Crap you should read Monday (5/9)

Galvin Goin’ Down?

Horn readers know I have a bug up my ass for a scumbag Councilman who sexually molested my friends’s brother which led to his suicide in 2008. North Miami Police have re-opened the investigation into Councilman Scott Galvin stemming from the suicide note which blamed Galvin for sexually molesting him when he was 12.

Some morons are defending Galvin, decrying the investigation as a dirty political ploy with the election on Tuesday, but they’re blatantly ignoring the graphic details of  the suicide note. They also forgot that no one gives a shit about North Miami politics. Do they really think someone would lie in a suicide letter to effect an election for Councilman? Who even knows who their Councilman is?

Galvin bravely bragged to the Miami Herald: “Anyone who’s following the issues in North Miami would question the validity and the timing of this. It came out of nowhere and I’m sure it will fade back into nowhere once the elections are over.” Unfortunately for Galvin it appears the Detectives re-opened the case once more people confirmed the Councilman’s shady past.

If you want a good read, check the link below and read the comments of some disgusting people who defend Galvin. The Ryno might have gone a little militant on those mindless dolts….

North Miami Police re-open child molestation case against Councilman Scott Galvin — Herald

Hanley's gonna want this picture to disappear soon

Obama Calls out Pakistan

President Obama has shared his confidence that Bin Laden was receiving help from inside Pakistan, but he’s not yet sure if it was the government or a rogue faction. Either way, people are furious, and many in government are calling for an immediate cessation to the billions in funding we provide Pakistan. We need to tread lightly given the precarious nature of Pakistan in the limbo-land between diplomacy and terrorism, but the backwards country is in for an Obama shocker. I don’t mean a surprise…I’m talking about the kind with Obama giving Pakistan “two in the pink, one in the stink.”

Obama says bin Laden had Pakistani Support — USA Today

Seal Team 6 Member, Chuck Norris says "Osama Bin Dover"

Bin Laden Videos

US released videos taken from the raid on the Bin Laden compound. The most important thing the videos show is that UBL was not just a figurehead as many thought. He is still integral in the planning of events for the terrorist organization he helped build. On a different note, the videos also show a strikingly different figure of Bin Laden than the one we are used to seeing. He looks like a broken old man in hiding, completely gray and frail. One video shows the vain terrorist watching himself on the news, and others are of videos he was prepped to release to his minions. Why did we release the vids? The US wanted to prove they caught bin Laden without showing his death pics, so they proved it by releasing videos that would only have been found on Osie-B. They also wanted to prove to Al Qaeda that we were onto their game, and knew what they were planning. Wisely, the videos were released without video as to not let Osama spread his message from beyond his watery grave, but I wish they would have superimposed something else on the TV he was watching. How much funnier would it have been if he was watching Smallville?

US release Bin Laden videos taken from Raid — CNN

"100 channels and I still have to watch Wolf Blitzer?"

More Civil Unrest in Egypt

12 died and 180 wounded in the worst outbreak of violence since the protests that brought revolution to Egypt. The confrontation in Cairo was between Muslims and Christians who tossed fire-bombs at one another outside a Church.  The reason? A months-old story of a Christian woman being held at the church because she married a Muslim and wanted to convert to Islam. It doesn’t matter that the woman has gone on the news and dispelled the stupid rumor, these people just wanted to fight. Some worry its the old-regime starting shit to make the new regime look foolish, others just worry that religious nuts will ruin everything they worked hard to overthrow.

In either case, Egypts military leader, the dude who’s running the show until the November elections, has promised to rule with an “iron fist” to quell the religious intolerance. 190 have been arrested so far and will face military-trials…which sucks for them. The new Egypt sounds a lot like the old Egpyt, just with more Twitter.

Egypt warns of “Iron Fist” in civil unrest — BBC

"So we're gonna do this again, huh?"

McCartney’s a Moron

In this week’s “Are You Friggen’ Kidding Me?” news, Paul McCartney proves that he’s a dullard. Sir Paul has decide to take the walk down the marriage plank again, this time with his girlfriend of 4 years, Nancy Shevell. Did this guy not learn his lesson the last time? The dude settled his last divorce with Heather Mills for $45 million, one of the richest divorce settlements in history, and he’s back in for more? To make matters worse, he isn’t signing a Pre-nup? WHAAAAAAAT?

What kind of velvety vagina does the 51 year old Shevell possess to make the 67 year old split his monster fortune in half again?

Paul McCartney to Marry AGAIN?????? – The Scoop on Today


For Realz?

So one of the great NFL off-season traditions has finally ended: debating if Brett Favre is going to play again. The 40 year old dong-displayer has announced the he is, in fact, done with football and ready for the next stage of his life. This is of course good news to everyone in the NFL, but worse news to people that don’t want to hear southern drawl in the Sunday studio. Favre claims he’s considering the coaching route, so I think  he should start with those scrubs in that Wrangler commercial: a) who plays football in jeans, and b) they all really sucked.

Brett Favre retired for good — USA Today

Brett Fav-ruh's life was all smiles before phones could take pictures

Movie News

Jean Claude Van-Damme has allegedly signed on to Expendables 2. This move is surprising, not only because people forget JCVD is alive, but also because this douche turned down a role in the first Expendables because the role wasn’t big enough for him. This time around he’ll play the villain, and most likely wear tight pants.

The first Expendables did live up to its title, but its pretty enjoyable to see all of these “Action stars” in the movie. Its just while watching this movie, I can’t shake the feeling the entire time that it could have been so much better. Stallone must have thought the same thing because he isn’t ruining directing this one.

Van Damme to play villain in Expendables 2 — Latino Review


  1. I posted this over at the Herald, but wanted to direct it over here because you all may have access to some answers. I make a legal clarification, pose two possibilities that might be resolved with more info, and note a few side issues:

    Greg’s note is not likely to qualify as a “dying declaration” in the legal sense and the rules of evidence might not even make it admissible in this type of case anyway. The declaration has to relate to the circumstances of the declarant’s death. I think a court would likely find that the causal chain between the alleged molestation and the suicide too attenuated to qualify.

    This doesn’t mean that Greg’s note isn’t true, but just that you can’t convict Galvin with it alone.


    1. Greg’s note is true. The incidents screwed Greg up, Greg sought out Galvin later in life. As Jeff notes, there is certainly a psychological basis for a victim seeking out his accuser. I know the “gay” issue is contentious, but if Greg was struggling with his sexuality, perhaps, ironically, the only person he felt safe being gay with was Galvin, and he sought him out.

    Problems with this account: I think the main problem is we don’t know enough about the timeline. If Greg is molested at 12, does he continue to see Scott? Is there a long break and he then seeks him out, or the other way around? What was the tenor of their adult relationship, if one existed? Jeff implies in another article that he retrieved some texts, though not the final one, from Greg’s phone. Releasing these texts might help people better make sense of the alleged adult relationship.

    Also, if Galvin has started to become politically active at this point, does he then start a relationship with someone he molested as a child? That seems very unwise, but of course it’s possible. Jeff implied that there was a text that would shed light on Scott being worried about Greg telling on him. Knowing what that text said would help.

    The issue of being intoxicated while writing the note is also unsettling. In a legal sense, this would further reduce the credibility of the note.

    2. Greg’s note is not true regarding Galvin. He was an intoxicated, jilted lover (Galvin’s claim). Maybe he was embarrassed about his sexuality in addition and wanted to settle both matters (denying his sexuality/blaming it on something else and getting back at Galvin) on his way out?

    Problems with this account: The inclusion of David B. among his list of molesters is strange. The timeline again would help. David was much older than Greg and left the Miami area for some time (don’t know if he returned), so it isn’t clear that Greg would be in recent contact with him enough to remember him and include him on a “fake” list of molesters. And knowing this particular person, Greg’s claim has “facial validity” in that this was a mean, twisted guy.

    Side issue: in Greg’s note, he claims that “Jeff wasn’t home” when the molestation took place. Jeff however remembers “opening the door” for Galvin and Miller.

    I don’t really know the details of the local politics, but I think it’s reasonable for people to feel suspicious about the timing of re-opening the case. The best thing to dispel those suspicions is to offer further proof, if it’s available, that points to Galvin. The note just contains the accusation and doesn’t really address how other parties could be using the timing of the case for political ends. It seems that both the content of the note and the suspicious timing of the re-opening could be true. There’s a distinction between the aggrieved family not being concerned about politics and the chief of police (or whoever Galvin did some investigation on) using the case for political gains.

    More info, maybe releasing some of Greg’s texts would help.

    • You 100% proved exactly what we are talking about. Its obvious Galvin molested Greg, but more investigation is needed into this matter before we convict in court of law.

      As for your choice 1) there are no problems with the account. He was molested at 12. We have no idea why they were in contact later on in life. Its a decision for the jury to decide. But a relationship later on DOES NOT mean he wasn’t molested. It only means Galvin held some weird power over him.

      as for your choice 2) you are misrepresenting the facts. Greg may have been intoxicated but why lie about Galvin when he tells painful truth about everyone else. Makes no sense. And Greg doesn’t say Jeff was never home to meet Galvin, just that he wasn’t home when the molestation happened. Jeff’s account was only to prove that Galvin was lying to cops about not knowing Greg as a youngster, as Jeff opened the door and let him into the house.

      good thing you arent a lawyer, because you can’t read facts, but you do prove the point that there are many questions for a Jury to decide.

  2. Hi Ryno,

    I understand that this is a highly charged incident, but I was just running through what is missing from the current *public* understanding of the case. You may have access to information that we don’t.

    The timeline of the relationship is interesting, not because it proves that Galvin is right, but because it is a natural question that anyone (including a juror) is going to ask. I think expert testimony that discusses the psychological situation where a victim is drawn to his assailant would do a lot to help make that case. I’m just saying, that the average everyday person is going to say, why would Greg go back to the guy who molested him? It makes sense to me why he would, but I think it’s a question that will have to be answered for people who are less familiar with sexual abuse.

    The point about the intoxication is that it’s not just “up to the jury.” The judge has to rule on the admissibility of this kind of evidence, and one of the ways it can be attacked is on grounds of mental impairment. Mostly I mean that there needs to be more than the note to get Galvin.

    You say “why lie about Galvin?” Galvin’s response seems to be that Greg was a jilted lover. That’s plausible, although not necessarily true. I agree that it makes more sense that Greg was unburdening himself right before his death, but I won’t say that *no* other interpretation makes sense. In fact, maybe Greg was both molested AND a jilted lover. We in the public can’t know until we know more about their relationship, which is why I said that public might benefit from Jeff releasing some texts to show how Galvin was threatening Greg.

    On Jeff being home or not, I was simply pointing out a small gap in what the public knows. If it had been reported that Jeff let them in and then left, then it would have made sense. Jeff seeing them is a crucial detail that Galvin’s defense, if it goes that far, might try and question.

    I agree that it’s pretty clear that Galvin was lying about not knowing Greg when Greg was younger. But that doesn’t mean a court will find him guilty of sexual battery.

    And just to be clear, I tend to think that Greg is right and Galvin is lying. I’m just saying that we in the public could be stronger in support if we knew more.

    • First of all, I want to thank you for approaching this issue objectively. That’s the only way to find the truth. I was curt in my last reply only because I have had to “defend” Greg and Jeff for days against people who claim this is a politically motivated issue, or a homophobia issue. I am neither involved in N. Miami politics, nor am I homophobic. That’s obvious from other posts on my site. I am not trying to push political agendas, nor attack a gay man; I’m only trying to expose a child molester who hurt my friend and led to his suicide.

      Unfortunately, we will never have Greg to be a witness in this case, which is what is needed to convict. The rest, unfortunately is hearsay, and we have to just “Accept” Galvin’s version of events. We don’t know what took place in the numerous conversations between Greg and Galvin later in life, we just need to “accept” galvin’s version that they were lovers. No one has proved a relationship between the men, its just Galvin’s story. Since he is lying about the rest, I have no problem believing he is lying about this too. But it is a very interesting point that warrants investigation, not a closed case.

      As for what the public knows vs what we know right now privately, you will be shocked. Just suffice it to say that there is plenty of evidence to prove Galvin knew Greg as a 12 year old (which proves he’s lying) as well as others coming forward with accusations of molestation from years ago. Thats all I can say right now without hindering the investigation.

      And also Erlick, I know that with the current “evidence”, it will be tough to prove sexual battery in the court of law. That’s why I’ve taken the evidence to the court of public opinion.

  3. Well it’s good to know that more evidence will come forward. Greg never deserved the pain that drove him to this, and if Galvin (and the others) molested him when he was so young, I’m glad there are people now who won’t just allow that to be overlooked. I was very sad when I heard he died.