Are you Fracking kidding me?

Playgrounds just don’t look the same anymore

On the one year anniversary of the BP oil-well disaster, Mother Nature gave herself a great gift! Another well explosion! On Earth Day! A natural gas well exploded in Township, Pennsylvania, and covered the small town with thousands of gallons of its toxic “Fracking” mixture.

I’m often raile about this disgusting technique for extracting natural gas from the earth — or “Fracking”– and the ridiculously harmful chemicals that are part of the process. By your replies, I am shocked to find out how few people actually know what Fracking is.

“Fracking” is short for hydrolic fracturing. Put simply, millions of gallons of a crude mixture of water, chemicals and sand is pumped into the earth at high pressures. This compound cracks the underground shale rock to expose pockets of natural gas. This gas is then extracted from another nearby well.

What’s the problem? First, this process allegedly takes place deep below the aquifer and natural water reserves, but truth is, no one knows for sure what happens once that mixture is down in the earth. Opponents say the underground compound mixes into the underground well water and poisons it for everyone.

Fracking supporters steadfastly lie deny, but it is fact that local water has been tainted by something in the areas surrounding these fracking wells. So much so that some tap water can actually be lit of fire.

Recently, many reports have been surfacing about the actual chemicals used in this fracking mixture. Gas companies refuse to release the full list of chemicals used in the process, citing “industry secrets”. Truth is, they don’t want you to know what they are using, because the country would lose its collective shit. The few chemicals they have disclosed are labeled as extremely harmful carcinogens. Yup, carcinogens – aka what causes cancer. They pump it by the millions of gallons into the earth, all over the US.

If they were kind enough to let us know about the friggen’ carcinogens, how bad is the crap they AREN’T they sharing with us?

If you make the colors pretty, it seems less dangerous

To make matters worse, Fracking is also thought to cause earthquakes. Fracking supporters deny this too, but towns such as the ones in Arkansas experience numerous tremors daily, and don’t lay on fault lines; what else could cause this besides the gazillions of crude mixture pumped at high speeds to BREAK ROCK?

At least some towns have stepped in to shut down these wells until more studies are done on the causation of these earthquakes.

The Energy company salesmen are actually instructed to lie about the destructive/obtrusive process, and seduce them with “job creation”. The uninformed neighborhoods acquiesce, but they don’t realize until too late they’ve been ecologically duped.

Gatorade G5 doesn’t look so good

The Pennsylvania well exploded and sprayed its dangerous mixture all across the Bradford County town, covering homes, livestock, food, etc. No immediate deaths were associated with the explosion, but the crude mixture worked its way into the nearby Towanda Creek, which feeds into the Susquehana River, which will of course carry up the northeast.

Its not hypothetical anymore. This mixture HAS worked its way into the ecosystem, and there is no denying it. All fracking operations in the area were suspended until further information is available. Scientists are examining samples to determine the full extent of the damage to the ecosystem, and of course, Industry worms are quick to claim minimal damage. Their positive stance is curious considering it will take weeks, years, etc,  to see what the effects truly are.

Common Sense 101

I can already tell you what the results will be. You’ll hear from the environmental left that this disgusting procedure is ridiculously harmful to all. You will hear from the oil companies and their supporters that all of the research you hear is over-stated, that dangers exists in any method of energy creation. They’ll say this is normal scare tactics by Lefties seeking regulate their industry and kill jobs.

We have to ignore this political crap and open our eyes to this disgustingly harmful process and put a stop to it IMMEDIATLEY until we truly understand the effects it has on the ecosystem. This industry that NEEDS TO BE REGULATED.

Actor Mark Ruffalo has led a crusade in upstate NY to put a stop to this process for the harm its inflicted uponhis community and others. He and his cronies were successful in getting a bill passed to halt fracking wells in NY. This needs to happen elsewhere. It’s just common sense that pumping millions of gallons of harmful crap into the earth will be detrimental.

Riddle me this: if an Energy Exec came to your house, and asked if it was ok to pump this crap under your lawn, would you allow it?

No Fracking chance.


  1. Parents always tell their kids, money can’t buy happiness. However, what many parents don’t factor in is, maybe their kids are selfish pricks who have no problem killing people and ruin peoples lives for their own happiness. Therefore, like big business continues to show us, if you want to get away with killing people, giving people cancer and ruining the Earth, you need money. So Mom and Dad, before you go dropping old adages, make sure your child isn’t a vile, disgusting, selfish, money hungry, piece of crap human being. Because if they are, you are giving them bad advice. After all, we would never let a poor person get away with this.

    The fact our government would ever let this type of process begin; the fact they let it go on for so long; and the fact they continue to let it go should be proof enough the system is broken. It has to be irrefutable proof the people who govern us do not have THE PEOPLE’S interest in mind. If you went around and polled a 100 citizens within every city in the US, do you think you would find a single person who would want this to go on where they live? Unless the are personally profited from it, the answer would be NO EVERY TIME. Seriously, Are you kidding me!!!

  2. Riddle me this, who is actor Mark Ruffalo, and why in God’s name would you ever site an actor in matters concerning science?

    How about a rhino investigative report on stupid actors of the green movement making stupid green claims that never come true….start with Ted Danson’s claim about sea levels rising so high that Miami will be under water by the year 2000 if we don’t stop driving cars or whatever.

    • Forget that Ruffalo is an actor. I didn’t cite an actor, I cited that a civilian, who is an actor, was instrumental in shutting down Fracking operations in New York.
      We aren’t talking empty words “fighting for people’s rights” like your Celebrity Matriarchs full of hot air: Palin and Bachman. You lose credibility when you knock some who actually accomplished something. Who cares if he’s famous? What matters is that he used his celebrity to do something good instead of just talking about it. Like us.