true story) was to set up purchases of thousands of arms to the Mexicans gun-runners through straw-purchasers. The guns were equipped with tracking devices, so they could track where the guns went, and eventually bust the gun-running operations. Unfortunately, the tracking devices were bought from Radio Shack (true story) and the shitty batteries died. That means no tracking, and instead of ridding Mexico of guns, we gave them a shitload more.

Congress is investigating, and its now evident that this brilliant plan wasn’t some small-time operation, but actually authorized through the highest ranks of ATF and the DOJ. ATF Director Kenneth Melson has been more than upfront about the high level of retardation in the plan, but DOJ is playing the obstruction game. Embarrassed much?

I’m not one to play the “liberal media” game, but I am shocked that this story isn’t HUGE yet. We just gave Mexican cartels thousands of guns! The only way we can track them now is when they show up at crime scenes. This is government idiocy at its worst, and one would hope that some heads are going to roll in the next couple weeks.

Congressmen blast AG and ATF head in strawman gun deal — The Daily Caller


Caylee’s Law:

Not sure if you got the memo, but Casey Anthony was acquitted of the murder of her 2 year old daughter, Caylee, despite overwhelming circumstantial evidence that she killed her in 2008. Casey was convicted of lying to police, but will be released next week for time served. What’s really pissing people off, is the firm belief that any mother who’s daughter goes missing would do everything in their power to find their child, not stymie the investigation, lie to family and police, move the body, bury it in the woods, and pretend that nothing ever happened.

Now Florida legislators have proposed “Caylee’s Law” that would charge a 2nd degree felony for “parents or caregivers who fail to verify the whereabouts and safety of a child up to 12 years of age within 48 hours. The law also requires that a child’s death be reported within two hours.” Violators could get up to 15 years in prison and fined $10,000.

Its just ridiculous to think this even needs to be a law, because how can a mother actually do the things she did following Caylee’s death without being guilty?Common sense doesn’t always have a place in our laws, because our laws go above and beyond to make sure that innocent people don’t get screwed. Unfortunately, now Casey goes free and will make millions off the murder of her adorable daughter. For that, you have no one to blame but yourselves.

Caylee’s Law proposed in Florida — Reuters

Hey happy face, your daughter is still dead, remember?


News of the World:

Rupert Murdoch officially announced yesterday that he is shutting down his Sunday tabloid, News of the World, after numerous disgusting allegations against the 168 year old paper. Shit hit the British fan this week when stories leaked about News of the World tabloid tactics in years past, including hacking into voicemails of families of deceased soldiers just to get a sappy story. They also hacked into the voicemail of a missing 13 year old girl, and erased messages to preserve their scoop; the girl was later found to be murdered. This is not a couple-time occurrence; there are reportedly around 4,000 instances of this type of hacking by NotW.

Though the paper still had 2.6 million readers, advertisers have been dropping like fish-and-chips, and Murdoch needed to dump it so he can complete his world takeover purchase of broadcaster BskyB. Many were shocked at the impulsive decision, especially the 200 staff who are now without jobs, but Rupert knows what his bank account needs, and would not make a decision that wouldn’t help his bottom line.

The tabloid culture is really nutty across the pond, so its a big surprise that people are really pissed about the tactics. I thought they loved this shit. Hopefully this kind of outrage will spill over here and he’ll kill Fox News. In the meantime, Rupes, any desire to put a little capital into an up-and-coming credible news site?

"Um...I have a question. Am I dead or just look like it?"

Rocky Mountain High

Talk about Mile High. There are 266 Starbucks in the greater Denver area. There are more than 300 marijuana dispensaries. This totally explains why Josh McDaniels reached for Tim Tebow in the first round.

This just in…I booked my ticket to Denver.

Pot dispensaries outnumber Starbucks in Colorado – Atlantic Wire

Stoners don't spell-check


Where have you gone, Ross Geller?

I used to love Rachel Green; her perpetually hard nipples left quite an impression on me. I just always assumed Jennifer Aniston was a goddess with imitable hair. Although she has remained pretty damn hot, she has lost so much of her cool factor with her pathetic, and public relationship drama. Every since her breakup with Brad Pitt (who she still publicly fawns over) she has been very vocal about WANTING to find love, as if it was a really good shoe sale. She constantly is in the news for every new beau, but then of course is dumped on her ass.

There has to be a reason, right? She’s gorgeous, rich, there’s the above-mentioned nipple thing, and the entire country was in love with her….How frickin’ annoying must Jenn-Jenn be?

Now she has a new man that she is just oh-so-in-love with, Justin Theroux, so now she has to tell the world how in love she really is. She just announced that she is taking time off, a FULL YEAR to be a “Great girlfriend.” BLAH. Why make the frickin announcement? Its just so pathetic. To be a good girlfriend? Puke me very much.

She has 3 movies coming out in the next few months. No one would have noticed if she was taking “time off”. Just do it and shut up. I’d assume JT would be annoyed as shit, but he is surely loving the attention, since he’s never had any before.

Jennifer Aniston taking a year off for love — Dailymail

"We're so in love...did the camera get this?...good we're so in love..."


Million Dollar Janitor

5 years ago a Janitor named Tyson Curry won the Washington State lottery. Ask him how much, and he just gives “a 3, a 4, and too many zeros.”

Expect Curry to just call a day after winning $3.4 million? No chance. His life barely changed. Even now, 5 years later, he’s still in the same house, and is still the school janitor. Besides work ethic, curry hung around as janitor because as a part of the faculty, he’s allowed to coach the Track team. Track is the only place that Tyson has really splurged, building a $40,000 track for his students.

I’d call this a feel good story for the ages, but I just remembered he still has to clean scrape gum from under desks.

He won $3.4 million, went back to work as Janitor – Today on NBC


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