Brandon Marshall Stabbed, but WTF?

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She hit me right in the numbers. I'm not used to that.

Star Miami Dolphins Wide Reciever, Brandon Marshall, was stabbed in the gut late Friday night. Marshall spent Friday night and Saturday morning in ICU, but early indications are that no organs were damaged and Marshall will heal just fine.

Who stabbed him? At first Marshall told police his injury was the result of horseplay. He claimed that he slipped on a broken vase and a shard sliced open his abdomen. Marshall’s wife told Broward Sherriff’s Office a different story, admitting that she stabbed her husband with a knife out of self defense. BSO then arrested Michi Nogami-Marshall on charges of Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon during a Domestic Dispute.

Why did B-Marshall lie about what happened? Was he trying to protect his wife? Or was he trying to protect himself? If the story was in place, why did Michi admit to the stabbing?

Here’s where the EXCLUSIVE comes in: a friend of mine is close with Michi Nogamai-Marshall (quite fortuitous for The Ryno’s Horn, I’m aware). My friend has a hard time believing that Michi would set out to hurt Brandon, especially in light of what Michi confided in her. On the day before the incident, Michi came to her completely despondent, and extremely upset about her marriage. She cried that she was fed up with her husband’s womanizing, as well as his anger issues that she had tried so hard to rid him of. It was apparent to my friend that Michi still loved Brandon and was torn up over her decision, but she made her mind up to end the relationship and their marriage.

So what happened back at their house? Did she attack him “Fatal Attraction” style for his womanizing ways, or did Marshall lose it when Michi told him she wanted a divorce?

I hate to incriminate the guy in the court of public opinion, but Marshall does have a history with domestic and public disturbances (see Outside the Lines video below). Quick-tempered, and reportedly violently rash, Marshall has the police called on him more than Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen out on a night of Winning.

The stories are horrific: public altercations, talk of choking his girlfriends, coming at them with rocks, etc. Most incriminating, in 2007, he allegedly came at a girlfriend with such violence, that she pulled a knife on him. Somehow, in the tussle, she was stabbed in the thigh. Of course, this is not the version Marshall tells.

There are two sides to every story, and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately these stories are coming with such frequency in Brandon Marshall’s life, that the truth can’t be 100% on his side. If even half of the assertions from the women in his life are true, B Marshall is one scary dude when he flips the switch.

What temper? B Marshall was flagged twice already for Unsportsmanlike Conduct in the hospital's recovery ward

To be fair, it seems that he is attracted to volatile relationships, and in some of these reported (and un-reported) altercations it’s obvious he was assaulted by the women as well. We also have to give Marshall the benefit of the doubt (for how long, I’m not sure), because even with these horrible police reports against him (and I personally know some crazy/jaded women who try to manipulate the police to screw with someone’s life) and the protective orders against him, major charges against him have been dismissed.

Of course family and friends are requesting privacy during this time, but Dol-fans need to know how this one  will play out! Will Marshall recover and be able to at least match his sub-par numbers from last season? Did Marshall attack his wife to prompt the stabbing? If so, will he eventually be arrested for yet another domestic dispute, and be lost to the Dolphins for part, or all, of the season?

Best wishes on a speedy recovery, Brandon.  I just hope the worst isn’t true.



  1. Horn man: I didn’t appreciate the comment about Brandon Marshall have more cops called out on him than Lindsey and I. Do you know how hard it is to build up such a record or reputation and you destroy it in one article. Charlie.

  2. His wife’s full of shit. I think he’s just really upset about going from Jay Cutler to Chad Henne and he tried to off himself. Guns hurt way more, ask Plax.

  3. “She hit me right in the numbers. I’m not used to that.” Nice!

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