Crap you should read Tuesday (6/7)

USC Stripped:

The BCS ruled that USC must vacate its 2004 National Title as a result of Reggie Bush’s ineligibility for accepting gifts while still a Trojan. Now the Trojans have to pretend that they didn’t go undefeated and win in 2004, and they also have to pretend that they didn’t take place in the one of the greatest football games of all time when they lost to Texas in 2006. The BSC sanctions are on top of the other penalties the NCAA has levied against USC for the infractions, including loss of scholarships and postseason play.

How does pretending these games didn’t happen change anything? Is the common fan going to now say that USC didn’t win that year? No. It’s not cheating. Most fans could care less if players received gifts while earning their university millions, and think they deserve some kind of compensation. We surely don’t mentally penalize a program and mentally remove championship banners because one player did something off the field that the NCAA deems wrong. This only matters for TV broadcasts who now have to put an asterik next to the 2004 title.

I never understood these penalties. The NCAA somehow thinks that penalizing USC and the current program and its athletes is the way to penalize Reggie Bush for his wrongdoings. I’m sure he feels horribly as he’s looking at his college program in shambles from the comfort of his mansion and NFL millions. But Ryno, its to keep the program in check! Yeah, I’m sure Pete Carroll will be dotting his I’s and crossing his T’s from now on as coach of the Seattle Seahawks. So basically the two people who should/could be held responsible are chillin in the NFL while the Trojan program has to go through 2 years of dark ages to pay the price.

BCS Rules USC must vacate title — Sun-Sentinel

The last time Reggie even thought about Trojans involved Kim and Ray-J


Kill Economy, Blame Dems

John Cohn of The New Republic says that the only way to rationalize the Republican’s Economic Plan is a plan to completely destroy the economy and then blame the Democrats for it. He can think of no good reason why Senate Republicans would completely dismiss Peter Diamond, the Nobel Prize winning economist off the list for the Federal Reserve. Diamond is a guy who literally wrote the book on Social Economics. According to the NY Times: “Nobody in his generation may be better at applying theory to real-world problems like the design of social insurance or the nature of unemployment.” Paul Krugman explains it like this:

Aside from the fact that the same Senators cheerfully confirmed Bush nominees who didn’t know much about economics of any kind, this is especially stupid right now. … [O]ne of the hot topics is whether the apparent shift in the Beveridge curve signals a rise in structural unemployment—and Diamond wrote the seminal paper on the whole subject—the top result on Google scholar.

Meanwhile, Obama nominated this guy in April of 2010, and they are finally denying it now. Why wait more than a year? The answer: to kill time and kill the economy. It makes perfect sense. Its dirty politics, especially taking our nation’s economy hostage to further the aims of a political party, but thats par for the course now. The other issue is the increased use of Senate filibusters to block Presidential appointments. The polarized Senate is constantly fucking things up and keeping the President from appointing people to do the work of government. So the work languishes, the situation gets worse, and Obama looks like an idiot, all because the Senate refuses to vote on appointees.

Seriously, whenever you look at a Republican policy, and can’t figure out the benefit to our country, look at it through the light of “they are trying to make the situation worse, so Democrats are blamed.” This way they can push whatever agenda they want, and convince the American public that its better than the status quo.

Republican plan is to kill economy and make Democrats pay — The New Republic


Just like us, Peter Diamond has a hard time seeing past the Bullshit

Keep your eye on the ball

This guy isn’t going to be winning any Father of the Year awards anymore. At a Marlins/Dodgers game last week, a father was holding his daughter up to catch a foul ball, but then decided to go for it himself. Unfortunately the little girl fell on her ass, Daddy dropped the ball, and the cameras caught all the father/daughter un-bonding for us all to see.

Dad drops daughter for foul ball — Huffington Post


Tongue Ring Steering

Amazing news for parapalegics, especially those into death metal. Tongue rings are now being utilized to help steer wheelchairs. In hopes of replacing the cumbersome straw technique, a magnet is implanted in the tongue piercing, which corresponds to a headband worn by the user. So if someone wants to move forward, they just flick their tongue to the upper right corner of their mouth.

They hope to have  a full series of controls soon built into the system to control different functions around the house, like the lights and the TV control. Its a pretty cool system, but the slutty paraplegics drive in circles every time they start flirting.

Tongue Piercings Steer wheelchairs — NY Times


"You're thure my girlfriend will love this, right?"

Teen Wolf Redux

The classic Michael J Fox movie, Teen Wolf, has been given the twighlight treatment and sent to MTV. The never-play-Music Television Network has rehashed the old hit, but killed the comedy and filled it with teenage angst. So now basically its a re-run of the rest of the crap you see out there, and completely against the original theme of the movie “be yourself”. Sure Stiles is still in play, but no word on his cool can and hip t-shirts. MTV also changed Scott’s sport to Lacrosse from basketball; are they trying to completely ackowledging that black kids don’t watch MTV anymore?

With Hollywood’s un-originality kicked into full gear, what’s next to pander to the 12-25 generation? Groundhogs Day about a kid who has to keep repeating the worst day of his 10th Grade life? Bosom Buddies about two straight high-school kids trying to make it in gay America? Perfect Strangers about a man and his Vampire cousin from Mypos? ALF as a lonely sophomore who moonlights as a killer-cat hunter from Melmac?

I’m sure that Michael J Fox is shaking his head (and other body parts) about this one.

Teen Wolf Series lacks bite — LA Times

Not the show, Stiles. That's for sure


Wade won’t let Heat melt

Yesterday Ira Winderman wrote a great column on what took place in the final minutes of Game 3 between the Heat and the Mavs. We all watched as D-Wade uncharacteristically ripped into his teammates during a timeout, yelling at Bosh, James and others. This wasn’t a childish rant, but rather a rare glimpse at a vocal Wade. Some might try to make an issue out of it, but this is the very reason why Bosh and Lebron came to Miami. They have always been the guy screaming at the end of games trying to bring out the best in his teammates. Now it was Wade’s turn, and according to all accounts, what he said was effective, even if it wasn’t too pretty.

“I was just trying to help them guys, and feel like ways that they can be better to help our team be better at that moment and vice versa…They do the same to me. I don’t know if I got in his face, but I was just trying to do what leaders do and do what captains do. Step up and say what you feel at that point in order.”

While James joked he couldn’t repeat what Wade said because his kids might be awake, Wade summed it up like this: “It was about winning.”

It’s a shock to think of King James taking a lambasting from a teammate, but as he put it:

There’s no room to hold anything back. There’s nine or eight days left in the season. I think our friendship allows us to don’t care about that moment. It’s living in the moment….That situation he had every right to say what he had to say to me. As a competitor, you love when guys challenge you. He challenged me in the locker room at halftime. He challenged me on the court. As a competitor, like I said, I respect that.

Lebron may be King of the basketball world, but D-Wade is the King of the Heat. Sure on most nights, its Lebron we all see and hear, but when Wade speaks his team listens. And wins.

Wade wasn’t going to let Heat Melt — Ira Winderman, Sun Senitnel

Once they made eye contact, Bosh immediately put down Wade's Butterfinger


Longing for the Old Republic

Over the last week, LucasArts has dropped a couple of amazing videos of their new Star Wars video game, Old Republic. The video game looks incredible, but what’s most remarkable is the sense that it gives you that George Lucas completely fucked up the Stars Wars universe he created. The few minutes captured in the videos below make you wish that G-Lukes was put in some Brittney Spears-like conservatorship and be forced to give up the reins long ago.

The game’s fight scenes are stellar, and with motion-capture, the computer actors give far more emotional performances than anything Lucas got out of anyone not named Harrison.

Must watch.


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  1. Kill the economy, blame Democrats?
    The New Republic said that Bush killed the economy already? President Obama saved us….didn’t he?

    The President talked about how that $1,000,000,000,000 stimulus TWO YEARS AGO was so smart that unemployment would stay below 8%. Except that it didn’t work.
    You must rememember…shovel-ready jobs would save the economy in the “Summer of Recovery” 2009.
    Could it be that Krugman, President Obama, the “journalists” at the New Republic, and the genius Nobel Prize winners are wrong, and Hayek was right?

    • If he was no good, then take care of it a year ago. Don’t hold up the process and screw up the economy for party gain.