Crap you should read Tuesday (5/24)

Supreme Court frees 33,000 prisoners:

The US Supreme Court demanded that California release up to 33,000 prisoners over 2 years, citing ridiculous overcrowding as “cruel and unusual punishment”. The judgment stated increased violence and sub-human living conditions.  Turns out our Justices are softies and couldn’t stomach such instances where more than 50 inmates shared one toilet, or how up to 200 sharing space on  a gynmasium floor. Cali State prisons were designed to hold approximately 88,000 inmates; right now more than 143,300 are incarcerated.

Governor Jerry Brown had a plan in place, but the High Court says the action must be quicker. Its an expensive process, that would require either outright release or transfers to county prisons, etc. It will be costly.

Of course well all know there are many dangers of releasing this many inmates, we all saw Scarface.

Supreme Court orders California to release 33,000 inmates — LA Times

Diego (top right), loves Camp, and is upset to lose 30,000 of his newest friends


Screw you Newt

Newt Gingrich hit another embarrassing low on Monday, trying to lie once again, this time to his supporters. I thought about giving him the benefit of the doubt, but if he is as smart as claims then there is no way he believes the bullshit he’s spewing. While at a luncheon for the Christian Science Monitor, Gingrich said that he is NOT A “Washington figure” and tried to paint himself as an agent of change. This Washington outsider was a Congressman for 20 years and was Speaker of the House! That’s actually the most Washington a Figure can be! Then to prove how much of an outside-the-box-agent-of-change he is, he presided over the House as the government was shut down during budget battles. The grossest tactic one can use, and surely the most “washington” you can get, was ignoring all the people who rely on the government just so you can squabble about politics.

These were his tactics of change back when he wasn’t a Washington Figure. This outsider then lived in DC as a lobbyist for years, playing the political game, and got paid for it. Not for patriotism, but for money. To make the matter even more laughable, this luncheon was actually the 36th Christian Science Monitor luncheon he attended. Doesn’t sound like someone fresh off the political boat.

This jackass just keeps saying shit and forgets that people actually have memories, and the internet. Who are the six people still supporting him that make him think he’s relevant?

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich claims he’s not a “Washington insider” — Washington Post

The many contradictions of Newt Gingrich — Slate

"I know I said it, but anybody who prints my exact quote is a liberal liar."


Russia says more than $10billion stole from Defense

Russia is a corrupt place. Last year it was ranked 154th out of 178 countries for transparency. Russian President Dmitri Medvedev came out and shared that more than 1/5 of Russia’s defense budget, or about $10billion is stolen or pilfered every year. The money goes to corrupt military leaders, weapons distributors, defense contractors, and floats around the black market. This is particularly discomforting as Russia is the world’s second largest Arms dealer, and oh yeah, now they’re overseeing the handling of Iran’s weapons-grade nuclear waste. This is not good for the world.

Corruption is a way of life in Russia, but even as the President tries to clean house and institute a more trustworthy apparatus, he has to remember that he’s just a replaceable pawn anyway to Tzar Vladimir Putin, the most corrupt of the world’s major leaders. Medvedev can only clean house to the extent that Putin no longer wants shit on the floor, but as soon as Medvedev’s moves hurt Putin’s pocket, Russia will be singing a different tune.

"Listen, Dmitri, stop calling it 'theft'. 'Military BAILOUT' sounds much better."


Palin Embarrassed Again

A Former aide to then-Governor, Sarah Palin , has written a scathing tell-all. The book shows truly embarrassing sides to the lady who pretends to be Mrs. USofA. He portrays the former Governor as a haphazard leader who never kept engagements, and forced her aids to cover up her mess. He says she could care less about constituents, and only cared about being VP. Most embarrassingly, he says she was ready to quit in February 2009, 4 months before she finally threw in the towel. She was mailing it in! He calls her out saying she used the “lawsuit” excuse to ease her way out of office, but those suits were mostly dropped; Palin was just done and ready to move on to bigger and more financially lucrative things.

Palin idiots supporters will likely shun this book as a vindictive retribution by the author, but then they’d just be ignoring facts. Wait, thats just like Palin! He even admits to being one of the behind the scenes manipulators who helped falsely frame her as the Patriotic protector of Alaska. None of this is shocking to anyone with eyes or ears, but its nice to hear it come from someone who strongly supported her, but was disillusioned by her lies and constant eye-on-the-prize.

Former aide bashes Palin in new tell-all —


"Two weeks....Two weeks...Two.....Weeks....blubblubblublubblub..."


Preacher changes Rapture Date

The 89 year old preacher who told the world the exact date of Rapture, is now changing his tune after the world didn’t end on Saturday. Oh yeah, he’s also changing the date of the end of the world. Harold Camping says he misinterpreted his message from God, and that his original prediction that 200 million Christians would be taken to heaven on May 21st, while the rest of us awaited our final judgment was only partly right. He claims that the judgement was made on who will be “saved”, but that the world will now DEFINITELY end on October 21st.

Why does this guy continue to put dates on this shit? Doesn’t he have a marketing wing? He should just say it would happen in October, then if it didn’t happen in 2011, he could say it was October 2012, or 2025. He’s pulling this all out of his ass anyway, so why not do it in a way that won’t force him to hide in a seedy motel while good Christians try to murder him for misreading a calender?

Preacher says he was wrong about Rapture…end of world is actually Oct 21 — CBS News

"Ha! I just meant that on 5/21, my building was forcing me to switch to DISH Network. Huge misunderstanding."