Crap You Should Read Monday (4/11)

Who's Fading Away?

Dave Hyde thinks the Heat victory exposed withering Celtics

The gift that keeps on giving

For the 1 month anniversary of the horrific disaster, Earth gave Japan another earthquake

I call, and raise your taxes.

Obama actually bringing cards to the negotiating table this time

Grrr....Lamestream Photographers!!!!

Palin v. the Elitist, Lamestream, Everyone-elsers

Libyan Prom Ride

Worldwide Military Spending at All Time High (trust me, I will be ranting about this often)

When news broke, they fixed it

Happy Birthday to the best network on TV…Comedy Central

What? It was under 3 ounces, I swear!

Eating Pot Brownies on the job as a flight attendant is illegal? Who knew?

Terrance Stamp as George Carlin, I mean General Zod

For the Flam Contingent: General Zod back in new Superman?

Lost: Hope?

Great Op-Ed…The President is Missing


  1. KNEEL before Zod, son of Jerel!

  2. Man…Palin is 2008 and you are 2000 and late! The new threat to demonize is the Donald. Keep up with your talking point e-mails!

  3. No need to demonize The Donald! He did that to himself with years or self-aggrandizing!

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