Crap you should read Friday (5/6)

9/11 Anniversary attacks planned

Intel from the Bin Laden raids shows that the Al Qaeda leader was discussing plans to give Americans a little gift for their 10 year anniversary of 9/11.  Seems there were some talks about the terrorist group bombing the US rail system. Officials say the plans were still in the early stages but they warned Americans to be vigilant anyway, just in case splinter groups were already pursuing the idea.

If they weren’t before, I’m sure they are now!

Bin Laden intel shows plans for 9/11 anniversary attack on trains — Reuters

The Arabic version of "Source Code" loses everything in translation...why would someone try to stop a train from blowing up?

Password-Keeper Service Hacked?

LastPass, a company that stores one master password for all of your online needs, has announced to users that their security might be compromised. They told users to take certain precautions, change info, etc. Ironic, because the whole premise of the password keeper is the ease and the security. LastPass has not said its been hacked, just that it cant explain certain anomolies in traffic over recent days, and it has them concerned.

Let me tell you something. If it wasn’t a big deal, they would have kept their mouths shut.

What have I been preaching about internet security, boys and girls?

Popular password Storing service hacked — CNN

Password thieves pull out all the stops.

Republican Debate

So the debate was postponed because only 5 people were going to play, but then it went ahead as scheduled because too much money was already spent. To further throw this debate into laughingstock territory, the Associated Press boycotted the event because Fox insists on controlling every aspect of the coverage. Basically they control what we see and hear, so why did the AP need to be there?

Apparently what they wanted us to see and hear was Tim Pawlenty looking kinda Presidential and Ron Paul getting his normal cheers, but the big story out of this debate was Herman Cain, former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. Before the debate, only one person out of 30 in a Fox News focus group were in favor of Cain. By the end of the debate, 29 said that Herman Cain “won” the night with his straight talk.

Republican pollster Frank Luntz raved that he “never had this kind of reaction until tonight. Something very special happened this evening.” This just in: Frank Luntz’ wife is pissed.

"We are all now a little dumber for hearing that."

Oil price dropping?

Oil dropped to under $100 a barrel for the first time since March. Observers say the drop is due to decreased demand as American’s stay away from the pump with gas prices averaging close to $4/gallon. Americans are travelling less, going on less vacations, and finding other ways to get around town. Also, with more people applying for unemployment, people would not be filing towards to pump to fill up their gas guzzlers. Naturally these figures will lead to hurting profits, so the price per barrel was lowered to account for the diminished demand.

Of course the price of oil is so arbitrarily over-valued that it naturally had to return to normal market conditions after a year in which Oil companies padded their pockets despite a poor economy.

In any case, don’t expect to see too much of a drop in gas prices. The pump will still read $1/gallon more than a year ago at this time, and has been steadily rising for the last month and a half.

Oil drops below $100 a barrel — USA Today

"I'd buy that for a dollar...per gallon!"

24 movie?

Is Jack coming back soon? He sure is, and Kiefer ackowledges working with Producer Ron Howard and director Tony Scott for the 24 film slated for a summer 2012 release. Sutherland says they’ve gone through a couple of wonderful scripts, but are hammering out the final details. While Jack is off hiding from the world, Kiefer is staying busy these days on Broadway in That Championship Season. He also just wrapped up filming a show esclusivly on the internet called The Confession, about a Hitman who re-tells his exploits while in confession. You can catch “The Confession” on Hulu. It’s pretty good, and has surprisingly good writing and production…you know completely unlike 24 season 7.

Kiefer hints at 24 movie and talks Broadway — CNN

"Damn it Chloe! Can't my agent ever bring me a comedy?"


  1. Yes…$1 more than last year, about 125% more than it cost when President Barrack Obama took office ($1.80). When the BP rig blew out, gas averaged $2.90, The President acted swiftly to kill the domestic oil supply from the Gulf, and voila, $3.80.

    Rhino, are you for this individual in the video? Are you for the 639 laid off individuals, or are you for the Government and their convoluted, invasive, and harmful policies?

    • This isnt a forum to twist stats to fit the propaganda. you blame this President for state of oil deregulation and the oil market’s fluctuation? the last guy de-regulated this shit out of it, then the last Veep’s company botched the job with the well. Big oil controls the fluctuations in the oil market, not our government.

      bet we’d all be safe in Dr. Doolittle’s world, where we can all trust the big oil execs to look after our best interests!