Crap you should read Tuesday (4/19)


Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, has vetoed a bill that would have required presidential candidates named Obama to provide birth certificates when they apply to be on the ballot in Arizona. The Governor stepped in and used her almighty pen to dead the issue that “Went too far” and would bring “arbitrary or politically motivated decisions”. Although I feel the Birther crap has flown way past normal-annoying territory and into David Spade-annoying territory, why DON’T we require birth certificates to apply to run for President? The Constitution lays out only three rules to be Pres: a) must be 35 years old, b) must be born in the US, and c) must have lived in US for last 14 years. Only 3 pre-reqs to be the most powerful man in the world, and we don’t require them to prove them? I visited the White House once and had to provide my birth certificate and social to get in.

Arizona Governor Vetoes Birther Bill — CNN

Trump is ready to bring Arizona Governor to the Boardroom

Boner’s Chutzphah

Rep. John Boehner hates that The Gays keep trying to prove how much they love each other by trying to get married. So much so that he has hired pricey lawyers from King & Spalding to defend the Defense of Marriage Act. That’s right, J-Bone, the guy leading the crusade against wasteful government spending is hiring top-notch attorneys to defend a law thats already on the books. It’s ok though, because in his mind its already paid for with funds originally allotted to the Justice Department because they aren’t doing enough to defend DOMA. Boner, we get it…YOUR ENTIRE PARTY is against The Gays getting married. You don’t need to defend a law that is already a law. It says “man and woman”. We get it.

Boehner hires pricey lawyers to defend DOMA

J-Bone defaults to his DeNiro impression as he tries to appear "not gay" once the tears begin

Frack me

An oil & gas company’s training manual has surfaced which has explicit instructions to salesmen to mislead and downright lie to local landowners about the dangers of oil exploration and Fracking (extracting natural gas from shale). They were to lie and declare that all the other neighboring landowners have signed the agreement already. They were to lie about the process itself and the amount of towers and infrastructure required for the processes. They were also to be vague about what goes into the process itself, regarding chemicals or environmental hazards. All in all, sounds like good business. I haven’t done door-to-door sales in years, but I can’t imagine you want to tell the neighbors that you got kicked off every other porch you’ve been to, and oh yeah, my product will probably give you kids cancer.

Salesmen instructed to lie to landowners about fracking and oil recovery

Dasani water just tastes different, right?

Environment v Business

Today the US Supreme Court will hear American Electric Power Co Inc. v. Connecticut, a case that started in 2004 when a group of states and trusts got together to sue the 5 biggest polluting utility companies: American Electric Power, Southern Company, Cinergy (since merged with Duke Energy), Xcel Energy, and the Tennessee Valley Authority. If the Supremes rule in favor of the states, then petitioners could sue their utility companies (and eventually other polluting companies) for damage to their health and to the environment. The utility companies argue that its way too difficult to assess what health/environmental damages they would be particularly responsible when the ills are not entirely caused by them or their industry. They also argue that this isn’t a place for the court to get involved, as the EPA already has the authority to regulate and tax the greenhouse emissions in question. The main problem is that the Right Wingers have been trying to eliminate the EPA’s authority to regulate so if they are successful in that, environmentalists see Judicial action as their Plan B.

Should the courts be the ones deciding this? Should the EPA be regulating this? Or should Government stay out of it and let the utility companies kill us slowly so they can save money?

Supremes to hear HUGE Environmental Case today…can we sue our utilities for climate damage and poor health —

Surgeon General says: "Duh"


Game of Thrones

HBO already picked up Game of Thrones for a 2nd season, after only one episode. This was likely a moot point as HBO has invested a ton of money (reportedly $50 million for season 1) into this amazing show already. For those of you that missed it, this seductive, political, fantasy romp is based on the book series “A Song of Fire and Ice”, and is like nothing you’ve ever seen on TV. Its like Lord of the Rings on ecstasy, with a bit of the West Wing and Spartacus mixed in. Yeah, thats a recommendation.

HBO renews Game of Thrones after only 1 episode — Entertainment Weekly

"You said WHAT about my eye-liner?"