Crap you should read Wednesday (7/6)

Casey Anthony Crap:

As you can tell, the Horn has been silent on the Casey Anthony murder case; I hate tabloid murder crap. But yesterday the Anthony verdict was released and all social-networking hell broke loose. Lets be honest, if this was a dead minority baby, or a fat, ugly mom, no one cares. Alas, the dead little girl was adorable and the accused is pretty hot, so the nation was captivated.

The jury came back Tuesday afternoon after a relatively short deliberation and acquitted Casey Anthony of wrongdoing resulting in the death of her 2 year old daughter Caylee in 2008. Although already convicted in the court of public opinion, this crazy bitch beat the murder rap. And the aggravated manslaughter rap. And the aggravated child abuse rap.

The nation let out a collective WTF?, but that’s just because they don’t understand the laws of our great system. “Not guilty” does not mean she was “innocent”. Unfortunately, “Just look at that bitch, she’s CRAZY!” isn’t a legal standard. In a criminal case, the Prosecution has to prove BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, that the crime committed took place. If there is even 1% of a REASONABLE doubt that the accused didn’t commit the crime, the Defendant will be found NOT GUILTY.

Here a child drowned, but the Prosecution could not definitively prove how she drowned. They say Casey duct taped Caylee’ mouth shut and smothered her. The defense says the girl drowned on accident in the pool. One of the reasons it became so difficult to determine cause of death was because Casey misled investigators for some time. She even moved the body (though took forever to admit it, pretending she had no idea what was up) and kept it in her trunk for days before burying Caylee in the woods. The public wanted Casey to be the cause of that drowning because she’s clearly a lying sociopath, but the definitive cause of death just wasn’t there. Nor could anyone prove any type of motive for Casey wanting her daughter dead.

At least the Jury all agreed that Casey is a lying bitch, so they convicted her on 4 misdemeanor counts of lying to police. Each charge carries up to a year in the joint.  She’s already served 3 years, so Casey could be let go, or held up to another year, but both options are better than the death penalty she faced if convicted for murder.

Have no fear America, you’ll have plenty to satisfy your Casey addiction in the years to come: think “Exclusive” interviews, lunchboxes, books, movies. Ms. Anthony will be cashing on the murderous “fame” you gave her soon enough.

Casey Anthony acquitted — Reuters

Someone just got their babysitting license back...


Bomb Implants:

If you thought the airport screenings were intrusive before, it might soon get worse thanks to a new terrorist plan to implant bombs under the skin to avoid detection. That’s right, they REALLY want to blow shit up.

TSA assumes that no one here would be crazy enough to surgically put bombs inside their body, so extra security would only be for flights coming INTO the US. Hey, where were those 9/11 guys staying again? Oh that’s right, inside the US.
What they really mean is that they will racial profile the shit out of everyone flying here. If you’re brownish, sweating and look unhappy, just accept that you’re gonna be searched.

There’s just only so much you can do to protect yourself from these assholes.

TSA warns of terrorists with bomb implants — LA Times


More bars in more places


7 year old Soccer Stud:

While on vacation in Barcelona, 7 year old Kai Fitfield went to visit Nou Camp Stadium with his Dad. Kai joined a 5-on-5 pickup soccer game with some 11 year olds, without realizing they were soccer academy kids. Kai was also unaware that coaches from Barcelona’s renowned youth camp, La Masia, were watching him kick ass. Afterwards they invited Kai for a proper audition for the Barcelona FC. 7. Years. Old.

Those crazy soccer nuts really lock them in young. Regardless, this kid already guaranteed himself so much 2nd grade ass, it’s unbelievable. He’ll be hooked on drugs and groupies by 4th grade, eventually scream “I’m not a role model!” through his middle school hallways, and by high school be lambasted for his “Decision” to leave Barcelona for Miami.

Seven year old gets tryout with Barcelona — The Fan Hub

Expected to drop balls in goal, before his balls even drop

Rare Earth found:

The Wall Stree Journal reports that a trove of “rare earth” minerals was found in international waters off Japan. The minerals include gadolinium, terbium, lutetium and dysprosium, and were found in sea mud from 3,500 to 6000 meters below the surface. This is a huge find because the minerals are in high demand for life’s essentials like iPads and flat-screen TVs.

Up until this find, China had about 97% of the useable supply, and often uses this fact to blackmail the market. Many assumed that China’s games would drive cost up or diminish production altogether, so the fact that this new find is more than 1000 times larger than the entire  current supply combined, is a game changer.

“Just one square km (0.4 sq mile) of deposits will be able to provide one-fifth of the current global annual consumption”

Sure it will be relatively costly to unearth and cultivate the minerals, but its sooo worth it now that I know my iPhone 17 will come out in time.

Rare earth minerals found in Pacific — Huffington Post

The "Rare Earth" Bake Sale was not the success they hoped for


Google+ Zuckerberg:

So Google launches their new social tool, Google+ to hopefully rival Facebook’s dominance over the social networking world. The new tool will use your network of friends and their habits to provide you with more targeted news and information. Just like in high school, in the social news world, you are who your friends are.

In one of the more embarrassing, bizarre, quirky parts to the story, the most popular Google+ user is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. He currently has about 25,000 followers, which is about 10k more than Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page.

Is it weird that the biggest rival is the biggest thing on their site? Sure the man has 500 million friends, but isn’t that a bit Alanis ironic?

Zuckerberg is Google+ biggest draw — LA Times

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Phoenix Duststorm

A 50 mile wide, and 8,000-10,000 feet tall, wall of sand took on Phoenix Arizona yesterday. Though a normal occurrence during Monsoon season, its not often that these images reach the masses.

Take a look at the videos below, and be thankful you didn’t leave your car parked outside.


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