“Dark Knight Rises” Casting News

“Dark Knight Rises” Roles clarified

Cinema genius, Chris Nolan has leaked more information to amp up the Batman geeks like myself. Nolan clarified more roles for the upcoming Batman sequel, Dark Knight Rises, and true to form, he keeps adding people that he has directed in previous movies. So, it comes as no surprise that he has added “Inception” stars Joseph Gordon Levitt and Marion Cottillard to the already star-studded cast. Holy Oscar, does everyone in this movie have an Academy Award or nomination?

She will be battling ugly Maggie Gyllenhaal deep down in Wayne's subconscious

Gordon-Levitt will be playing a cop working under Goldman’s Gordon, and Cottillard will be a Wayne Corp exec helping Bruce reclaim his father’s legacy as civilian savior.

Getting psyched for 500 Days of Gotham

Of course, the old faces are returning: Christian Bale as Batman; Michael Caine as Alfred, Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, and Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon. Joining them are Tom Hardy (also from Inception) as Bane, and Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman.

Hathaway, Hardy and their Avatars

Hathaway, the hard-working goddess that she is (does she have the best agent in Hollywood, or what?) will be seducing Batman with her skills, and oh yeah, her riDONKulous body. Nolan loves depth in his movies, so will Hathaway’s villain be more than a sexy, painted-on Catwoman suit? Will she be the bizarre totem that Wayne judges himself by, a la Harvey “Two-Face” Dent?

Batman better make it easier to take off his utility belt

Hardy was rumored to be playing Dr. Hugo Strange, but now it’s clear he is going to be playing Bane. Bane is a juiced-up monster, so many were shocked to hear the role go to Hardy. That was before they saw how JACKED this guy can get.

I dare Batman to question his sexuality

Some of you might only remember Bane as the grunting goon who stood behind Uma Thurman in the worst Batman movie of all time, but Bane is actually a big part of Batman lore. In a storyline arcing over many Batman comics, known collectively as “Knightfall”, the monstrously- huge, yet wickedly intelligent Bane discovers Wayne’s secret identity. He toys with Wayne a bit, then breaks him, literally. Bane cripples the previously indestructible Batman so badly that Wayne has to find someone else to don his cowl and cape. The new Batman is a cop-turned-vigilante (possibly Gordon-Levitt?) who doesn’t share Wayne’s moral code, and actually kills criminals. Eventually Batman heals (don’t ask) and has to confront both the monster that broke him, and the vigilante monster he created.

Is Nolan, who already said this is the last movie of this trilogy, going to follow this “Knightfall” storyline? Or will Batman appear broken, fall into limbo, then wake up from a dream within a dream?

Either way, it seems that Nolan is steadfast in his desire for quality actors, knowing full well that the success from his super-movies comes from whatever depth and grounded realism his performers (and direction) provides.

Why so serious? Because its frickin’ better that way!