Guantanamo Prison Docs Leaked

GITMO Embarrassment

"So when we take off your hoods, you will ALL be Delta Tau brothers! Ok, someone translate"

More than 750 intelligence summaries relating to the Guantanamo Bay Prison have been Wiki-leaked, much to the dismay of the White House’s current occupants, and more to the embarrassment of the previous occupants. The cables are mostly intelligence summaries which date from 2002-2008 (Bush era) and detail what took place at the prison that housed “enemy combatants” (meaning terrorists and their “supporters”) following the September 11th attacks. “Enemy combatants”, you will remember, is a term of art W used to justify keeping these prisoners without giving them “Due Process”.

Amongst some of the juicer tidbits, the leaked docs show that while certain baddies were imprisoned there, a significant amount of inmates at Gitmo had connections to terrorism that were “tenuous” at best.  The documents also highlights that a lot of torture interrogation techniques used, but the results were usually pretty shitty. Analysts often doubt the value of the forced intelligence because anyone will say anything to stop the pain. The leaked docs also prove that very little was thwarted using the intelligence pulled this way, and analysts were constantly questioning the methods used.

"Yes, your honor, but it was all for a very good cause. We had to stop the pathogens, and Damn it, there wasn't enough time!"

Ask yourself this, its been 10 years, have we found Bin Ladin? So was it worth the loss of our morals, or at least putting them aside for a minute? After all, we were ok when Jack Bauer took the business end of a lamp cord to electrocute a potential terrorist supporter (he turned out to be innocent, but don’t get nit-picky), or shoots a bad guy’s wife for info. What’s a little water-boarding between friends? Are the Gitmo prison and the accompanying techniques a necessary “Evil” to combat terrorism?

The “ends” justify the horrible means, right? What about when the “ends” suck?

The docs also show that we had some good help in the torture interrogation game, since we were getting little on our own. Russian and Chinese Intel Agents were invited to the prison resort to go to town on some of the tougher nuts to crack. Why? Probably because they are less legally squeamish about that crap than we are. They have 24 over there too, they just call it Cops.

Michael Vick presents "Gitmo Fights"

Informants, who made up the bulk of “usable” info from Gitmo, were often just as unreliable. Many inmates lie to add value to their gossip in hopes of escaping harm for themselves or for their families back home. Its those stories that usually scared the Orange Level out of the Bush administration, which in turn scared us into buying duct tape. Its also been released that 8 inmates were responsible for the information that detained over 255 of the prisoners. Guess what? Turns out most of the info was later found to be sketchy at best.

There’s a couple curious details in the cables, such as prisoner transfers to other countries, and hints at the secret CIA “black sites” where the dirtiest of the dirty are allegedly brought. Should we be reading this stuff?

"I'll give you the cables, Danny. You just have to ask me nicely."

The worst part is, the leaked cables all come from the Bush years. I’m sure that means relatively little to the Muslim that had the American Flag branded onto his ball-sack, but the negative attention it brings now, after 3 years of pretending to be correcting that image, is extremely detrimental. It harms our country’s credibility, it harms the current administration’s stance worldwide, and it certainly only adds harms to our presence in the Middle East.

I’m all for freedom of information, and keeping the government in check, but is there a line? Here comes the Wikileaks debate…the value of having the information vs. the harm it’s release has on the world.

Are we better off knowing in detail how we let our lesser Jack Bauers run amok through Gitmo trying to stop the next horrible attack on our soil? Are we better off with Radical Islam having more fuel to add to their propaganda fire now 3-9 years after the incidents reported in the leaked documents?

Was this a good leak to take, or does it reek of asparagus?

Embarrassing GITMO docs released on WikiLeaks — Miami Herald


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  1. Obama Orders Guantánamo Prisoners Transferred To Next President
    April 13, 2011 | ISSUE 47•15

    WASHINGTON—After two years of false starts and protracted legal wrangling, President Barack Obama signed an executive order Tuesday authorizing the transfer of all 172 Guantánamo detainees to the next chief executive of the United States of America. “The president’s bold decision to move these enemy combatants to the subsequent administration should finally quiet critics who have accused him of inaction and impotence concerning this issue,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said after noting that Obama had—in favor of the more politically pragmatic alternative—passed on several opportunities to relocate the inmates to correctional facilities in the continental United States as a first step toward affording the prisoners due process of law. “This will not be an easy process by any means, but all of the detainees should be transferred by 2012, or 2016 at the very latest.” With the Guantánamo issue finally resolved, President Obama has reportedly already begun efforts to address another of his 2008 campaign promises by calling for the removal of the Bush-era tax cuts from the current political dialogue.
    – The Onion