Crap you should read Monday (5/16)

Deadly Israeli Border Clashes:

Palestinians don’t exactly celebrate Israeli Independence Day. What they do is celebrate a holiday of mourning called “Catastrophy” and call for the destruction of Israel. This year, protesters amassed at the Syrian, Lebanese, and Gaza borders shared with Israel, and started some antagonistic shit.

On the Syrian border, “protestors” busted through the border fence, and stormed into Israeli land, planting Palestinian flags, etc. Many were shot and 2 were killed. In Lebanon, 10 were killed and more than 110 injured when protestors made it past Lebanese guards and were preparing to storm into Israel. In Gaza, more than 80 injured after Palestinians attacked by hurling rocks, and one man was shot while reportedly planting a bomb at the border fence. You know, your standard peaceful protests.

The Arab world is decrying these Israeli “Attacks” as criminal, but of course they forget that these “Protesters” INVADED or prepared to invade Israel. Israel has every right to protect their borders, especially from people who are loudly crying for the destruction of their country. It’s also obvious that these actions were all orchestrated from outside: Gaza is run by Hamas who is trying to destroy Israel, Syria (who also runs Lebanon) would never let people get that close to the border if they didn’t want them to be there, and calls were put out on social media platforms asking people to gather and storm their borders. Jordan had no problem quelling the riots on their side of the border, so GFY Syria and Hamas.

Palestinian/Israeli violence heats up — Reuters

Israeli forces fire on Palestinian protesters — Washington Post

The Amazing Race is soooooo different in Syria

Iranian Eye-for-an-Eye

This might be the first time I ever agreed with a draconian Iranian Law. Sharia Law still respects the old “eye for an eye” theory or retribution and punishment, and its a recent application of this policy in Tehran that is drawing significant international ire. An Iranian woman rebuffed several marriage proposals from a man, so he poured acid over her face, blinding her permanently and leaving her disfigured. The Iranian court ruled that if she wished, she could get her own justice, and pour acid all over her attacker. She wants to, of course, and has waited 3 years to do so, but Amnesty International and others have bitched that this is cruel and unusual punishment.

This is one of those problems with being a civilized society, this man should not be protected by the same rights he denied someone else. Unfortunately, a government cannot be the one to overtly exact that revenge. Had she been able to get this guy on her own, then I think it would be shitty if she was prosecuted for getting her revenge. The government just can’t fund such an action. But they can put him in prison conditions previously unheard of, and pull him out of that one-bunk Hilton and cast him down with the Sodomites for eternity.

Iran’s Acid Eye-for-an-Eye punishment questioned — Dailymail

Hammurabi called it an Eye-for-an-Eye for a reason

Kelso joins 2.5 Men

Our long national nightmare is over. Two and a Half Men has signed Ashton Kutcher to replace everyone’s favorite delusional degenerate. So it seems that Chuck Lorre, 2.5 producer and Sheen enemy, is WINNING as he signed Kutcher for about $600k base per episode, a big chunk less than Sheen would have earned this season, and he gets an actual movie-star (quality not withstanding, but he’s actually in movies) with an already monstrous built-in fan-base (Twitter, anyone?).

Of course Sheen was originally a douche about it but later tweeted “the show must go on…they got the right guy.” But why wouldn’t Sheen be upset? They basically hired the anti-Sheen: Kutcher can read, and is actually funny on TV (he was the best part of That 70s Show); Sheen loves whores, and Kutcher started a foundation against prostitution called “Real Men don’t Buy Girls”; Sheen swings with young, dirty porn stars, and Kutcher does it the classy way, by getting his hot, cougar, movie star wife, Demi Moore to swing with him.

I bet Producers are psyched they can actually come up with a name their character and don’t need to call it “Ashton” because unlike Charlie, their new star can figure out when it was his time to speak on his own.

Ashton Kutcher signs onto Two and a Half Men — CNN

Kutcher and Sheen share love over new 2.5 men casting — MSNBC

There's probably Two and a Half Men in their bed right now

Ron Paul in, Huckabee out

Representative Ron Paul (R-Tex) has made it official: he will bring his folksy, libertarian craziness to the national stage for a 3rd run at the presidency. The 75 year old Paul is often at odds with both Republicans and Democrats for his views on foreign policy and monetary policies. Most notably he hates our military involvement in other countries (see: any war we’ve been involved in recently), he believes completely in the power of the free market and wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve and its ability to manipulate the market, and he HATES the way Democrats spend money. This of course should make him appealing to main-stream American, except for the fact he often comes off as bat-shit crazy. He is currently fifth in Republican polling.

On the other side of things, Republican darling, Mike Huckabee, has decided not to throw his hat in the ring this time around. This came as a shock to all, because he continually comes in atop the polls, can collect massive campaign funding in seconds, and is seen by many as a rational voice of the conservative movement. His exit will leave a gaping hole with the religious conservative voters who would rather vote for a pillowcase filled with Sarah Palin’s hair than see Obama get re-elected. Who do they go with? Michele Bachmann? Rick Santorum? Reagan’s skeletal remains?

Huckabee explained his decision by saying:

“I had not done much toward a race because my life was filled with work that I truly love here at Fox News, doing radio commentaries on my daily Huckabee Report on 600 radio stations, traveling the country for speaking engagements, and helping good conservative, pro-life candidates who were running for office”.

Translation: “I am making too much money now, and have no desire to live the campaign life. God Bless.”

Ron Paul officially running for President again —

Huckabee opts not to run — Fox News

No one has the heart to tell Paul they can't see his Invisible Pie Charts

Gingrich Slams Ryan’s Plan

Former House Speaker and current Presidential hopeful, Newt Gingrich, is bashing his party’s budget centerpiece floated by Paul Ryan (R-Wis). Gingrich calls Ryan’s Plan for Prosperity obvious “Right Wing Social Engineering” attempting to set policy by using the budget. He says that such a drastic overhaul should be avoided and we should rather work towards change. He further explains that he hates “Obamacare” because its “left wing social engineering” and too drastic a change in policy. Gingrich feels that Health Care should be dealt with by states and not use Federal Funds.

In any case, its a refreshing shock to hear a relatively powerful Republican figure bash the Ryan plan for its obvious attempt at “social engineering.” I hate the fact that I have to applaud the consummate flip-flopping politician for a shockingly truthful statement. Let’s see if other Republicans will step out against the Ryan plan for the drastic, “social engineering” cuts and the harm it would do to our country.

Gingrich slams Paul Ryan’s Budget plans regarding Medicare — LA Times

"This week I'm talking out of this side of my mouth."

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  1. You are applauding the opinion that Newt Gingrich gave you???

    “Cut through the BS” Rhino…read it yourself. Do you think it is social engineering because you read it think so, or because a quote by Gingrich in the LA TIMES told you it was??

    You still have not read Paul Ryan’s Plan.
    There are only 70 pages or so, the font is big…there are pictures and charts. It is a simple read.

    Pay attention: You have said Medicaid and Medicare need “tweaking”. Paul Ryan has the political courage to provide solutions to “tweak” both.
    Gingrich calls the plan names…he calls it “social engineering” without offering his own plan.
    You side with the name calling politician without a plan??? This contridicts what you say that you stand for?

    They call Medicare and Social Security the “third rail of politics”
    Ryan has the balls to address it head on and offer real solutions. Newt the politician loves the political business as usual.
    Ryan offers NO CHANGE to Mediare for those over 54 years old. Ryan offers the SAME plan as Congress for American under 54.
    Why does Rhino have a problem with that?

    If you can read the plan, please tell your reader how anything in it does not benefit America.

    • Dr. DoNothing-

      Your incessant assumptions are annoying. You manipulations of my thoughts is even more frustrating. Stop telling my readers what you think I’m saying, and actually read the words. Is that too hard for you? Must be, because you can’t figure out that my name is R-Y-N-O.

      Gingrich is a lying asshole, I would never side with him. I applauded him for speaking out against his party propaganda. Speaking out against your party is often something I applaud. In tomorrow’s news, I am going to bash him for flip flopping on that statement ALREADY, because he’s now backtracking like the phony politician he is.

      Paul Ryan had the “balls” to address social security? As I see it, its an offering of the same exact privatization we’ve heard for years. That plan isn’t balls, its propaganda to get people to risk their social security money in the open market. Stop bringing this crap to me as an idea.

      Paul Ryan, in the plan ive read and STILL HATE, doesn’t tweak Medicare and Medicaid, it trashes them and re-works them into a plan that benefits insurers, not patients.

      His plan doesn’t fix governmental waste, it slashes programs rather than fixing them.

      STOP BRINGING ME THIS PLAN AS AN ALTERNATIVE. You lose credibility each time you mention it. It is a blatant attempt to set social policy by the budget, not by the normal legislative process. RADICAL, RIGHT WING SOCIAL ENGINEERING. Save your propaganda preaching for your own right wing blog. We are all entitled to our own opinions, and ideas, but bring me your own ideas! I could care less to hear the recitation of the same crap recycled by your Party. I hate parties, I hate party propaganda, and I’m beginning to tire of these barely probative rants.

      When you go into someone else’s house, you don’t shit on the carpet. I don’t need you to tell me you love my interior design, but please stop poopin’ on my floor. In other words, don’t forget who’s house your visiting…stop being an insulting, condescending, antagonistic right-winger, and keep the banter civil.



  2. Who the hell names their kid Ryno?

  3. Sorry to insult your reader.

  4. So, Ryne, you got me. I did not invent Life, Liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. Those are not my ideas. Admittedly, I believe that all men are created equal…and that is no my idea.
    But no matter who’s idea it is…
    Aren’t chicken wings good?
    Shouldn’t I decide who my doctor is…or should it be a government bureaucrat?
    Review my posts…notice…I do not mention or defend a party…only ideas.
    How about this, artful question dodger…
    1. The State gvernments can handle Medicaid more efficiently, more effectively, and cheaper than the Federal Government can…don’t you think? YES or NO
    2. The Federal Medicare program will be insolvent by 2020 unless a fundemental change is made……don’t you think? YES or NO
    3. Americans that had the right to CHOOSE Health Savings Accounts should not have their FREEDOM to choose stripped away by the Federal Government…. ..don’t you think? YES or NO.
    Just answer the questions.

  5. Who the hell names their kid Eaton? (Unless their mother made so much love to an aluminum bat that the S wore off).
    You do nothing to promote ideas when you insult people. I know Ryno, and he is a good guy. This is his blog, and he can call people all the names that he wants, but if you are going to win anyone over to your point of view, you shouldn’t do it.
    Chill out…

  6. Okay Eric Strapon, I won’t insult your buddy.