Crap you should read Wednesday (4/27)

Gator kicked off team

Janoris Jenkins is no longer a Florida Gator. New Coach Muschamp released the star cornerback from the team following his third arrest while at the University of Florida. Muschamp is obviously trying to fight the misdemeanor-Gator image that flourished under Urban, but come on. Janoris was the only baller on the team last year. Unfortunately, he’s a moron.

Janoris’ latest arrest came after a cop found him smoking a blunt in his car. It was the 2nd time this year he was arrested for smoking weed in public. He shouldn’t be kicked off for weed (this guy can ball, if he’s that good on weed, power to him), but he should have definitely get the boot for being a friggin’ idiot.

Janoris, its illegal. The law doesn’t make much sense, but you already got arrested for the same shit before. You have a great career and millions of dollars in your future, why do you need to smoke the blunt in your car? It only takes 10 minutes to get from one end of Gainesville to the other, you couldn’t blaze at home?

It’s just plain stupidity mixed with a good dose of hubris. I’m sure he’ll learn his lesson, as his punishment is to go straight to the NFL.

Gators kick Janoris Jenkins off team after 3rd Arrest — Sun-Sentinel

Janoris gets higher than some of his teammates

NFL Lockout B.S.

The NFL has sent a letter to Free Agents advising that they are free to shop their services. The District Court just ruled that the Lockout will cause irreparable harm to Free Agents and impair their ability to earn their worth. The letter to Free Agents is the NFL’s way of pretending they are complying with the order. They League claims that Teams will face punishment if they don’t take the Free Agent calls, but its all B.S..

The owners aren’t going to answer the phone. Why would they? The owners don’t want to adhere to the profit-sharing agreement they signed with players just a couple of years ago because they feel it gives players too much money. They locked their doors to keep the players from working. They want to make this as difficult as possible so the players cave. Its basically a war of attrition until the Players agree to give back their share of the profits.

The letter to players is just another brilliant legal tactic to pretend that the NFL is the league that cares. If they really cared, they wouldn’t be screwing with my fantasy draft.

League says Free Agents can shop around — Pro Football

"Call me, ok? :)"

“Disturbing” Candor from A.G. on Oil Pricing Investigation

Attorney General Eric Holder commented on the ongoing investigation into shadiness in oil pricing, saying “There are a couple things that … are disturbing.” He didn’t elaborate further but said that a fraud task force wold be reviewing the findings next week.

The big question is what will result from this task force? Will Big Oil be led away in handcuffs? No chance, Big Oil is too powerful. Obama did lay down the law in the State of the Union address, vowing that the Federal government was done kowtowing to Oil. So far he revoked Federal funds from their coffers and now he’s attacking their cartel pricing. Its a shame he dropped the ball on doing anything special in regards to regulations following the BP spill, but I guess now he’s trying to make up for it. When it comes to cracking Big Energy, we gotta take what we can get.

Attorney General hints at “disturbing” findings already in Oil Price Investigation — USA Today

"We're gonna get these guys. High Five."

Hannity is an Asshole

Anderson Cooper, (who isn’t gay, just ask his peeps), is fabulously fuming. AC showed his audience yet another blatant example of Sean Hannity’s manipulating and intentionally misleading journalism. Ironically, in a special on the evil “Liberal Media Bias”,  Hannity played a clip of Cooper saying that Joseph Wilson “was a victim of a Bush Smear Campaign” for exposing the Valerie Plume scandal. Hannity’s portrayal implied Cooper used pointed and manipulative words to portray Bush in an evil light. The problem is Seany cut the tape mid-sentence intentially to paint Anderson as a biased newsperson. The bigger problem is that Hannity is too dumb to realize that A.C. would still have the original unedited tape.

Cooper outed the misrepresentation on his show, and played the unedited clip with Cooper clearly saying that Joe Wilson claimed he himself “was a victim of a Bush Smear Campaign.” He was quoting what someone else said, or some could say “reporting”. So Hannity tried to prove Liberal maniuplative bias, by lying and manipulating to further “Conservative” bias. Standard.

For the record, you should know that Blow-hard Hannity is one of my biggest inspirations for starting The Ryno’s Horn.  Not in a good way. Very little of what this guy says would I tag as “news”. Facts mean nothing to Sean Hannity.  He is the type of bias-pusher that poses slanted questions, like “How horrible of a job is Obama doing?” “Is Health Care bad or the worse thing ever?” He is a propaganda machine with no conscience; an entertainer for people entertained by anger and button-pushing.

Other than that, I’m sure he’s probably a good guy.

Anderson Cooper calls out Sean Hannity for Dirty Journalism — Huffington Post

"The louder I get, the more you're supposed to BELIEVE ME."

Congress taking on Big Brother: iPhone

Your iPhone is watching you. Senator Stuart Smalley Al Franken is leading a Congressional investigation into the tracking capabilities of  smartphones after recent reports that your precious iPhone records everywhere your every movement. The smartphone keeps a GPS log that can help ANYONE track wherever you have been. Apple insists that the information is stored, but not collected. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be. Sen. Franken and crew are looking into the technology behind it, the necessity of it, as well as the security. Is this really the first time someone considered this?

With all the features on the phone that use GPS, its absolutely unavoidable that such information isn’t recorded somewhere. Don’t kid yourself, every piece of information transfered over the good old internet can (and will) be seen by someone else. Privacy died once we plugged into the Matrix. There is truly nothing private in life, unless you ditch the cell and the credit card, use cash and live off the grid.  Then they arrest you for being so weird.

Congress digging into iPhone Tracking — Reuters

"Hold on Al, I'm just trying to turn off Facetime."


  1. Can you say “Pacman Deux: The return of the flying blunt”. Not that the Gators are short on talent at that position but c’mon! Did he think that for one second he might have Cam Cameron Charm!

    Go Gators!

  2. Regarding the former Gator player Jenkins…guess smoking illegal pot was more important to him than someone paying for his college. Not sure if it more appropriate to call him a “pot-head” or “poop-head”. Regardless, the fact remains that pot doesn’t make you smarter, just more addicted. With that said, my former college is needing some good d-backs and I’m sure they would gladley give him a 4th chance!