Facts, shmacts!

Sen. Jon Kyl wont let a couple facts stand in the way of his fake statistics.

Are you kidding me?

Not sure if you’ve heard, but there was a little budget debate going on these last couple weeks. As you might have read elsewhere on this blog, Repugnicans held this process (and our country) hostage while doing their best to eliminate as many non-conservative programs as possible. According to most involved, the stickiest of the ickiest was the issue of (are you ready for it…?) Abortion and the Pro-Death programs that promote this ghastly attempt to give women/couples control over their lives. Repugnicans were willing to shut our government down (and deprive all government workers and soldiers of their paychecks, as well as unemployment benefits, or anything that helps those that don’t own their own company) to ensure that these programs no longer suckle off the unused teet of America’s taxpayers.

So while toeing the party’s barbed-wire line, Sen. Jon Kyl from Arizona, took his little red book of fake statistics and shared the evils of Planned Parenthood. Intentionally citing false figures, Sen. Kyl decried that 90% of Planned Parenthood’s business is abortions. 90%! When later asked to clarify this statistic with FACT, Sen. Kyl must have given a Royal Tenenbaum shoulder shrug and shit-eating grin when he clarified that his statistic was “not intended to be a factual statement”.

This was on the Senate floor. In the hallowed halls of Congress, during a debate on the future of our government and hopefully avoiding a horrific shutdown of government. In Congress. Are you getting this? Sen. Kyl had no intention of providing facts in a presentation to the country. Not only did he get called out for lying, he clarified it by saying he didn’t intend to provide facts in the first place. Isn’t that worse?????

But then, our lady savoir, Rep. Michele Bachmann sensed that someone else was winning the Lying voter group, so she jumped in with her own hate filled Tea Bagger rant in Iowa where she proclaimed Planned Parenthood as the Lenscrafters of Abortion. First of all, its hysterical that when Michele Bachmann thinks of a business at the top of their game, she thinks Lenscrafters. Second of all, her implication is that this Abortion business is easy, and kicking so well in today’s Sodom that it franchised into Gomorrah as well.

Planned Parenthood does assist in abortions as a measure, but does so only with private contributions as government money has never been allowed to be directly used for such. PP says abortions only account for 3% of what they do. Not that they’re bragging. But these elitist know-it-alls bring facts with them too. Planned Parenthood spends 35% of its program on contraceptives and education, another 35% on STD prevention/treatment and education. The rest goes towards horrible programs like women’s health and cancer treatment/screening. But the 3% of their program, practices paid for from non-public funds, is apparently enough to warrant shutting down the whole program and sacrificing all the women and families that benefit from its other parts.

Sounds kind of like shutting down the whole government to spite one program, no?

But who needs to worry about facts when the lies sound so good?

Facts? Where we're going, we don't need facts.


  1. How is this ok? We impeached a President of the United States for lying about a blowjob. How in the world can we let someone get away with lying to the American people when it comes to policy? The man was the President of the United States. If anyone should be getting blown on a daily basis it was him. We should not want the guy who controls our nuclear arsenal to be sexually frustrated. However, we should expect that when Jon Kyl, who is the assistant Senate Minority Whip, is making an argument to the American people in the halls of Congress, he should be USING FACTS. I don’t care if he is a 3rd term senator, he should be impeached. The fact this guy still has a job is why our system is a joke. We pay his salary, which means we should be able to fire his ass when he lies to us on purpose. Anybody who spouts statistics and then uses the argument, “I did not intend to provide facts”, should be given his walking papers. Not just because he lied to us, but because he was so uninventive with his post lie, lie. I mean, a five year old wouldn’t have the balls to defend themselves that way. At least tell us you took too much viagra the night before and when you mixed that with your metamusil it made you say crazy things. If he had any decency or humility, he would have resigned yesterday or at least told us a better lie. Something to note,on February 10, 2011, Kyl announced that he would not seek reelection to the Senate at the end of his third term, which concludes January 3, 2013. He expressly ruled out running for further office except, if offered, the Vice-Presidency. I just hope this precludes him from ever being chosen for that office, because the last thing we need in the White House is a proven liar. Why all Presidents and Vice-Presidents lie to us eventually, they at least wait until after the election. Hate to see how bad it would get if they have already shown us THEY WILL LIE RIGHT TO OUR FACES TO PASS THEIR AGENDA. Honestly, Are you Kidding Me!!!!!!! Hey Senator Kyl, here is a fact for you, you’re a douchebag!!

    • Great breakdown, are you kidding me.

      Pretty shocking, I know.

  2. Leftie, you suck it up don’t you!?!
    Stalin called those that advanced the demagougery Useful Idiots.
    Do you really think that Republicans want to kill old people? They don’t But demogougues think that there are idiots that will believe that they do. Don’t believe the hype.
    Watch the politicians…same playbook over and over and over. Anytime anyone tries to limit the size of government (their power). Liberals go to the playbook…Republicans want to kill old people (as if Republicans don’t have parents). Republicans want to starve schoolchildren. Do you honestly belive that human beings want to starve schoolchildren? Republicans want to kill Big Bird. Get smart, and tell Liberal “leaders” that you are not as stupid as they make you out to be.
    It will be back…there will be another attemp to get the Federal Government out of citizen’s lives, and the Libs will mobilize the Useful Idiots.
    Remember, the Libs are concerned that reduction in the size of government will take away their power, they want Useful Idiots to “think” that it is about Planned Parenthood, killing old ladies, and starving schoolchildren.
    Keep sucking up the message, be useful and pass it on, and rock the vote!

  3. Facts schmacts??? Really? Planned Parenthood provides mamograms?? Those are important. Mamograms??? Republicans want to end mamograms? That defies common sense…these people have wives and monthers too. The Director of Planned Parenthood is diseminating that talking point as she does the public relations tour.
    It isn’t true…but look at how the useful idiots suck it up, and pass it on.