Crap you should read Friday (4/15)

Eye Opener:

BP screwed the Earth. Now people are screwing BP, and screwing over the people most in need. You should definitely read the entire story below, even though it was probably written by a BP stooge who is trying to gain sympathy for the poor oil company. Even still, the new oil barons are “spillionaires”, those profiting off the BP money given out in wake of the tragic event. Our wise government kept the recovery fund dispersement in BPs hands, with no oversight, so contractors abused the system to milk as much of that recovery money as possible. Egregiously lying about cost of labor and materials, corrupt politicians and contractors alike, are raking in the dough. Of course they have to sleep at night, so they rationalize it by saying its payback for all the ills Louisiana residents have faced over the last few years: Katrina, Oil spills, Nick Saban, etc.

But in taking this money, the dollars are not getting to the little people who need it most, those whose lives depended on the fruits of the ocean. The little recourse they thought they had coming will not be. For them, the well is still gushing.

“Spillionaires” profiting off BP Oil Spill and lack of oversight — Pro (click here)

Hey chucko, that doesn't smell like mud


Ever wonder what a 3-inch dong looks like on an IMAX screen? Well you are in luck, because a 3-D porn movie opens in Hong Kong. Theater goers have been flocking to see the novel new film. Will it be an ongoing success or just an excuse to see some 3-D hairy bush?

This also just in: my brother booked a one-way ticket to Hong Kong.

3-D porn film opens in Hong Kong — Yahoo News (click here)

Oh me so Horn-y

Health Care

It’s obvious that Obama hasn’t been able to fully convince the entire nation that its a good thing to ensure Health Care to all Americans. Republicans, backed by the ridiculously strong Insurance cosa nostra have obviously skewed the message because they don’t want to lose their money. Forget where you stand on the issue for a second, isn’t it friggen disgusting to paint the President as a horrible person because he wants to make sure everyone has health care? Not guns, not drugs, not cigarettes….health care. Health Care for all. Think about that.

Well now Democrats and Health Care Reformers have created a new lobby aimed at actually presenting the facts on Health Care to the American public. Without the vitriol and lies. Facts. Skewed of course, but facts none the less. Obviously its the result of another lobby, but I trust the commission for one reason only… Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick. I’ll be singing this guy’s praises (for who he is, not his politics) in an editorial next week, but until then, just keep your eyes open.

New Health Care Advocacy Group Created to Provide Truth on Heath Care — Huff Post (click here)

And I aint goin nowhere, so you can get to know me


President Obama got “caught” discussing the budget negotiations with backers. A mic was left on, and its a must listen, because his candor really lets you know more about the real Obama.  Make no mistake, this was NO mistake. He knew a mic was on somewhere. He had things he WANTED to say to the American public, but couldn’t do so in a speech without coming off classless. Now he gets to say it, and come off as “more real” while doing so. Nice move. Classic Jed Bartlett.

Obama “slips up” discussing negotiations with an open mic around (click here to listen)

Baracking the boat


Rush Limbaugh is an idiot. He is a hate-monger who abuses his pulpit to intentionally pass lies and propaganda. He went on his show and ridiculed the president and his followers with such incoherent hate that is made exponentially worse by the fact that he knows exactly what he’s doing!

I am not sure who is more to blame: Rush or his fans, but bottom line its scary that he is the voice of any segment of the public. This guy is just one of the millions of closed minded dolts who thinks that the louder you scream something, and the more hate you fill it with, the more credibility it has. He is one of the many extremists who can’t have an adult conversation about anything. Churchill said it best, “a fanatic is one who can’t change his mind, and won’t change the subject.”

Rush Limbaugh rants like an ignorant ass — HuffPost

If an idiot blathers, and no one is listening, does it make a sound?


Hatred around the world

Keeping up with the hatred theme for a second, foolish clergy in Puerto Rico demonstrated their ignorance by lambasting home-grown superstar, Ricky Martin, with homophobic slurs while he’s there on tour. My personal favorite was when one female pastor of a large church took to her twitter to of a large church referred to the Gay Pop star as an “Ambassador” there to “bring people to hell”. This of course prompted the question, “WTF? Their pastor is on twitter?”

Ricky is of course trying to take this all in stride, while raking in the dinero in his homeland. He still has fans there, and claims proudly that young Puerto Rican men (get your mind out of the gutter) come up to him often to tell him how his openness, and his example, has changed their lives for the better. When asked how he was able to keep his “secret” for so long, I think he said something like “Secret? Did you see Menudo?”

Ricky Martin: Gay “Ambassador from Hell” not welcome by some in Puerto Rico — HuffPost

"You have no idea how loca my vida is right now"


LeBron James’ is number one. Not in MVP voting, but in jersey sales. The King has overtaken The Rapist Kobe as the highest selling jersey in the NBA. What does this mean? Surely its a sign that King James’ popularity isn’t waning in wake of all the off-season shenanigans. It also shows that everyone already owns Kobe’s new number. James just came out with a new jersey and new number. Double whammy. This all means nothing once Tim Tebow joins the Denver Nuggets.

No. 6 is Number 1: LeBron passes Kobe in jersey sales

So we don't actually play on South Beach?


  1. What you should on Friday is the Plan for Prosperity.
    Read the ideas. It will slash spending by about $6 Trillion, and will reduce the deficit by $4trillion over the next decade. Obama sounds real tough when he is campaigning in a room, but now that the the budget ball is in his court.
    Read the ideas in the Plan. It is only 73 pages with graphs.
    Some objectives: Cut military spending by $178 Billion, end corporate welfare, steamlines duplicitous programs, and returns spending back to 2008 levels. Who wouldn’t agree with the Paul Ryan plan? Only a someone that hasn’t read the plan themselves and alows the useful idiots to manipulate them into thinking that this isn’t helpful.

    • The Paul Ryan “Plan for (Republican) Prosperity” is a partisan joke. I’ve read it all. Anyone who supports it fully, with such fervor, is a partisan hack. The plan is only helpful in so far as it demonstrates there are outside-the-box cuts to be made. We obviously need to cut significant spending, but not to the detriment of our country and the programs that makes us great.
      The Donkeycrat plan proposed by Obama is not the answer either. Over the next few months, hopefully this budget committee headed by Sleepy Joe Biden, will actually find a good compromise that benefits our country, instead of the loud, ignorant Party Base.

  2. #1 Can you give one specific example of the “plan is a joke”? Please reference the page number to help thoughtful people follow along.
    #2. You say, “cut the programs that mad America great”. There is not a government program that made America great. Freedom, Liberty, and American people make America great. The tryanny of government programs impede freedom and success.

  3. Still waiting…and not be hostile, but I really believe that there are excellent ideas in this document that warrant inspection. Demogouges (especially our President) do not want you to read the plan and to think about it for yourself. If in fact, you read it, and think it is a joke then,
    #1 Can you give one specific example of the “plan is a joke”? Please reference the page number to help thoughtful people follow along.

    Because, if you can’t give one example to spark an intelligent dialogue, then calling the plan a partisan joke with no substance to back it up defies the credo of the Rhino’s Horn.

    Cutting through the bullshit??? No you aren’t. You are just name-calling and ranting. Name calling and ranting, even with style, makes you a partisan hack with no substance…so don’t do it.

    Pick one item, and let’s debate it…with substance. How about this icebreaker?
    Paul Ryan is calling for a $170 billion reduction in military spending. Is that partisan Republican hack stuff??
    No. The fact is that Republicans very rarely touch military spending. So why is this Ryan guy taking such a political risk against his own party? Because a $14 Trillion debt is extraordinary and tough decisions have to be made. Even Military investment and spending is on the chopping block. The rent is too damn high, and the Federal Government is too damn big.
    Seriously (and honestly) read the plan, and come up with one IDEA that you consider “a joke”.
    This should not be that big of challenge.
    Afterwards, that Rhino who “cuts through the crap” can propose an “Independent” idea of his own that has more substance than Paul Ryan’s idea. Fair?

    • I say the plan is a joke because I feel it is a transparent attempt to set social policy by using the budget. It loses all credibility by targeting all “lefty” programs. Military spending had to be added to give credence to the plan. The American Public, left and right, know its the most significant (and wasteful) portion of our national budget. The addition of defense spending is a pretend “reach across the aisle”.

      I agree with you, Righty. There is a ridiculous amount of pork and waste in government that should be cut (I saw “Dave” and wish Charles Grodin was our Treasurer). That doesn’t mean all social programs are wasteful. There are many excessive regulations, but I don’t think that ALL regulation is bad. I do believe that social security and medicare need to be reworked…not scrapped or de facto nullified. I think the word “privatization” is a dirty word. If we always left our lives up to “the market” we’d all live beautiful, Cancer-filled lives. Our national pockets need to be shortened, not sewn shut.

      Anyone who thinks we live under the “tryanny of government programs impede freedom and success” is playing from the faaaaar right of the sandbox. Please don’t pee in the middle of our sandbox.

  4. Good to see that some people really write good content nowadays. Offtopic: I don’t know why but i’m having javascript errors viewing your website on Internet Explorer.. can you check it please? Best Regards