Crap you should read Monday (6/27)

Gay Marriage in NY

The NY State Senate passed the Marriage Equality Bill on Friday which will let New Yorkers marry whoever the hell they want. So now NY becomes the 6th state (plus DC) to allow Gay marriage…hold on, I was just informed I can’t say “gay marriage” anymore, its Marriage Equality.

Of course marriage inequality proponents say this will destroy the sanctity of marriage itself, an institution with a less than 50% success rate, and somehow make the marriage of good heterosexuals worthless. I just see it as adding a whole new people who will eventually feel miserably trapped.

Expect Marriage Equality to be a big issue in the 2012 election, as other states will want to follow NY’s gay lead, and Democrats nationwide will press Republican leaders to make a stand on the issue. The conservative base is strong, and usually prefers to tell gay people who the should be allowed to love, so it will be interesting to see if Republican candidates will completely pander to their base, or take a stand for what’s right and try to garner some of the independent/moderate voters who will be the key to the 2012 election.

In the meantime, at least we’ll get to hear about some really chic weddings.

New Yorkers were ready for the marriage part, but got more than they bargained for with the public consummation ceremony


Marijuana Bill in House

In an unlikely alliance, Ron Paul (R-Texas) and Barney Frank (D-Mass) have introduced a bill to the House to decriminalize Marijuana and take it off the federally controlled substance list. This is a huge deal as a vocal Republican and vocal Democrat are both championing the bill. As Barney Frank said:

“Criminally prosecuting adults for making the choice to smoke marijuana is a waste of law enforcement resources and an intrusion on personal freedom…”I do not advocate urging people to smoke marijuana, neither do I urge them to drink alcoholic beverages or smoke tobacco, but in none of these cases do I think prohibition enforced by criminal sanctions is good public policy.”

The DEA says Marijuana is the most widely used “illegal” drug in the US (11.5 million users) and that 1/3 of the US has smoked weed at some point. Does that warrant the $15.1 billion spent last year in a war on drugs? Or the ridiculous amount of money spent on prosecuting and incarcerating people who smoke weed, while alcohol and cigarettes are still legal?

Personally, it should be a no-brainer. Our courts and jails should not be filled and ruining people’s lives for smoking weed. It’s absurd. While this bill would likely never pass a Republican House, what better way to reach out and court all of Obama’s stoner voters?

Marijuana bill introduced into House — Reuters

"No folks, for the last time, 'Marijuana Bill' has nothing to do with President Clinton."


6 dead in Amtrak Crash:

6 people died when a truck slammed into an Amtrak passenger train about 70 miles outside of Reno.

The train was going 78 mph when the emergency brakes were thrown once the crash appeared imminent. Witnesses say the truck never seemed to attempt to even slow down when approaching the tracks.  The truck driver, a train conductor and 4 passengers were killed in the crash.

Naturally this sounds like a set-up for a terrorism story, but it appears it was just a dude (who may or may not have been intoxicated) who either passed out at the wheel, or wanted to end his own life. It does highlight just how easy it would be for something like this to be terrorist related. Its not just screening the train passengers for bombs, now we have to worry about other cars ramming and crashing into them.

TANGENT: This is why Back to the Future-like flying cars will never exist; it would be too easy for flying cars to be flying bombs. Thank you al-Qaeda, you owe me a hover board.

Truck collides with Amtrak train — MSNBC

Damn you, Jake Gyllenhall. You failure


$20 billion on A.C.

Of course these figures have to be inflated, but to even think in these numbers hurts my brain. NPR says that between Iraq and Afghanistan, the US is spending $20.2 billion on air-conditioning annually. And you thought your bill was high?

That’s $20.2, with a B-illion. On AC. Not weapons, not planes, not food, not medicine. Air conditioning. Are we seriously ok with anywhere close to Billions being spent on AC? How soft are we as a people when our hardened military can’t survive without AC? Are there no fans over in these places? Do generals walk around with little diamond-collared chihuahuas too? How much are mani-pedis going for in Kabul?

We are in the middle of a ridiculous depression/recession, talking about ridiculous government spending, and now we hear we are paying $20 billion a year for creature comforts in lands we are blowing up? The actual citizens of these countries we are “saving” don’t even have AC, but while we blow them up, we at least get to do so from climate-controlled comfort.

Now the military is exploring “Green” options which increase energy efficiency to lower costs. I got a “Green” idea…get the hell out of Dodge.

AC bill for war is $20billion  a year – NPR

"Has anyone seen my damn TIVO clicker?"


Artest is World Peace

As if he wanted to prove to the world just how nutty he is, Ron Artest has officially changed his name to Metta World Peace. He swears he had this plan for a while and that it isn’t a mental disorder issue. Hard to believe considering his wife didn’t even hear the name change until she saw it on Twitter. No word yet on whether there’s peace in the Peace household.

Its Ironic that Artest is now Mr. World Peace, as he will always be remembered with some of the most violent moments of NBA history, including the riot in Detroit when he punched a fan in the face. Artest has “matured” and grown up since that moment, becoming a huge advocate for mental health awareness by ironically doing crazy shit like selling his NBA Finals championship ring to raise money. This is just another “mature” move to try to bring World Peace.

Will this gracious and unselfish move make an impact on the world stage? Shoot, Ron, I mean Metta, couldn’t even get top billing on the Horn over gay marriage and wartime air conditioning, so I don’t think this will have any other effect than just a cool jersey and some goofy jokes.

"I just want PEACE!!!!


Bond gets Married

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz were secretly married in New York last week. They bucked the trend of celebrity weddings and kept the entire affair to their children and two friends. Craig and Weisz met last year on the set of the upcoming film Dreamhouse.

True love is such a beautiful thing, unless you think that it broke up Weisz’ 9 year relationship with baby-daddy Director Darren Oronofsky.

Personally I just think this is all part of Craig’s plan to convince the world he’s part of the Tribe. If it wasn’t enough that he’s the toughest fake movie Jew (Defiance, Munich) since Charlton Heston, he just had to nab up our hottest Hollywood Jew chick too. Thanks dude.


Hey Danny, just a heads up...she's gonna stop going down on you now


Heat Mash-Up

Saw this little diddy on The Fan Hub. Depressing yes, but damn funny. Have a Horny day.


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