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Yemen President Resigns

President Ali Abdullah Saleh agreed to step down after 32 years of abusing power in Yemen. In the last 2 months of protesting, 130 civlians have been lost in the peaceful demonstrations, and government and military defections have been increasing during the unrest. Saleh finally realized that after years of oppressing his people and keeping many of them in poverty, that he lost “his people”. The agreement calls for Saleh’s official transfer of power to his deputy in 30 days, in exchange for immunity from prosecution for crimes against his people. Protesters are still less-than-thrilled as they want his ass out immediately and of course, prosecution. Apparently people get a little testy when, amongst other things, you use harmful gas to break up peaceful demonstrations.

The bigger picture is the “People Power” going on over in the Middle East. In Egypt, Tunisia, and now Yemen, dictatorships are being brought down by protesting and annoying the shit out of them, not with fighting. This is a big step not only for the middle eastern people, but for the rest of the world that thinks Muslims only solve problems with suicide bombers.

Yemen President agrees to resign after months of protest — CBC news

"No ,no. Not a big apology. Just a little one."

Attack of the Drones

Predator drones, for all their un-manned goodness, are back in the news, this time in relation to strained ties with Pakistan. It seems that too many Pakistani civilians are dying in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles attacks meant for militants. Sure, the US has thwarted attacks and killed militants, but too many civilians are dying, in the opinion of those picky Pakistanis. You don’t say? To make matters worse, Pakistan complains that the US excludes them from a lot of the planning, and they are left cleaning up the mess. The US acts unilaterally because it feels Pakistan is too slow (or inefficient) in attacking Afghan terrorism on their soil. That’s a good reason to bomb the shit out of your friend’s homeland, right?

You can’t blame the technology; the Predator Drones are technical marvels. These “collateral” deaths are sometimes the result of missed targets, other times poor intelligence resulting from a lack of cohesiveness between US and Pakistan’s armies as well as the numerous private contracting armies on the ground.

Could it be coincidence that just days after another attack killed 5 women and 3 children (As well as 17 militants) the US packed up and left a Southern Pakistani base from where they launch many Predator missions? Of course the US downplays their departure, but the people in Pakistan are fed up and many want the program thwarted altogether on their land.

Not to be a nit-picker, but how many countries hate the Peaceful United States right now because we accidentally kill their civilians in the name of their own freedom?

Predator Drone strikes straining US and Pakistan relations – CNN

"Trust me, its more fun without the camera"

Still Bourne, but no Bourne

The Bourne Legacy has signed its new lead, Jeremy Renner, to carry the ass-kicking amnesiac assassin mantle. This is not a re-boot and Renner is not playing Bourne. Instead he will play a character from the same agency who kicks ass, then takes names, but then forgets those names. Its not completely clear why Matt Damon isn’t in the franchise he turned into a blockbuster-making machine, but Damon has been on record saying that he would only sign on for a Bourne film if director Paul Greengrass was involved. Bourne Legacy will be directed by Tony Gilroy (Duplicity) who wrote all the Bourne movies. So no Damon, bring in Renner.

For those keeping tabs, Renner is now the new Bourne, as well as Hawkeye in The Avengers, and the new lead in Mission Impossible. That’s 3 HUGE franchises for the Hurt Locker star. Not bad for a closet gay dude who brings his mom to awards shows.

Jeremy Renner is the new Bourne, kind of —

"I had to use all 5 of these to get on The Town"

Lindsay Catches a Break

Seems the super-tough judge overseeing Lindsay Lohan’s case isn’t so tough after all. Lindsay was found guilty of probation violation and”sentenced” to 120 days in jail and 400 hours of community service. LL posted her $75,000 bond and is already out of jail. The leniency came in regards to the necklace theft issue, where the Judge saw fit to drop the theft charges from felony to a misdemeanor. This helps Lindsay because she can likely plea out of the misdemeanor, whereas she would have been screwed with the felony.

The system keeps rewarding this misfit. LL will never do serious time living in Los Angeles, no matter how many times she spits in the court’s face, or tells the judge to “Fuck Off” on her fingernails. Some say its because she’s famous. I have no other explanation besides The Boobs. LL has to report to a woman’s shelter today to begin her community service. Apparently keeping Lindsay away from society is the best service she can perform for the community.

Lindsay Lohan Necklace Charge downgraded to misdemeanor — LA Times

"I swear I'll never, WTF crime and I here for again?"

Charlie Sheen Dumped by Goddess

Everyone’s favorite wealthy degenerate, Charlie Sheen, is not Winning today. Sheen has been dumped by one of his harem, porn star Bree Olson, by text message. Olson and the other goddess, Natalie Kenly have been accompaning Sheen on his whirwind narcissistic My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is not an Option Tour, basically for the sole purpose of kissing each other on stage and portraying Sheen to be one lucky warlock. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, so Sheen is likley now on the lookout for another classy young debutante who likes cigarettes and necrophilia.

Charlie Sheen Goddess dumped him by Text –The Hollywood Gossip

We wear caps and sleeves at this league son

Internet sucks…up a ton of energy

I know you thought that by staying in and browsing porn and using single-ply tissues that you were saving the environment. Turns out you’re wrong. Let’s put it this way, if the Internet was a country, it would be the 5th highest user of energy in the world. Computer servers in data centers account for 2% of the total energy usage in the world, and usage has been increasing by 12% a year. Recognizing how power is integral to business, many data centers locate themselves next to cheap energy hotspots, which means that coal plants are fueling the internet. That’s not a good thing, unless you are the ones saving money by using all coal power. On the greener side, major centers like Yahoo and google are trying to use cleaner energy; Yahoo only uses 18% of coal energy, while Google created a new subsidiary to buy clean power from renewable sources like wind and solar energy.

Good thing too, because each month Google Searches use up enough energy to power a freezer for 5400 years, or to do 5 million loads of laundry. So basically next time you get an Gmail from an environmentalist linking you to his environmentalist website, tell that hypocrite to fuck off.

Internet use sucks up a ton of energy — LA Times

Someone has to shut Skynet down

New App lets the Walls Talk

A new GPS-based App for smartphones called Broadcastr is letting the walls do the talking. The developers call Broadcastr a “museum tour of the entire world”. Users record stories, then tag the file to specific locations in cyberspace. Imagine going to a restaurant and listening to a crazy blind date story that took place there, or passing by a famous mural on a building and hearing all about its creation.

The big question is, can this be financially successful? The app is still young, so its future is uncertain, but so far Broadcastr has 40,000 users and 8,000 stories. Seems like a good platform for comedians, restaurants, clubs, and cities (for tourism), but is there any money in this? More importantly will anyone be suing them later on the line claiming they actually created Broadcastr?

Does this sound like something you would use? Let me know what you think.

If these walls could talk…Broadcastr App lets them  — CNN

Wall is not happy about this threesome

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