The King’s Speech on Finding the Winner Within

By Jeff The King Horowitz, NBA Wunderkind

Yes LeBron, we're all looking at you

In just a couple of hours, the Miami HEAT’s “CREAM TEAM” will be on their home court, playing in an elimination game for the first time since they were forged by Pat Riley a mere 11 months ago. The Heat had a 2-1 series lead over the Dallas Mavericks through 3 Finals games, but have since lost consecutive contests for the first time in the playoffs.

Miami’s swagger seems to have vanished, and our “superstar” seems to have lost his way.

D Wade is banged-up and running on pure adrenaline at this point.

Mike Bibby happens to be the worst starting point guard I’ve ever seen play in an NBA Finals, and looks like the kid from ‘Powder’.

Our offensively-challenged starting center, Joel Anthony had 0 rebounds and 0 blocks to compliment his 2 points in Game 5.

Coach Spo is sadly, once again starting to look like ‘Coach Schmo’.

We were so close 5 days ago.

Can the Heat get their swagger back and win in their own gym, a place where they’ve won 9 out of 10 games in the playoffs?  The Heat dominated the first 4 games until their 4th quarter collapse, so why can’t they do it again…without the collapse? If the Heat Defense can’t do it, the White-Hot home crowd will keep the Mavs from shooting 70% from 3-point range again.

Will "The Jet" and "Lufthansa" fly away from Miami with a title?

The key factor from here on out: LeBron James. The Miami HEAT will not be able to save this series if LeBron is spending all his time on, trying to win his girlfriend back from Rashard Lewis. During last year’s playoffs with Cleveland, it was “Momma Drama” with Deltone. This year it’s a scrub on the Washington Wizards and his “baby momma”. When will this insanity finally end?

The most gifted player on the planet is averaging a paltry 2.2 points in the 4th Quarter in this Finals. His late-game disappearing act is so glaring that I saw this running joke on Twitter:

I asked Lebron for change of $1.00 but he only gave me $0.75 cents. When I asked about the rest, he said he doesn’t have a 4th Quarter.”

Sure LeBron put up a triple-double the other night with 17-10-10, but his points-rebounds-assists total in Game 5’s final 7 minutes: 2 points, 0 assists, 0 rebounds.

If King James really wants to lock up that Rogaine sponsorship in the off-season, he needs to win these next 2 games.

It’s certainly not impossible. Last year the Lakers came back from down 3-2 to win the final 2 games and the Larry O’Brien Trophy.  Unfortunately, without a GREAT LeBron James performance tonight, the Miami HEAT will not be hoisting the trophy on Tuesday.

LeBron isn't happy thinking about a losing offseason

The ‘Chosen 1’ must choose to snap out of this week-long funk.

Fortunately for LeBron, the HEAT have a not-so-secret weapon in their organization who although won’t be on the floor, can still get James, and the rest of the team back on track.

And now, stand up and make some noise for “The Winner Within”. “The Master Motivator”. “Mr. Armani”. “Spoelstra’s Daddy”. “Gordan Gekko”. “The Architect of Showtime”. “Smartest Coach Ever”. Mastermind behind “15 Strong” in 2006. “Coach Riles”. The first Round Pick from Kentucky, starting at Team President and the very heart of your Miami Heat…. Paaaaaaat Riley.



Winning means it takes forever to get through Airport security








The American Premier Speakers Bureau calls Riley “America’s Greatest Motivational Speaker”. He’s paid $100,000 by major U.S. corporations all over the country for just 90 minutes of his time, the highest in the country other than President Bill Clinton.  His book, ‘The Winner Within’ was a NY Times best-seller, and is still in print 20 years after it’s debut. Most importantly, Pat Riley has won Coach of the Year with 3 different teams, taken 3 different teams to the NBA Finals, and has 6 championship rings (5 as Coach, 1 as a player).

My point is – when Pat Riley speaks, people listen — especially his players.

"Listen Guys.... DO NOT pass the ball to Rambis!"

Riley brought multiple championships to LA in the 80’s with Magic and Kareem. Patrick Ewing and the New York Knicks only became relevant again in the early 90’s under Riley’s command, reaching the NBA Finals in ’94. Five years ago, Riles took over mid-season for a frumpy, struggling Stan Van Gundy – and lead the Miami HEAT to its only championship in the franchise’s 23 year history.

Pat Riley demands respect, hard work, and discipline. He stresses teamwork, leadership, trust, and commitment.  He rewards with respect, admiration, loyalty, and most importantly: championship rings. People look up to Pat Riley, and if there is one person LeBron James truly respects, even fears — it’s Riles.

There's a reason Miami is a highly sought out destination for free agents: the Hugs

Last Summer, Riley flew to Akron, Ohio with a bag full of jewelry, and poured a cornucopia of NBA Championship rings all over Maverick Carter’s conference table. The message was clear: I have rings. You want one? Come with me. Naturally, Riles came home to Miami hoarding the greatest prize in the history of Free Agency, the boy-King, LeBron James.

Erik Spoelstra may be the head coach, but this is Riley’s team. These are Riley’s players, and if one thing is for certain, Pat Riley has spent a lot of time with LeBron James over the past 48 hours.

When a man who makes $100,000 per motivational speech wants to talk to you, you better listen. I’m extremely confident in Pat Riley’s ability to make LeBron James whole again, and I’m slightly confident LeBron will take it upon himself to step it up tonight.

"Say it with me...Hakuna...Matata"

Our backs are against the wall. It’s Do or Die.

As Pat Riley would say, ” It’s Winning Time”.

LeBron has to accomplish what he risked so much for: Win the NBA Championship.

The Heat need you tonight, LeBron. Miami needs you. Your legacy certainly needs you.

Seek out the Winner Within, LeBron. He’ll show you what it takes.

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