Steve Berke wants to be your Mayor

Comedian Steve Berke is running for Mayor of Miami Beach, and he wants to be taken seriously…kind of. He might not look it, but the 31 year old Berke might just be the next mayor of South Beach if the casinos, hotels, clubs, pot-heads and partiers have their way. The problem is that those people don’t exactly make up a strong voting demographic. That doesn’t scare Berke, but rather motivates him to get their asses out to vote.

He might be full of jokes, and might have taken the unconventional road to get here, but the guy has a Platform, and the Jewey brass balls to back it up.

Anyone who knows Steve knows that once he makes his mind up to do something, he might do it with complete lovable douchiness, but he’ll definitely fucking do it.

Here’s his write up in Maxim: Meet the next mayor of Miami Beach — Maxim



  1. Have we seriously degraded the English language to a point where we can throw around the word “comedian” so loosely?

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