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The Ryno Abides


You Must Be Lost. But while you’re here, you might as well know, I’m The Ryno, and I rant.

I am 100% INDEPENDENT, though many assume I’m a Democrat because of my overriding disdain of the Republican Machine. I can’t stand either of them. In the war of the The Evil Party vs. The Inept Party I choose the “truth”. I have my own thoughts and opinions based off years of experience and endless inundation of useless information. I’m open minded and liberal, but certainly not a “Liberal”. I refuse to toe any party line, and usually feel people lose credibility when they do.

As a proud holder of my Independent registration card, I can’t vote in primaries. Instead, with no party affiliation, I  point out the ridiculous crap politicians spew out of their mouths in hopes of winning America’s favorite reality show.

Other than that, know that I love movies, good TV, and will provide my fair share of annoying “Top __” lists.

I’m also cursed in so far as I have a bad stomach and I read quickly. Lots of quality bathroom reading. I’ll force some books on your for sure, like Oprah…or, Broprah.

As the true sports fan identifies himself by the teams he hates…I hate the Jets, Pats, Bills, Seminoles, Volunteers, BullDawgs, Braves, Celtics, Knicks, and all other unmentioned SEC doormats.

I’m scared of Scientologists, Michelle Bachman, and possibly farting while sleeping on an airplane. I can’t stand obstinate people, extremist marketing, the word “like”, the difference in quality between Gremlins 1 and 2, and anyone named Michael Lohan.

As for what you can expect from me? Think Larry David meets Sam Seaborn and Tyler Durden, smash their heads together, wipe away the blood, and you got The Ryno. Hopefully, together we’ll sift through the crap, open a couple eyes, and call some people out.

For those who want to consider some of MY sources:

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