Crap you should read Friday (6/3)

“We haven’t lost yet at home, and I just don’t see that happening tonight” — The Ryno, yesterday on The Fan Hub

Ok. I was reaaaaaally wrong on that one. For about 45 minutes, last night Heat/Mavs Game 2 was amazing for Heat fans. Dunks were thrown down left and right, fast breaks were aplenty, and we were up by 15 with a little over 6 minutes left. Dallas was about to head back home down 0-2, until they finally got their revenge for 2006 Game 3 by re-enacting 2006 Game 3. Dirk took over. The Heat fell into a “prevent” offense killing the clock with long possessions that ended in chucked-up missed 3 pointers. The next thing you know, the score is tied, and Dirk has the ball with seconds left. Do the Heat foul Dirk so we can get the ball back with a chance to win? No, instead Bosh lets him fly by for an easy bucket.

Now the series is tied at 1, and heads back to Dallas for 3 games.  The Heat looked unbeatable for most of the game, but will the new Mav momentum be enough to slay the Super-Friends night after night?

So that happened


Romney Announces, Rudy and Palin denounce:

Republicans had a big day today as Mitt Romney officially announced his candidacy for President. Of course, he’s been talking about it for years, but today he said it in New Hampshire so it matters more for some reason. Look the state is only important for one month a year just go with it. So Romney announced, some Republicans applauded their hearts out, after all, its worth of strong applause to make sure that Federal Programs are diverted to the states. I was hoping for a Howard Dean YAAAAAHHHHHH over repealing Obamacare (which is the same as Romney’s plan, just at the Federal level) , but it didn’t happen.

Not to let Romney get the day to himself and appear to be the nominee-in-waiting, Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin inserted their two-cents into the conversation. Giuliani obviously pointed out the blatant hypocrisy in Romney’s entire platform, and talked about how poor of a job Obama is doing. Sarah Palin on the other hand, piped up from her “not-for-publicity” bus tour where she convinced the cheese-puff interviewers that she isn’t running for President. Of course she did so from her HUGE John Madden-sized bus plastered with 6 foot tall Constitution of the United States. How can you not be on a publicity tour while touring the country to get publicity? She is so full of shit. Don’t forget this is the same lady who resigned 2 years into the last elected seat held just because she didn’t feel like being Governor anymore and wanted to chase a payday. Why are so many people ok with this?

Romney Announces Presidency Bid, Rudy and Palin spoil the fun — Yahoo and AP

Palin still on her not a publicity bus tour — Reuters

"Oh the Constitution? You becha! My favorite part? Um, well, I like all of it. I read all the articles."


Red Mafia rules Sunny Isles

Sunny Isles, Florida has certainly earned its nickname of “Little Moscow” and now the Feds say that the Russian Mafia is a far greater concern in South Florida than the Italian Cosa Nostra.

Recent investigations have centered upon a new type of scam used by the Russians, called a “B-Girls” operation. B stands for Broncos, Benz, BMW, bass, bangles and a pair of balls…oh and they’re also European women owned by the Russians who “mark” suckers and bring them back to their Mafia-owned clubs. At these establishments closed to the general public, the B-Girls convince the guys to open a bar tab where the owners charge ridiculous prices, (and the girls get a 20% rip) sometimes in the the thousands. They usually get away with it because of a cheating husband’s guilt, or by hiding behind a law that protects proprietors in disputes over tabs.

To be honest, I’m shocked that this hasn’t happened to my boy, The King, at least twice already.

Russian Mob eclipses Italian Mafia in South Florida — Miami Herald

"Coke say I here for business. Hat say I here to Pah-ty"


Worms from Hell point to possible life on other planets

Scientists are thrilled over “worms from hell”, multi-celled organisms found a mile or deeper into the earth at several gold mines in South Africa. What’s newsworthy about this is that Hell is apparently in South Africa. Its also newsworthy because the discovery of Nematodes rewrites all science on how deep beneath the earth life can be sustained. If life can be sustained a mile or so below the crust, and away from the harsh outer climates, then it stands to reason that there could be “life” deep in the crusts of other planets. Of course it wouldn’t be intelligent life, but a recent viewing of Fox News made me realize that we’re still searching for intelligent life here on Earth.

Discovery of “Worms from Hell” deep beneath the earth raise new questions about life on other planets — Washington Post

"Fracking" causes some serious shit


Woman dies on NYC Subway tracks

It’s hot as hell in New York. Its even hotter down in the Subways, and 21 year old nursing student, Fatoumata Binta Amina Diallo, fainted and fell onto the tracks. Fatoumata came to in time to see the approaching train, but wasn’t quick enough to climb out of the tracks before…SPOILER ALERT…she was severed in half.

It’s horrific, gruesome, and gross. I will be sure to bring the video when its available.

21 year old woman faints and falls to death on NY Subway — NY Post


"I had nothing to do with this."


Memorial Day Police Abuse

Totally forgot to post this video earlier in the week, but its a must-see. Over Memorial Day Weekend, a small “flashmob” showed up at the Jefferson Memorial to protest a law against flashmobs at the Memorial enacted earlier in the year. US Parks Police warned of arrest if they tried to dance in the rotunda. When a few of them disobeyed, a couple of Parks cops went all American Gladiators on them.

Policy brutality to be sure, but why? They weren’t making noise, just being idiots. I agree that they could remove the dancing protesters to preserve the quiet contemplation and respect for the great American, but body-slams and handcuffs?


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