War of Semantics in Libya

The non-missile heads for a non-war

Yesterday, President Obama announced the use of US predator drones to be used in Libya. Yeah, Yeah, they’ll be used by NATO to help the rebels.

At what point do we stop with the BS and call this a war?

We are clearly engaged in conflict over there, forget the semantics. Why won’t we just admit it. First, Obama and crew just don’t like the sound of our peaceful nation taking place in THREE wars at the same time. Yup, our non-imperialistic country has its hands in 3 different conflicts (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya), 2 of which will be going on for some time. We are stretched way too thin in the other conflicts.  That is why we claim we are only contributing to the Europeans running the mission, and not running it ourselves. Unfortunately, the sparse air cover we’ve provided so far has been unsuccessful in turning the tide in favor of the Rebels, so now we have to send in our Drones. The Unmanned aircraft are a significant advance in our direct involvement. This is no longer just “support”; we will be manning the drones as they bomb towns in Libya.

You done pissed NATO off

Now don’t get me wrong. I 100% agree that Gadaffi needs to be taken out. Besides the fact that he looks like Lionel Richie dressing as Lady Gaga, this guy is a repeated danger to his people, and the world. The Colonel’s repeated lies and misinformation prove he is either not playing with a full deck, or he just doesn’t understand how TV cameras work. I’m guessing a little bit of both. Either way, he is not someone who should be “leading” people, and an army.

"What, me worry?"

I agree that the World has to remove him from power, and to ensure that he doesn’t slaughter his own people. So if he wasn’t going to step down  (and he won’t), then he needs to be removed.  We have chosen sides. We want Gadaffi out of power. We have provided planes, man power and weapons to accomplish this. When another country steps onto your land to dispose of your leader, that’s a war. Not a conflict.

In the past we claimed that we weren’t at war in Libya, because we’re just using planes to protect a no fly zone. We allegedly didn’t have boots on the ground, we were just supplying weapons. We also claimed that this wasn’t us, but was NATO. We are NATO’s biggest funder and biggest contributor of men and weapons. We aren’t just a part of the group, we are the biggest part of the group. If NATO is at war, we are at war.  Just because the whole gander is there, doesn’t mean the goose isn’t a part of it? Makes no sense, except in semantic-ville.

"Dang NATO, You sunk my battleship! For serious, a real battleship. Thanks for that."

Yet our government is still trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

This is a war. Yet we can’t call this a war because any “war” would have to be voted on by congress, not unilaterally by the President. No one wants another debate in Congress about taking over yet another country. No one wants to hear that we have to build another nation after we bomb the crap out of it. We don’t have the money, and the people over there don’t like us enough to build their nation according to western ideals anyway.

This latest move of sending over Drones is an escalation of our involvement. When is Congress going to get its say? When will we finally agree that ongoing fighting in someone else’s country is ALWAYS a war.

Funny thing is, we aren’t fooling anyone but the American people. I bet if you asked the Libyan who looked out his window and saw the plane flying overhead who was in his country he would answer with a resounding: “U.S. of A”.

US Officials say its not out of disrespect. Its for warmth, which is the highest honor you can bestow

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  1. You would think it would be easier and cheaper for us to kill a foreign leader. After all, it only took us one magic bullet to kill our own leader back in 1963. Fast forward almost 50 years; we are using planes that fly themselves and bombs that can wipe out cities and we still can’t get the job done. Why don’t we sell a cow to a butcher like jack did and get five more magic bullets. Too soon?