NFL Labor Deal Almost Done?


"Don't laugh Rog, keep it face, pa-pa-poker face..."


Rumor has it that NFL Owners have agreed upon a deal in Boston to end the lockout and get the NFL season started on time. They are bringing this offer to the Players in a series of hurried meetings, in hopes of convincing Players just how good of a deal it is.

Of course we all knew this was going to happen, there’s just too much money involved to miss any games, but it’s just a matter of who was going to be making more of that money.

The answer: The Owners.

No matter how they spin it, its the same trickle-down shit that we hear from every rich person as a key to fixing the economy: If I make more, you make more.

The deal allegedly already agreed upon by a majority of Owners would knock the Players’ share from 60% of total revenue to about 48%. Owners argue that with more of that money in their pockets, they can increase league revenues which would put more money in Players’ pockets. Bullshit. I’m no accountant, but 60% of that revenue would put more money in players’ pockets than 48%.

The one advantage of this change is that the owners will no longer be taking $1 billion off the top that they did before, and splitting the rest 60/40 with the players, but rather just splitting ALL revenue 52/48. So the hit isn’t as drastic, but Players are still losing out over the long run.

The deal calls for more Thursday night games which would bring in higher prime-time revenue for all to share, but of course this would mean shorter rest times between games for players.

Owners want credits to build new stadiums which would mean more to a future revenue pool, but of course that benefits the Owners and the stadium owners more than players.

Los Angeles will be getting a team under the proposed deal. Sure that means more jobs, but it also means more money for those Owners.

Ridiculous Rookie contracts would be capped, which of course benefits the owners more than it benefits older players who feel cheated when an unproven pick gets more money than they do.

The agreement would mandate that all teams (ahem, Buffalo) HAVE TO spend their cap allowance and can’t just keep salaries down to increase profit margins. Of course this means that some players would make slightly more, but its no windfall. It actually benefits big-market teams who were sick of paying revenue to non-producing teams. Now maybe if they compete, they’ll bring in more dollars for all.

Basically what the Players get out of this is good pensions, and a job.

Owners would still be billionaires if there wasn’t a season this year, but Players would be unemployed. Doesn’t exactly make for a fair meeting of the minds, right?

Regardless, its now up to the Players to vote on the CBA. Will it pass by July 10th, so none of the season is missed? Absolutely, its just a matter of which provisions they like and dislike.

I’m very interested to see what the Players say about this deal, but it will probably be something along the lines of “Thank you sir, may I have another.”


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