Crap you should read Tuesday (4/12)


Captain Carboard, Mitt Romney Announces Committee to Announce Future Announcement

"Yeah, Me"


Michele Bachmann spreads her Crazy/Hate through Iowa

"I know, I don't get it either?!"

Gang of Six on deck in Budget Softball


The Shady Bunch

Libya: US is in NATO. US isnt NATO. Got it? Me neither

"I am liking this Will.I.Am very,very much"


Pop Culture

U2 tour is highest grossing tour ever

"They're playing our song, Rach." Yeah, for 25 friggin' years

Fantasy Man: Sean Bean.  No Homo.

"Lord, give me the strength I need to beat typecasting"


For the Clint contingent: Foo Fighters reach rock nirvana (see what I did there?)

"Will someone PLEASE tell Courtney Love to go away?"

Blind Gamer uses sound to beat Zelda

Terry Garrett, Blind Gamer (and my new nickname, Im sure)

(VIDEO) Saw it on Tosh, but WOW, couldn’t believe it could get meaner…and (un)fortunately funnier

Gravity sees him as handi-capable