Summer Movie Madness

This is probably going to be an absurdly FUN summer at the movies. I grabbed some trailers so you can see what you have to look forward to. If you aren’t looking forward to any of these, why do you hate your life?

Transformers 3

The 2nd one was miserably horrible, but after seeing this trailer, I think Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg figured it out. Of course they forgot Megan Fox but she pissed off Michael Bay with her big mouth. He wasn’t banging her anymore, so who wants to hear her opinions? TF3 looks big, huge, bomb-tacular and there is no chance I’m not seeing this in IMAX. My jaw dropped from the preview alone, this will definitely be the memorable theater-going experience the first one was.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2

This is one of the rare series that got better with each film. Its the highest grossing franchise of all time, $5.5 billion dollars worldwide. It’s tough for me to admit this as a grownz-ass man, but the I may or may not have read the 7th Harry Potter more than once. This will be the first Potter, Harry to to be shown in 3-D. Safe to say this one is going to make a couple bucks.



Henry Cavill and Mickey Rooney try to add some gravitas to the sandal & sword flick which could be 300 or it could be Clash of the Titans. Cavill isn’t only carrying the success of this movie on his back, but his performance here will dictate the early buzz for his next immortal role as Superman. The special effects look awesome, so this movie could be huge if it isn’t hokey.


X Men: First Class

This movie couldn’t appear to be more aptly named. The arc between Xavier and Magneto is one the best parts of the whole X-men saga, so it’s great to see it get its due. Thankfully the movie takes the story back to the 1960’s, capturing the period of time and the mood of the nation that inspired Stan Lee to create the Marvel world. I’m an X-Men geek so I know I’m looking forward to this. Are you?


Captain America

Chris Evans (Fantastic Four) jumps behind a Marvel mask once again. I wasn’t psyched for this movie until I saw the trailer. Could be Daredevil, but I hope its more Rocketeer. The CGI used to make Chris Evans look huge is fantastic. Wait, the skinny one was CGI? Dude is jacked. I’ll take any excuse to see Hugo Weaving as a bad guy. Sign me up.


Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds (X-Men, Blade) takes on one of the most beloved roles in the DC world. The latest footage released looks sick. Reynolds can carry any movie for a couple hours, but lets hope this is more The Last Starfighter and less Flash Gordon.


Cowboys and Aliens

Powerhouse pedigree, but who knows if the western/sci-fi mash-up will work. Is Harrison Ford LeBron and Daniel Craig D-Wade, or is it the other way around? I just hope this movie kicks-ass because I want watch it over and over again due to the Olivia Wilde factor. Hope Jon Favreau makes this one more Iron Man than Exec Producer Spielberg’s War of the Worlds.


Super 8

JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg. Wow. That’s all I need to say.