Crap you should read Tuesday (5/10)

Budget Boehner:

House Speaker John Boehner has made it clear that he and his party will use the debt ceiling conversation to push their ridiculously arbitrary multi-Trillion dollar budget cuts. Our country will hit the debt ceiling limit by mid may, that means we can’t borrow any more money. If we default on our current obligations, it would be ridiculously damaging to our country. This is not something we can play around with. Treasure SecretaryTimothy Geither can extend the default until August 2. If the debt ceiling isn’t raised by then, we default. So J-Bone and the Republicans are taking this opportunity to force their multi-trillion slashed budget down the country’s throat, otherwise they will refuse to raise the ceiling, and cripple our country.

By the way, it would take a record $2 trillion raise in the debt ceiling to keep us from defaulting. Sad that we have got to this point as a country. Things have to change, we can’t keep digging the whole further. Unfortunately for the country, the Republican talk of massive budget cuts is insincere, and has little to do with helping our country, only putting money into the hands of corporate execs and shareholders. They don’t want to cut things to better our country, they want to privatize industries so companies can make more money, like Health Care. If they were really serious, they would be cutting tens or hundreds of billions, not crippling our coffers with trillions less. We have a massive budget that needs to be curtailed, but not at the expense of our country, its great programs, and our future. There is plenty of pork to cut. Just cut it and dont fuck with the rest of us to put money back in the corporate fat-cat hands.

John Boehner refuses to talk debt ceiling until 3 trillion cut from budget — Huffington Post

"Are these idiots going to let me get away with this shit AGAIN?"

Gone Money, Gone

Remember the $2.4 billion that Governor Prick Scott denied Florida because he hated High-Speed Rail? Well now thats been divvied up between 15 states and Amtrak. The largest chunk, $800 million has gone to upgrade speeds to 160 mph on the Northeast part of the rail, but other chunks went to Detroit-Chicago line and to spruce up the project in California. Think about this…$2.4 billion was tabbed just to Florida, and now its going to 15+ states. That’s a ton of money we didn’t need, huh Governor?

Florida’s High Speed Rain money divvied up elsewhere — USA Today

Governer Prick Scott demonstrates just how much bullshit Florida can expect from his reign

Shwartzenegger Split

The Governator and Maria Shriver have called it quits on their 25 year marriage. The movie star nazi Republican and the Democratic American Democratic royal Princess, captivated America’s attention. Most thought this marriage was fine, especially given the Kennedy women’s ability to overlook cheating spouses. So now it appears that Maria was nice enough to bide her time while her husband was Governor, but has now had enough. If it was his decision, expect to see Ahnuld with some hot piece or arse soon.

Shwarzenegger and Shriver Separate — NY Times

2010 "Shit-Eating Grin" Championship 2010

Polls shows Fracking kills drinking water

In the DUH study of the week, Duke scientists have found high levels of methane in ground water near half of the 68 wells they studied in Pennsylvania and New York. Blue-Devil Scientists say the methane levels were so high that explosion was a major concern.

Ive preached about Fracking before, (Are you Fracking kidding me?) the process of extracting natural gas by cracking through deep layers of earth using a compound of extremely dangerous chemicals that crack the earth and release the gas. Although Frackers have always said it was impossible, the methane released from the process has undeniably been seeping into the drinking water. They claim that the process happens too deep to affect drinking water, but someone’s lying. Is it the numbers? Is it the exploding water? Is it the high levels of methane? Are they the ones lying? Or is it the people who invested tons of money into the process and can’t face the ridiculous lawsuits that will come with admitting fault?

Duke Study shows lethal levels of methan in gound water near Fracking wells — CNN

Harry misread the instructions for his stove.

Robin Leaving Howard

Robin Quivers has decided to leave the Howard Stern Show once her current contract expires in 5 years. Not sure why she announced this now, but I figured I had to share this with my boys who love Stern. Robin’s dream is to be the new Oprah, but do people really want to listen to her giggle for an hour? At least she didn’t have to stab herself to get off the show like Artie.

Robin Quivers to leave Stern Show — Scoop on Today

If a Robin falls in the forest, but no one's listening, does it make a sound?

Dark Knight Rises News

SPOILER: The first photos have leaked from the new Batman flick, Dark Knight Rises, and they seem to confirm the story line I told you back in April (Dark Knight Rises Casting News)

The pic released likely shows Ra’s Al Ghuls’ lair, and the green ooze you see is likely “Regenerative ooze”. In the comics, this green ooze kept Ra’s Al Ghul in peak villian condition for so many years. The reason this is a “big deal” is because it is probably setting up how Bruce Wayne heals from the broken back Bane gives him. This part of the Knightfall storyline always bothered me because Batman was always grounded in relative reality, and the regenerative ooze healing his broken spine was too “magical” for my taste. I’m sure Nolan will do a kick-ass job anyway, and make it as real as possible. Im just hoping Im also right about this truly sticking to the Knightfall storyline arc, which would mean Joseph Gordon Levitt will be playing Azrael, the guy who tries to be the new Batman, until Batman as to get healed and kick his ass.

First Dark Knight Rises photo leaks — Latino Review

"Hello Beautiful....CUT! Do I really have to say that to HER?"


  1. Yes Detroit got the money that would have built the High Speed rail in Florida.
    If you read more deeply and think…you will notice that Detroit is using the money to fix their existing rail that they built but isn’t profitable. It was promised to be a great “infrastructure investment” now they cannot afford to maintain it. Did the light bulb go off yet?
    The Feds built a rail in Michigan that Michigan cannot afford to maintain. Now Michigan has to beg for Federal money to maintain their ill conceived, resource draining railway.
    Federal Government “gifts” are tax dollars confiscated from the private sector employers and employees to redistribute under the guise of “socking it to Big Oil”, or “helping the poor”, or “saving the planet”, or “creating equality”, or “social justice”.
    If the lightbulb doesn’t light up, it might be because the government wants to outlaw them. No more individual ideas, you are working for the collective and the Central Planners now.

  2. “ridiculously arbitrary multi-Trillion dollar budget cuts”
    The cuts are neither arbitrary, nor “ridiculously arbitrary”.
    You should really delve into the Plan for Prosperity. Notice the military cuts, the duplicitous programs that are eliminated, the end of corporate welfare, and modifying the entitlement programs that we all agree are broken, etc.
    The budget cuts are specific, targeted, reasonable, and necessary to create jobs and grow this economy.

    Look around you. It has been 2 1/2 years since the $1 Trillion stimulus package was passed. Do you like what you see? Is that what you voted for?
    Double digit unemployment, unstable money, $1,500 an ounce gold, and $14,000,000,000,000 in debt. Someone….anyone…has to be fiscally responsible.
    When Obama promised to cut the deficit in 1/2 it sounded like a good start. He hasn’t done what he promised there either.

    • That is one promise Obama hasn’t even tried to tackle, so I commend Tea Partyers for making it part of the conversation. Paul Ryan’s plan is nice in theory, woo-hoo Trillions in CUts! But is is completely policy based, and I HATE privatizing everything he wants to privatize. Your incessant propaganda will never sway me on that. I do not believe in letting the market go unchecked in all industries. Capitalism is the basis for our society, its not the end all be all. It needs to be checked, and it is a GREAT thing we have a government to make that happen. NEVER trust people who make money, they could care less about you, and will screw you to put profits in their pockets. At least our government pretends to be for the people.

      WE dont need to overhaul the machine with the trillion in cuts, we need to fix the machine slowly. Start by ending the tax breaks to Big Energy and to the richest 1%. There’s no reason for them to get the breaks anymore, they arent putting the money back into the system. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TRICKLE DOWN. These aren’t tax hikes, its getting rid of the useless cuts. That will get back trillions of dollars. Then cut spending to pork and stupid projects (you and I disagree whether or not High-speed rail is stupid). Cut military spending, but not arbitrarily, we NEED DEFENSE, and we need a strong military. we just don’t need 4 different engines for the same jet. We also cant afford to have our soldiers come home from abroad with no jobs. They need to stay employed in the military.

      Leave medicare/medicaid alone (tweak, dont trash), leave UNIVERSAL HEALTH INSURANCE alone, figure out innovations in transportation and energy, and start massive public works projects which are REAL JOBS here, and not sent overseas. Rework the budget without forcing party policy down the country’s throats, its obvious and disgusting. The place for that is in voting on the legislation, not in funding it.

      Boom, I just solved our problems and it took me 30 seconds, because I have no special interests behind me.

  3. “Your incessant propaganda”
    Can you give one example of this?