Crap you should read Monday (5/2)

Bin Laden is dead:

President Obama addressed the nation around 11:30pm on Sunday night to deliver a piece of news Americans have waited almost 10 long years to hear. Justice has been done, and Islamic terrorism has lost its poster-boy: Osama Bin Laden was killed Sunday in a US strike in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

In January, intelligence had  the terrorist leader hiding in a Pakistani suburb, in a Mansion compound in a built in 2005. It wasn’t a cave, it wasn’t a “spider-hole”. Nope, Osama has been roughing it out in a Mansion (8 times the size of the neighboring homes) for years, using couriers to deliver and bring information from outside the walls. It was information gained about these couriers (and “interrogated” out of Guantanamo Bay detainees) that led to the pinpointing of his location.

While the rest of the nation watched the Royal Wedding, President Obama gave the order to strike. Two days later, the attack lasted less than 40 minutes, and ended with a bullet through Bin Laden’s left eye. His body was taken by US troops and buried at sea, allegedly in accordance with Islamic law. Am I the only one who refuses to believe he was given the very respect he deprives so many others of? He was dumped overboard and given the finger.

Some questions will have to be answered in upcoming days: how could Bin Laden survive for so long inside Pakistan without Pakistani help? Most importantly, how will his death affect Al Qaeda and terrorism from Muslim extremists? Many will claim that since UBL is dead, we should get the heck out of Afghanistan, but Obama was clear that that the war against terrorism is not over.  At this stage of the game Bin Laden was really only a figurehead for Al Qaeda, so his death is more symbolic in the fight against terrorism than an actual tactical blow.

Regardless, crowds gather across the country– in large numbers at Ground Zero and outside the White House — to celebrate the terrorist’s demise and the measure of justice for the victim’s of 9/11 and his other attacks. Obama will surely ride the bump that will result from capturing America’s Most Wanted criminal. Somewhere George Bush is smiling, but digging his fingernails into his thigh.

Republicans will have a hard time ruining this guy's day

Gadaffi Son Killed in NATO strike

In other terrorist killing news, Colonel’s Gadaffi’s youngest son, Said al-Arad was killed in a NATO airstrike. The colonel escaped, but sources confirm his 29 year old son, as well as 3 of Gadaffi’s grandchildren, were killed in the attack. G-Unit is adamant that this son was a student and not a part of his regime, but his son was not the target, the Colonel was.

This is the second son Gadaffi has lost to the unrest over the last couple months, but many feel no pity for the man who has killed the children of so many of his people. How much longer this will carry on is anyone’s guess, but the killing of his family will likely strengthen the madman’s resolve and play out well in his propaganda videos.

Needless to say, the world will care less, because I think someone else got killed today that will trump anything you got.

Gadaffi survives NATO strike that kills Son and grandchildren — CNN

Is he sad, or is the wax melting?

Gas prices up, Profits soar

As gas prices creep over $4/gallon, everyone wants to know why? Why does the price go up? Gas only costs about $30 a barrell when you factor in all costs: production, wells, exporting, etc.  Its now being sold at $113 a barrel. The Big 5 Oil companies cleared $34billion in the first 3 months of 2011, up 42% from a year ago. What accounts for this increase? Its simple: the costs do not go up, but prices do.

The worst part is, the billions earned are either stored in coffers, or used to buy back more stock, further consolidating the wealth. Very little of it is going back into the suffering economy. Trickle-down my ass.

Gas prices are set by “demand”, which of course increases every time news leaks of unrest in oil-rich countries. The demand is articulated by “Forecasters” which are basically oddsmakers who assume what high-demand costs. So its basically these forecasters who make assumptions that sets high prices, which you then pay. Who are these forecasters? Who do they ultimately work for? Every time the forecast is grim, prices soar, and so do profits.

I’m sure its not in anyone’s interest to make profits soar, right?

Gas Prices Rise, Profits Soar — Huffington Post

"I'm sorry Congressman. It's not our fault, you guys keep paying it!"

Hacked PlayStation Data for sale

Remember how Sony said last week that none of the information hacked from their Network in the largest data heist of all time could be dangerous to their customers? Remember how Sony said that all their customers’ financial information was coded and safe from hacking? Somebody’s fibbing because over the last few days Hackers have been lighting up message boards offering the pilfered financial information for sale to the highest bidder. Claims are made that credit card numbers, names, and information of more than 2.2 million customers are now on the market. Some even offer data lists for the small sum of $100,000. Of course there is reason to doubt the validity of these message forums, but many are scared. Sony has already been sued for the breach.

Who’s to blame for this mess? Is it Sony who is already being sued for the breach? Is it the hackers who actually committed the the largest data heist of all time? Or is it the stupid customers who entered in all their financial information thinking it was “safe”.

The big question is WTF is this going to do to online sales of ANY product? If the SONY financial information, which was “coded” and “secure”, has been deciphered and put up for sale, is there a reason to trust any site of internet commerce?

Hacked Playstation Network Data for Sale — Huffington Post

SONY sends out its best to hunt down the hackers


The NFL appealed the District Court’s ruling to end the lockout because of the exponential harm to the players if it was in effect. The Appellate court has granted a temporary injunction AGAINST STOPPING the lockout, which of course means, LOCKOUT back on!

This injunction will be in effect until the NFL appeal is heard.

And they were so nice last week as they were drafting new kids to screw.

NFL Lockout resumes — Deadline

"Are you kidding me?"


  1. Gas Prices.
    Leftie, If you know how to read a balance sheet, google up that last publicly released ExxonMobile financials.
    “Big Oil” made less than 3 Cents per gallon in profit.
    Let that sink in.
    In Florida, you pay 54 cents per gallon in TAXES.
    Did you know that? Did you bother to think about that?
    3 cents to the greedy Big Oil.
    54 cents to our warm fuzzy Government that helps people.
    If your Government really cared, they would offer a tax holiday, and that would drop gas prices.

    Also, my retired father owns ExxonMobile. He worked for 45+ years and now he lives off of the dividends and appreciation that ExxonMobile stock pays him. Many major mutual funds own XOM. That means many many many American citizens own ExxonMobile.
    When you start talking about “it isn’t in anyone’s interest to have profits soar” you are wrong. Profits in publicly traded companies provide for many many individuals.
    I am for individuals.
    You are for the Government.

    • You are not for the people. You are only for the people who own stock.

      I am not for government. I am for government protecting us from people like you.

      Do you actually believe the false propaganda you spew? I love it when you reply, but wish you’d wait until after lunch to post. It affects my appetite.

  2. Not true Leftie.
    I am for people that buy gasoline or consume products that rely on fuel to transport those goods. (that ought to cover just about everyone). The amount of taxes sucked out per gallon by the government is egregious. Yet the leftist Rhino is still mad at ExxonMobile.

    The Government takes 54 cents a gallon in taxes.
    ExxonMobile earns less than 3 cents for that same gallon.

    Think about it. The tradesman down the street fills his work truck each week with 25 gallons of gas.
    75 cents goes to Exxon.
    1,350 cents goes to the government. EACH WEEK.

    The tradesman may or may not own stock, but he is paying about $675+ per year just in FUEL TAX. Oh…yeah, and $37 per year to ExxonMobile for the convenience of 24 hour fueling stations and a hot cup of coffee. I care about the tradesman. I care about the school teachers in California whose retirement is invested in XON stock.
    You can attack XON (without any facts or support) but how do you defend the tax??

    “I’m sure its not in anyone’s interest to make profits soar, right?” Wrong leftie. And I have given you a specific example of why profits benefit individuals. Profit motivates individuals to create and produce goods and services that are desired in the marketplace.

    “I am for government protecting us from people like you.”
    What??? People like me that suggest you read a book about economics? Or suggest you think things through? Don’t be scared. Knowledge won’t hurt you. You do not need to pay the MOB or the Government for protection money. No matter what they tell you to think…I won’t hurt you. They are just trying to frighten you so that you will keep on paying the protection fee. Thinking men are not the enemy. It is the parasites and the useful idiots that support the parasites that are dismantling the United States economy.

    • “It is the parasites and the useful idiots that support the parasites that are dismantling the United States economy.”

      Thank you for your perfect description of Big Corporate America and their lackeys. Which are you, by the way, when you pass along their propaganda everyday without hearing the level of ridiculousness that comes off your fingers?

      Just because you put numbers in your reply, doesn’t make it a useful fact.