VIDEO: Weird Al does Lady Gaga

Weird Al Yancovic released what was supposed to be the first track of his upcoming album on Youtube, mainly because it will no longer be released on the record. Why not? Lady Gaga said nope. Parody artists do not need permission under the first amendment, but Weird Al actually prefers to have the artist’s “ok”. In most cases, the artists (even MJ said “go ahead…eeeh-heee”) will ok the parody before its written, but Lady Gaga insisted that she would sign off only after she heard the final cut. Needless to say, when she heard the song poke fun at her celebrity, it was a no-go.

Weird Al was one of my favorite performers as a kid. Not only did I know every word to his goofy songs, but I would constantly come up with my own lyrics to just about every song on the radio– of course, much to the chagrin of my friends like Danny Sussman. Over the years his act may have become a little rote, but there are always witty gems in each of his works that make them worth it.

What do you think of “Perform This Way”? Was the Lady right to nix it, or was it foolish?