NBA’s $50k Fine on Noah is Sooooo Gay

The NBA came down hard on Joakim Noah (no homo) and fined the Bulls forward  $50,000 for calling a Miami fan a “faggot” while losing in Game 3.

Fifty thousand dollars. For a word.

That is so gay.

"Come on, I don't hate. I was saying he looked like a cigarette, or a bundle of twigs"

Keep in mind the fine wasn’t levied because Noah yelled at a fan. It wasn’t because he acted like a child. Noah was fined $50k for using a derogatory word for a homosexual. This is the same word we all used as kids when fighting or arguing. Noah is an outspoken and liberal son of a multicultural upbringing, and generally known as one of the more worldly (Go Gators) professional athletes, but that doesn’t change the fact he’s still young and prone to saying stupid shit when he loses his temper. This doesn’t make what he said right, but it surely isn’t fine-ably wrong.

I thought it was extreme that he actually had to apologize in the first place. I could understand if the league forced him to apologize directly to the fan himself, but to make Noah apologize to the general gay public? He was pissed off! He wasn’t levying a disparaging comment to the Gay World. He was ribbed by a fan, or twenty, while his team was losing. Who even knows what was said to piss him off? I’m not excusing it, but in the world of competitive sports, people lose their cool. Noah got caught running his mouth and saying an inappropriate word. His punishment should be the fact that Youtube will forever make him look like an immature asshole. Case closed.

"Get off me, Fa.....umm...Sir!"

But the uber image conscious David Stern fined him because some Gays were offended? Dave, they’re always offended; hypersensitivity is one of the staples of gay-dom! (SNAP!) Don’t mistake this as a homophobic issue, This wasn’t a Tim Hardaway eruption and I’m sure Noah isn’t hating on the gay community. It’s a David Stern issue, and he’s acting like the guilty old white guy who tries to show how not-racist he is by awkwardly greeting all players with bro-hug/handshake that ends with a snap, a fist-bump, and a splash.

The league might try to backtrack and say the fine was given because of the fan involvement, but Kobe was fined $100k a couple weeks ago for calling a referee a “faggot”. Not even to his face, Kobe said it behind his back. How gay is that? Some said that Noah’s fine is half of Kobe’s but his “crime” was worse. He should be fined for jawing with the fan (especially in light of recent brouhahas with players and fans), for sure. But not for using a bad word!

You know how I know you're gay? Your logo is a naked man with a ball.

We use these words. They have negative connotation, thats why we use them. We use them when we are fighting with people. Its immature, but its not criminal! Grant Hill and The Gay community can’t change the fact that we grew up using the word “gay” to describe some stupid, boring or lame. Once words have meaning, you can’t undo it. Keep in mind, the word “gay” used to actually mean “happy”, but when the homosexual definition took over and gave it (at the time) a negative connotation, people started using different words to describe their overall state of elation. Maybe they should choose an universally accepted positive word to describe same-sex love…like “The Fabulous Community”.

Let me ask this..every time someone calls someone else an “asshole”, do we have to issue an apology to Donald Trump?

If a player calls another player a “Bitch”, does someone need to send flowers to my ex-girlfriend?

I’m surely not demanding a public apology every time the word “bald” is thrown out as an insult. (Though for the record it hurts every time…tear).

What about the dreaded “N-word”? I’m sure that gets tossed around quite a bit on the parquet floor, and not always in a negative manner.

Noah tries to smooth things over with the gays

I understand that we don’t want our kids growing up and using vitriolic language. That makes sense. But so does parenting. Make sure the players are educated on public sensitivity, but to act rash and penalize them is sending the wrong message. Free speech means you can say what you want, but you pay the price in the court of public opinion when you err.

When this type of stuff gets caught on tape, parents should take the opportunity to use it as a lesson to teach their kids how moronic, and possibly painful, these words can be.

Crap I said “Moron”. Now I have to go apologize to my brother.

"I truly feel awful that I upset Craig Sager."


Noah fined $50k, but why was Kobe fined $100k? — ESPN

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  1. Bulls were only fined because it was a Heat Homo game that took place right in the heart of South Beach on Deco Drive (shirts against the blouses). If they didn’t make an example of Noah right then and there we’d have full-scale fruity riots, people throwing skittles everywhere and lots of ball-cupping…Or what most South Beachians like to call… “Saturday”.

    Oh well…4-1 blouses…at least we get pancakes.