Waiting to Exhale…Hostage Government Released!

President Obama is psyched that They're not shutting off his electric.


Crisis averted! Aren’t we lucky!?!

Obviously demonstrating the beauty of our Republican Democracy, government Goons opted not to close up shop and instead will keep the power on for at least one more year. By the way, my use of the “Goons” has nothing to do with looks, (after all, we’re not talking Peter King or Henry Waxman) but rather in the most organized-crime-sense of the word.

Goons. Hear me out.

Donkeycrat leaders failed to pass a budget when they ran the board, BUT somehow against their bad politicking , they passed a few pieces of legislation (ie. health care for all! how horrible!!!!) that absolutely infuriated the good moralistic senses of the Repugnican Cosa Nostra. Now given an opportunity to chart the course of budgeting for the programs already ENACTED INTO LAW, the Grand Old Party chose to ignore the votes of previously elected officials and provide little-to-no funding for all the programs against their party platform.

Heathcare. Banking Regulation. Environmental Regulation. Abortion/Planned Parenthood. Public Works Projects.

The list will grow as we see the effects of the budget cuts on programs soon shutdown or phased out over the next months. Bottom line, to quote the “great” Rep. Corrinne Brown, LET ME BE CLEYA…the Party with the most power held our government hostage to promote party politics. They loudly decried their desire to “save” the government by shutting it down. This will do whatever it costs to stop overspending, so long as its only at the expense to opposing programs. Of course budget negotiations were not the proper forum for policy debate, but that wouldn’t stop the GOPunks from taking the process hostage to pass their party platform.

It’s not like the precedent wasn’t there. We knew this was coming (and will continue to happen so long as  our only two choices are the the Evil Party and the Inept Party) when immediately upon getting a House majority, Repugnican Leaders, J-Bone et al. refused any legislation until tax cuts for the wealthiest-of-the-wealthy were passed. They refused to do any semblance of a job until the richest-of- the-rich in our country were permitted to NOT pay their percentage of tax to the people. Lets not forget these are the same corporations and corporate leaders that MAKE their money from the opportunities provided in our country. Of course Barry and the Donkeycrats acquiesced, and now we are living the time-held maxim, “Screw you once, shame on you. Screw you again, shame on the country”.

Oh yeah, the rapists will continue to remind us how the butt-pain is better for us as a nation.

So basically the two MAJOR Things Repugnicans have done since inflicting enough ruin on our country for 8 years was take hundreds of billions out of our coffers by giving it to people who WONT let it trickle down (see GE not paying US taxes or US jobs lost to outsourcing), or even the drastic numbers of jobs lost to cheap labor overseas), and then crippling our country further by shutting the government down because we don’t have the money they didn’t want to collect! Good call.

Doesn’t anyone else feel like these Goons are standing over us like their abused spouse screaming “Why do you make me do this to you? Dont you see what happens when you make me hurt you?”

The scariest part is that allegedly this wasn’t even the work of the Tea Bagger Party, but actually was the handiwork of the Repugnican Old School trying to re-assert their power in the party. And when the right fights, the extremists manage to make the semi-extremists appear more moderate and then the center shifts farther right as a result.

As we all know: two Rights generally make all kinds of WRONGS!!!

But at least they’ll keep the light on for ya.


  1. Whatever Leftie.
    There is nothing extreme about voting for politicians that will balance the budget. Those are our tax dollars. Let the government “shut down” and then the people can see that the world does not end when you starve the beast. The governement “shuts down” on holidays all the time, it even “shuts down” on snow days. While the President was kicking and screaming, the GOP led the country in the right direction. However, they failed us all with these miniscule cuts. Thoughtful Americans should not be satisfied.

    • Thoughtful Americans would do more than just listen to the bluster of their lying politicians, left or right. Open your eyes and your brain, not just your ears.

      • It is silly to say that thoughtful Americans should do more than listen. They are not “thoughtful” unless they are thinking. Read the Plan for Prosperity and tell me how that should not be the guide for responsible fiscal planning.

  2. Thought I was clear that “thoughtful” Americans have to use their brain as well. Isnt that “thinking”?

    My point is that you need to do more than just repeat the lie-filled mantras of your party. Look at the reasons and the motivation, not the phony result.

    Government spending is out of control and obviously needs to be curbed. Cuts needed to be made. Donkeycrats couldn’t or wouldn’t cut the budget, using the “Bush did it, so can we” approach, which our country couldn’t stand for. But the Repugnican’s methods and motivations were transparent and obvious, and clearly not in the interest of saving our country financially. The SOLE motivation was to pass party platform through budget rather than through legislation.

    If they had an interest in ensuring money was in our coffers, they clearly would cut more than just the liberal programs, and they wouldn’t have given up billions in a useless and transparent tax gift to the wealthiest minuscule percentage of our population.

    Open your eyes. Use your brain. Just because your party preaches it doesn’t make it gospel.

    Keep it up, love the discourse!

  3. Whether you are left or you or right, we are all fucked. The legislative body of our federal government is comprised of idiots, liars and hypocrites. In theory, the democratic process is a beautiful thing, unfortunately our founders didn’t take The Human Aspect into account. People are power hungry, money hungry and downright selfish. We will continue to be fucked until we have an almost complete overhaul of the people who wield the power. That will never happen, so I will continue to hand over my tax dollars every year with a heavy heart because I will know that money isn’t going to where it should be. I will continue to feel that I am being extorted by a bully. A bully with the backing of judges, prisons and their own Military.
    We all got butt fucked by our government. We watched them donate around 850 billion dollars to TARP (which was the money that went to bailout businesses. Lets not even mention the other 8 trillion dollars). We watched CEO’s, CFO’s and other Partners get multi-million dollar bonuses off of our tax dollars.

    I have hundreds of thousands in loans to pay off for myself, but instead of me being able to use my own money for that, I got to watch the people who got us into this mess in the first place get my money.

    Like I said, “We are all FUCKED”

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