Justice Has Been Done. What Now?

Americans celebrate the huge victory in the World Cup of Terrorism

Bin Laden is Dead.

Our country has waited almost 10 long years to say those words.

It seems such a strange thing to cheer the death of another human being, but its fucking Bin Laden. Dead.

For those of you that weren’t awake and watching the news Sunday night, there is no way to capture the feeling of watching it all unfold. First there were the cryptic reports, then we were teased for an hour about a press conference. Congressional staffers started tweeting, and soon we all know what the buzz was about. We finally killed the man behind the worst crimes in American history; the man who altered the way we’ll live our lives forever.

Crowds gathered at Ground Zero in NY and outside of the White House to put a celebrative end to a nightmare that has lasted since September 11th, 2001. We watched as the people found each other in the same gathering places where they once mourned the loss of friends, where firefighters and policemen lost brothers, and we lost innocence. The pain was some how lost in chants of “USA, USA”, outbursts of our National Anthem and “God Bless America”.

President Obama couldn’t wait to share the good news. He walked with such a swagger to the microphone, he could care less that it was 11:30 on a Sunday night, and most of America was buried in Game of Thrones or Trump’s Apprentice.  He just brought cosmic justice to a murderer who avoided the largest manhunt in the history of the world.

Sunday at 11:30? Its never too late for good news

The words eluded Clinton and Bush for so many years, but Obama got to make them his own: Justice has been done. He thanked the Special Forces who bravely shot and recovered the body of the terrorist leader, and the nameless members of the intelligence community who cooperated in his capture.

Of course this one rewarding answer leads to many more questions.

How did we finally nail this asshole who eluded us for so long?

How did this man that we assumed was in a cave, hide out in a Pakistani compound for so many years?

Is there any chance he wasn’t receiving help from those deep inside Pakistan?

After 9/11 Bin Laden had to bounce around to avoid finding a dollar from the missile-fairy under his pillow. He took to the mountainous region between Afghanistan and Pakistan, often eluding Special Forces by mere hours. The closest we came was in Tora Bora, in the early stages of our invasion into Afghanistan to take out the Taliban. Bin Laden was spotted in Tora Bora, and was soon directly engaged in gun fire with US forces. Unfortunately we were caught with our thumbs up our butts and were too slow to commit more forces to the area. Bin Laden was escaped by mule into the mountains of Pakistan. Yup, by mule.

Ding-Dong. You're dead asshole.

Fast Forward to President Obama debating Senator McCain in 2008:

We got distracted [in Iraq], we diverted resources, and ultimately bin Laden escaped, set up base camps in the mountains of Pakistan in the northwest provinces there…

…And if we have Osama Bin Laden in our sights and the Pakistani government is unable or unwilling to take them out, then I think that we have to act and we will take them out. We will kill bin Laden; we will crush Al Qaeda. That has to be our biggest national security priority.

By now you’ve all heard the story: Osama was done in by his secretive couriers. Intelligence trickled in about the identity of one of his trusted messengers, and once he was tracked his tricky ass to a compound in Abbottabad, a Pakistani suburb 32 miles outside of Islamabad. It was reported that this compound was built to house the Senior Al Qaeda official in 2005, and Bin Laden often hunkered down. The house is said to be 8 times larger than any other homes in the relatively affluent area, and protected by “extraordinary security” and outer walls of 12-18 feet.

This all definitely leads one to wonder how Pakistani “intelligence” had no idea the Al Qaeda big-wig was inside.

"I told you jerks he wasn't in Afghanistan, but you wouldn't listen. Can you please leave now?"

Fast Forward to April 29th 2011: Intelligence confirms that Bin Laden is likely holed up in the Abbottobad compound. While the world is watching the Royal Wedding, President Obama green-lights the operation. He then plays golf and hosts the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. In Pakistan, US Special Forces train for the special operation on sets built to model the compound. Joint Special Operations Command takes their justice-gettin’ seriously.

May 1st 2011: Curiously enough, this is the same date that Adolf Hitler killed himself in 1945. It is also the same day that President Bush decried “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq eight years ago.

By 7pm, The President has confirmed that Bin Laden is almost definitely in the compound, but it can’t be confirmed. At 8:30 he decides the opportunity is too good to pass on so he gives the thumbs up. US Joint Special Operation Command forces then fly in by helicopter into Abbottobad, and 40 minutes later Bin Laden is dead with a double-tap through his chest and his left eye. Two couriers were also killed, along with Bin Laden’s adult son and another woman who died as a human shield. All told 22 people were killed or captured. More details will definitely emerge soon, and we will surely see recreated images of the brave attacks play out with Ben Affleck and Neil Patrick Harris on our TV screens.

In describing the incursion, President Obama was clear to note that he called the Pakistani president to offer congratulations on a terrific day for all.

Was this the first phone-call he made to the Pakistani president? Pakistan claims they were a part of the mission, but Obama seemed clear in his National Address that this was a solely an American Mission to bring American Justice.

"I believe the American expression is...'My Bad'."

How could Bin Laden survive all these years inside Pakistan without Pakistani knowledge or cooperation? Here’s your answer: they knew. Somebody had to.

We had to sneak in and out of Pakistan before their jets were assembled and they unknowingly blew our choppers out of the sky. Will his decision to take out Bin Laden without their go-head affect the US’s already strained relationship with Pakistan? Does it even matter if Pakistan’s been screwing us all these years?

Many also wonder what Bin Laden’s death actually means to the world. What does his demise mean to our National Security and the future of Al Qaeda? We saw what happened to the world when this man entered it. How will it change now that he’s dead?

Unfortunately, Al Qaeda will survive. There will always be hate to finance and run the organization. In recent years Bin Laden was seen to be a more of a figurehead than a strategic general. The beauty of the terrorist organization he built was in its fractured splinter groups designed to survive independent of the whole. Under his vision it flourished throughout Yemen, Somalia, Saudia Arabia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Does a bullet through the ugly face of the movement hurt the movement or will it ignite the flame inside Muslim extremists? American interests both home and abroad are surely going to see reprisal attacks from Al Qaeda. Embassies, airports and bases will be extra vigilant, but unfortunately soft targets like malls, hotels, markets, etc are always at risk. It’s a shame we have to live in fear, but terror is that asshole’s legacy.

In the meantime our nation will celebrate. We will breathe that collective sigh of relief that comes with “justice” that is death to the murderer of family and friends you will never have back. Sure we will have our Samuel Jackson “yes they deserved to die and I hope they burn in hell” moment, but what’s next?

"I was told there were going to be 70 virgins. What's with all these goats?"

As Obama said late Sunday night, Bin Laden’s death “does not mark the end of our effort,” but it does mark the end of a great deal of our pain. No one knows why revenge feels so good, but what we do know is that the worst murderer of Americans civilians has finally been killed himself.

We will surely see pictures of Bin Laden’s dead face plastered across the news. Its one thing to hear the news, but the world needs to see a bullet through the man’s head. Curiously, we will never see Bin Laden’s body as it was “buried at sea.” US officials claim the “burial” came with full accordance with “Islamic practice and tradition”, but in my opinion, there is ZERO chance we gave this guy the very rights he deprived so many of our brothers and sisters. I hope we was pissed on, tossed overboard and given the finger.

Hopefully some type of proof will be presented to quell conspiracy theorists, but surely if bin Laden is alive, we’ll see a video from him soon. Don’t hold your breath. Obama would not have made the announcement if we weren’t sure. DNA samples were taken that matched the DNA from Osama’s family members. The other captured prisoners confirm it was him.

Now a new Secretary of Defense gets to take over is going to take over with a new mission. A new CIA chief will take over after a huge intelligence victory. Our President, and our country, finally get to celebrate a victory that has escaped us since 1993. Closure might not always feel good, but it does feel right.

As Obama reminded the nation, “Americans understand the cost of war, yet as a country, we will never tolerate our security being threatened, nor stand idly by when our people have been killed. We will be relentless in defense of our citizens and friends and allies…[Osama Bin Laden’s] demise should be celebrated by all who believe in peace and human dignity.”

Perhaps those who have lost loved ones at this man’s hands can sleep somewhat easier tonight, a smile of vindication on their lips.

“Justice has been done.”

Thanks for coming out.


  1. Am I the only one that finds the timing of the killing of Bin Laden, so fortunate for President Elephant Ears, whose rating were in the toilet. We dumped the most wanted and hated human being in the world in the ocean out of respect for his religion. REALLY? If you believe that, then I have some land for sale for you in the Everglades. Too bad they didn’t do DNA tests, take his fingerprints or take pictures before they sent him to visit Davy Jones. This is just another left wing Liberal political ploy to garner votes.

    • Yes Rob Roy, you are the ONLY one who thinks this nonsense.

      No votes are being garnered right now. Should they have never gone after bin Laden during Obama’s presidency because he had low approval ratings? Should we only dictate foreign policy when a president has high approval ratings to quell the conspiratory complaints of the opposition? The intelligence had to be acted on, regardless of the presidential approval numbers. Stop being a hater Rob Roy, and be thankful that this monster is dead.

      I think the only curious part of the timing was the week after he instituted a new Secretary of Defense and nominated a new CIA chief.

      Oh yeah, when you are thinking about this one, try to recall the Iranian hostages magically released on the day Reagan was inaugurated just so that Jimmy Carter didn’t get credit for it.