Maddow de-Closets other Newsman

"So I call him 'big sister' and he calls me 'little brother'. So what?"

The Guardian ran an interview on Monday profiling MSNBC Newswoman, Rachel Maddow. Maddow is of course portrayed as the smart, witty, rational, brave woman that she is, and proud to fight for her rights as a lesbian. Oddly, in the interview she calls out a fellow “hypothetical” anchor for staying in the closet, insisting they’re bucking their responsibility to use their platform to fight for the cause.

Of course, everyone assumed she was talking about Anderson Cooper, because…well come on, he’s gay. Maddow denies she was discussing Cooper, instead saying that all hypothetical anchors should come out of the velvety closet. That didn’t stop CNN idiots from issuing hushed denials of A.C.’s gaiety, and somewhere Sheppard Smith was smiling in the corner hoping no one noticed him listening to Lady Gaga. The big issue is, why should we care?

"Wait, let me think. No. Katy Perry never kissed me."

To be clear, I totally support a person’s right to love whoever they want. I have no idea what causes anyone to be attracted to any other human being, so how the hell can we tell someone their love is illegal?

I fully support Maddow, and her courage to be who she is and fight for her rights to be with the person she loves forever. From what I understand, Anderson’s sexuality is not much of a secret, and is often discussed in the rumor mill. Shit, even OUT magazine lists him every year on its list of most powerful Gay People in America, and this year he came in 3rd…one spot above Rachel Maddow.

A.C. just doesn’t want to talk about it.

It's because you're single, neat and thin. Oh yeah, and because you go biking with that guy.

Maddow is the best on TV right now at “calling out” people when they should be, its just that I feel Maddow is 100% wrong on this issue. Why is it someone’s responsibility to come out? And further, why is it a newsman’s responsibility to discuss their sexual preference on-air? Who do they owe?

The gay-gig works for Maddow. She panders to the Liberal Left, and her show is aired on super-liberal MSNBC. That doesn’t mean this shtick would work for Anderson anyone else. Other networks CNN can’t be nearly as open, because they are commercialized and play to the majority of the country, not just a small sect. Anyone carried on such a network would be hurt by “coming out”, both in ratings and reputation. Its unfortunate, but Conservatives will never officially “accept” homosexuality. The Bible is pretty clear on its Gayness position, and well all know the Right-Wing loves that book.

How Shep survives at Fox News is anybody's guess

On the other hand, most of The Middle is more of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” variety. It’s not homophobia, but rather a desire not to label ourselves or those around us by who they like to bang. A Newsman is only successful so long as he’s credible, and anyone, no matter the profession, loses credibility when their image is tarnished by sex. No one wants to picture their most trusted source for information having sex…with anyone. No one needs to see the title “Anderson Cooper 360” and instantly think that means A.C. is both a pitcher and a catcher. Sex might sell, but its stopped giving you credibility when you graduated high-school.

Maddow’s point of view is perpetuating the idea that we need to constantly hear who people want to have sex with. Even if someone is proud of their sexuality, they don’t need to broadcast it into millions of homes. If I walked around all day talking about the W. and H.W. (you’ll figure it out) that  I beg to have sex with me, everyone would be offended…I’ve tried. Some people might be cool with it, but most don’t like talking about sexual issues with anyone. It makes them feel icky. It’s just the way it is.

Oh, if metaphors could talk

We don’t need our news-anchors to come out of the closet. Others can say that you’re dropping the activism ball, but we have enough opinion on the news these days. Lets keep a few bastions of truth where the story is about the news and not the newsperson. Stay in that closet Anderson and come out after an hour of hair-and-makeup to give us the state of our union. Keep living your life and doing your thing, out of the public eye, where EVERYONE should keep their sex life.

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