Crap you should read Thursday (4/21)

Religion and Politics

They say that in polite company, you should never discuss religion or politics. This is funny, considering a recent study shows just how intertwined religion and politics are. The religious make-up of the current Congress is pretty representative of our nation’s percentages. Where it doesn’t look right is in regards to the religions of the party members themselves, where the make-up isn’t representative of the nation at all.

First of all, 16% of America is “unaffiliated” with religion or atheist. ZERO members of Congress claim no affiliation. Not surprisingly, Republicans are more Christian and less diverse than the Democrats. There is only one NON-Christian in the Republican Party, Eric Cantor (is this Jew crazy?), compared to 38 non-Christian Democrats.

Now is this a result of the strength of their Christian base, or is it just that the Republican platform is so appealing to Christians, yet not at all to other faiths? Or is it that religious people are felt to be more morally upright, and therefore should be better leaders? I think it shows why so much of the platform is religious in nature, and Christians don’t trust others to carry on their beliefs and institute them into our institution. Regardless of the reason, these stats demonstrate the Republicans clearly do not accurately represent America’s makeup. And that December is a confusing month for Democrats.

Party and Religious Afilliation — US News

Think there's an abortion clinic anywhere around here?

MLB to take over Dodgers

Major League Baseball has taken the rare step of taking over one of its franchises. In the past (see Montreal Expos) the League has appointed a Trustee to step in to save struggling financial disasters, but this is not the case with the current takeover of the Los Angeles Dodgers. So why did they step in? The owners of the team, the McCourts, are stuck in a bitter divorce that allegedly threatens the integrity of the organization. Frank McCourt had to recently seek a loan from FOX to make payroll, and this caught everyone’s attention. The Commish obviously saw this as a pre-cursor to further financial troubles (especially with estranged wife Jamie digging her claws into her future ex’s pockets) that could affect the credibility of organization decisions. Selig and Co. Obviously feel that the Dodgers are Too Big To Fail.

The trustee-ship is temporary, but many are speculating that this will lead to a forced sale of the organization. This of course, COULD lead to the Dodgers getting the hell out of Dodge (sorry, couldn’t help it) and while its hard to imagine this prestigious franchise moving out of the Chavez Ravine, LA surely cant afford another stadium vacancy.

Major League Baseball takes over the Dodgers — ESPN

"Can you speak up? I'm getting a little League Interference"

Threat Scale Simplified

Remember the first act performed by the newly created Department of Homeland Security in the wake of 9-11? They created a color-coded warning system that was supposed to keep our country on alert, and keep us abreast of the current state of terror threats. Instead, it confused the shit out of us. Who could tell if an Yellow Alert meant we could fly or not? Every time Al Qaeda farted, the threat went up to Orange. Actually, the color has not changed since 2006, and has NEVER dropped below yellow, or “Elevated”.

Director Tom Ridge and President W took a lot of slack, so now 10 years later, the government finally fixed the warning system. Now its only two options: a) We all cool, and b) Shit your pants. Seriously, the two options are “elevated risk” and “imminent risk“. Learn it, love it. If you see “elevated”, then its time to rat out your suspicious neighbor. If you see “imminent”, get your duct tape.

Threat Scale Simplified — Sun Sentinel

“No seriously, I promise you guys. This will be REALLY helpful”

Brandon Knight leaves Kentucky

Local Pinecrest phenom, Brandon Knight is leaving Kentucky after only one year to declare for the NBA draft. Of course many saw this as a forgone conclusion once he signed on to play for one-and-done coach John Calipari. Calipari has a history of recruiting players he knows are only going to be around for their freshman year. Many speculate this is why Knight chose Kentucky over his local University of Florida Gators (yes, I am very bitter) because Billy D doesn’t look to kindly on the one-and-done phenomenon.

Knight will likely be a success in the League, as he has at every level of his young career. He was two time Florida High School Player of the Year, winning two state titles for Pinecrest. Knight then had a spectacular year for the Wildcats, and he took them all the way to the Final Four. Knight carried his team with a remarkable tourney that included a couple last-second, game winning shots that solidified his name in Wildcat lore.

I dont have a problem with Knight leaving. If you are good enough to play, and you meet their age restrictions, go to the League! My problem stems from Calipari’s recruiting techniques. Is it good for a school to recruit one-and-dones as a philosophy? Calipari can point to the success of his teams as proof that his tactics are fine, but college ball is about educating kids, and creating a good program. Is it good for the program to have very little continuity? Calipari is a coach who jumps from team to team (leaving numerous NCAA violations in his wake), so one can easily assume he cares more about his legacy than the legacy of the programs he coaches. Do his players? Does the student body?

Does it even matter? Let me know what you think.

Brandon Knight leaves Kentucky to go league — Miami Herald

"What do you see?" "Money." "Yeah, me too."