Caption Contest Monday

 "Damn You StubHub!"


“There’s no place like home….There’s no place like home…There’s no place like home…”

Think you have a better caption? Leave it in the comment section below, or on The Ryno’s Horn Facebook Page and you could win BIG prizes. (Probably not, but “could”!)


Winner: “Damn You StubHub!” — Jarrett


Gotta give props: “Wanna Get Away?” — Ashley A.

Gotta give props: “Owen was a bit tardy on calling ‘no bitch’.” — The Babe


  1. Breakfast at Wimbledon 2034 as the Williams’ sisters watch their daughters duke it out for the title….

  2. Tracy Morgan (left) and Martin Lawrence (right) take a moment between takes of “Big Momma’s House 4: At This Point How Can They Not Tell I’m A Man Dressed In Drag?” to chat about whether director Tyler Perry will notice that his PA (center) is missing if they lock her in their trailer for the rest of production

  3. Behind the scenes at Nabisco’s new ad campaign for double stuffed Oreos… Oh oh oh Oreo!

  4. Owen Wilson in: ‘Hall Pass 2: Casual Encounters of the ATL’.

  5. And Ed Harris thought liquid was hard to breathe!

  6. Damn you Stubhub!!!

  7. Clearly, the easiest “Where’s Waldo?” ever.

  8. What would you do-o-o for a Klondike bar?

  9. Owen was a bit tardy on calling “No Bitch”

  10. Do you get two burgers with those two Shirleys?

  11. James Franco preparing for the sequel to 127 hours

  12. Oprah’s replacements. ABC saw the success 300 pound Oprah had and figured they would go with 600 pounds of thunder to boost the initial ratings.

  13. At least we know in what direction the hot dog vendor was located when the picture was taken.

  14. Somewhere, Rosa Parks is smiling….

  15. “Now I know this white bitch ain’t holding her breathe! ‘Cause my farts smell like roses!”

  16. Maria Shriver (middle) was horrified to learn that Arnold was also the father of identical twins with his long time lover, Aretha Franklin

  17. Bebop and Rocksteady feel confident in the fact that they’ve thrown the Turtles off the scent by dying April’s hair blond

  18. You motor boatin son of a bitch!!

  19. Elizabeth HATES her new co-hosts on The View

  20. Get your stinking paws off of me!

  21. Wanna get away?